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    My letdown feelings come and go. I’ll feel them for a couple months, then not for a while. No pain here though, thankfully. Just an odd heavy, almost hot feeling.



    lilmamamads-really-was that called for? I’m not commending what petskies said but to call someone names? really?


    Its funny when they discover their feet, they are quite happy to sit and munch on them.


    Bri – there’s no doubt some people would rather not know. (Isn’t that the way most people are about everything, though?) However, I’m sure there are other women out there that just don’t know any better and follow the advice of their parents or their doctors. And while their intentions are good… ultimately it may not be the best for their bubs. I think most BF’ers are a diff. type of people though. In my experience it’s what I’ve noticed and it’s only backed up by statistics – most BF’ers (not just EBF’ers) tend to have a higher education. Not trying to open up a can of worms. I’m not speaking in absolutes! This isn’t to say if you FF (for whatever reason you do) your not intelligent, but look at the numbers… generally this tends to be the case.



    mybabysurprise…its ok, is this your first period? the supply will come back, in the mean time can u just increase his solids instead of giving him formula? try dry unsalted unroasted almonds also, they work so well with me and they’re convenient because u can just keep a bag with u wherever u are and just snack on em all day.



    styx – My son has a skull fracture at 21months. Nursing was the only thing that got us through the night at the hospital. I’m sooo sorry. Maybe it’s time for a booster? Chris was out of the highchair around 18 months or so. His booster has a seatbelt on it but we don’t use it anymore. He eats dinners in the booster and breakfast and lunch on the normal seat. He’s growing up. *sigh* Anyways, I’m glad your baby is ok. It’s rough! CT scans aren’t fun either. Chris had his done when I was pregnant with Alex so I couldn’t be there for him. Had to stand outside while he cried. Heartbreaking. Babies bounce back though…most of the time of course. We all had these things happen at one point or another.



    Emilee, Alex’s poo is already turning! It’s still sweet smelling but it’s lumpy and brownish. Makes me want another one. I know I know, just got done with a pregnancy scare. I am excited from next August though. I love the excitement and all.


    hey ladies just wondering for those of you who are pumping you breastmilk because your little one wont latch, how often do you pump a day and how much breast milk do you get…i think my little one has decided to wean her self because she will not stay latched on after only a few seconds. i dont know if its because shes weaning her self or becuase my supply has decreased dramatically



    Good luck 1byfaith, and congratulations on being able to pump for your baby’s good stuff! Please but don’t be discouraged if takes some time before you get the perfect latch. It took me almost two weeks before I felt comfortable with her latch, but just keep working with a LC, or the pediatrician’s office or whoever you can find for help. Change positions, and just try to relax, it eventually falls into place. It should not be painful to nurse, but it can leave your nipples feeling chapped (there is a HUGE difference) For you new moms out there, it can easily take up to 8 weeks before your nipples don’t feel chapped all the time from the constant feedings. Just don’t give up, you’re doing the best thing for your child.



    soon to be: If you’re going back in a few weeks, I would start pumping now or at least a week before. If you’re producing a lot of milk, I would have your LO eat off one side and then pump the other side. Morning is when you produce the most, so try to pump after your LO eats. If your LO has to eat off both sides, then just pump 1/2 hour after they eat. The more you pump, the more your body will produce. good luck!



    and if anyone is interested there is a facebook group, for breastfeeding support. lots of new moms, moms that have bf for a longtime, moms that supplement as well as breastfeed, moms that exclusively pump as well. just message me and ill give u the link. and its a closed group so only members of the group can see what you write.



    I had no choice but to pump, and now I am glad that I am but I am still trying to figure out how long… My baby is only 2 weeks and trying to figure out how long, I am currently pumping 10 – 15 mins at a time 5 times a day and wondering if this is long enough…. the pump I have is a double, and only holds 5 ozs in each bottle…any suggestions would be great thx



    Plain white yogurt did the trick for me with my daughter, was gone fast in comparison the the green antibiotic I was to use.



    Ozbaby – I’ll try to remember to have the camera near by. Sounds like she might be ready for some food. My dr. told me yesterday if the boys seem like they aren’t getting full all of a sudden that we can try to start giving them cereal.



    Johnsokor: here is some basic info on relactation. It is very feasible to do it, you just have to be diligent. If you are serious about it, you might want to look into renting a hospital grade pump to help speed up the process. I commend you for giving the BF first priority, good luck! =)

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