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    kelly-roo-I think she is teething. For the past few weeks she’s been super slobery and chewing on anything she can get to her mouth. So that may have something to do with it. Thanks!!!



    on the weight issue – i lost all my pregnancy weight within the first month. But I’ve packed on a few lbs because I’ve noticed a drop in my milk. When I ‘over eat’ my supply is better. That’s the down side to breastfeeding for me.



    I’m in need of a very supportive nursing bra. My DD’s are down to my knees. haha If anyone has one they love please let me know the maker. Thanks.



    I have been taking the fenugreek and drinking the mother’s milk for a little over a week now. But the problem is that I only take it when I’m at work. I did see a little difference this week while puming. But you do have to pump more to get more out. I eat Oatmeal every day too. Hopefully this will help. I know exactly what you are going through. Even though I don’t get enough milk to feed the baby at the sitters, I still BF when I’m with her and leave at least 6 ounces for her to fed during the day. I don’t like supplementing, but I don’t want to leave the baby starving either. I guess I need to stop stressing and that will help too. Don’t give up, you can still try things and then decide if you should stop breastfeeding.



    ladies- I’m really struggling with the early evening feed. My LO is piling on the pounds, feeds really well and usually takes about 30mins to an hour tops. But recently for her evening feed (around 6ish) she just wants to go on and on. It seems and sounds like she’s drinking lots but right now I’ve just done 2 hours and she seems to still want more. Surely that can’t be right? I don’t know what to do? has anyone experienced similar? How long do you feed during each session (and do you do one breast or both). My LO is 5.3 weeks old. Please help?



    I have been BF since November and no AF still…which I hope will stay away..the only issue for me is I hope to try for another baby in August….so hopefully I will O without AF!
    As well I want to say thanks so the responses about increasing milk supply…Oatmeal is doing wonders!



    Thanks so much for the comments about my smelly milk, lol. I think it was just a fluke b/c it’s never happened before. He’s had frozen milk before at daycare when I’m at work and his sitter and when he’s satyed with my mom and grandma and they’ve nevr said anything and it was very obvious that it smelled. I’m still going to be super careful and smell check each one before he can use it. All the milk in the freezer is frozen solid so I’m not really sure what happened, I’m just hoping it was that bag only! I’m going to take a few more out tonight to thaw so keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks again!



    The same thing happened when I breastfed my dd. The charts are quite old and were based on bottle fed babies, not breastfed ones, which is why they say that we have so much obesity now. That’s what I have been told by my maternal nurse and I am sure that your doc would have said something is he/she was concerned.



    In my experience, what 3rd timer is suggesting should work for you, as long as your supply is well established. You won’t lose it altogether if you start adding formula, as long as you continue to nurse regularly at least a couple of times a day.



    shez-I am sorry about you MIL, but you need to put your foot down now, or it will only get worse. If you can’t find someone else to watch the baby, insist that she throws out the formula if you don’t want him to have it.
    I hate to say, if my caregiver (also my MIL) did that, she would not see my son unsupervised again.



    have a question- my dd is almost 7 months old and i’ve had af since she was 5 months. She is ebf and is now eating solids, we started at 6 months. Ever since i first got af, it has always been on time. Well it was due on Saturday, now it’s thursday night. Still no sign of af coming and i took 2 pregnancy tests and 2 negatives. I thought once you got your period back and it was regular than you wouldn’t skip it. Is it normal to skip or for it to be late. It has never been late before, only when i was prego. any ideas??



    hi ladies..i have been ebf since my baby was born and she is now 8 months and eating baby food three times a day and nursing about 6 times or so a day. She doesnt take anything from a bottle or cup..with the exception of water..she wont take any juice or breastmilk out of a cup or bottle. meaning when i work i have to come home on lunch breaks to feed her.. i have really enjoyed breastfeeding and she is doing really well with, but when do i stop?? my ultimate goal was to go the first year, and now that is quickly do i wean her and when do i start???


    Laura I am just getting the hang of it now. I wouldn’t bother if your still using the sheild as you would need a 3rd arm! LOL I used sheilds for each of my kids first 3 weeks and then managed to wean them from that. But it is very complicated to get situated when using a shield, trying to keep covered and hold the baby all at one time. Your best bet is to teach her how to eat without it and then work on nursing in public, Giffin is 5 months and is just now getting the hang of latching on by himself with out me having to compress my nipple and shove it in his mouth so it is finally getting easier to nurse in public without giving a show 😉



    i love mangoes and the pediatrician said yellow and red fruits cause stomach sensitivity in the baby, is that true?, most fruits are yellow and red



    Does anyone have any idea why there would be dark spots in my babies poop? She’s EBF and it was the normal yellow color for her, but there were like dark seedy looking things. I was not about to look through it, i’m pretty sure it wasn’t blood, but i’m just wondering what it could be.

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