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    Annasbaby–Buy some Lansinoh and put it on your nipples after every feeding. It’s pure lanolin and you don’t have to wash it off before feeding. It helps your nippies heal super quick. Also, go to a lactation consultant and have them watch your baby latch on. They can tell you if you have a latch problem or not. If it hurts tons, you probably have a latch problem. I haven’t tried shields myself but lots of women on here swear by them so it’s worth a try. I know it’s hard but you can do it. I promise it won’t hurt forever. The first 6-8 weeks is the toughest and breastfeeding has a huge learning curve for some of us. Visit here often as we all are very willing to be a support network. You can do it!



    Hi all. Just reading you comments. i fed my daughter until she was one and had different points where she had difficulty latching and was feeding alot. Luckily I joined a support group when she was 6wks and the tips from the other moms each time were fantastic i thought i’d share some as they may help you. At 3 months I was struggling to feed her comfortably and she was upset alot. We realied that she ws teething. It actually took another 3months for an actual tooth but they were pushing at her gums for ages, and upsetting her food. She was too little for a teething ring and i couldn’t figure out how to numb her gums without using gells and they just made the milk taste worse so she wouldnt feed. I was advised to put her a dummy in the fridge and offer it to her to suck just before latching, it worked a treat. Another point was at about 5 months. She was again fussing when latching. I had been feeding for 5months so ws confident in my positioning and attachment, however i had forgotten that my daughter had grown! How i was holding her was still like a baby and so I was supported to change my positioning and hold, instantly my daughter stopped thrashing and fed perfectly. My other top tip was to invest in an electric pump. Much more expensive but I honestly dont think I would have lasted 4moths let alone a year without it. When i began pumping again it was with support and I am lucky in that my body takes to pumping, however after 20mins of pumping to get 4oz I had cramp in my arms and was in tears. After a few days my husband got so annoyed he want to the all night Boots and bought and electric pump. At 9pm at the end of a full feeding day and in 20mins of painfree pumping I had 9oz. Enough at the time to freeze for three meals. The electric pump was a godsend when I went back to work as its much quicker and can be mains or battery operated, I could pump the lunchtime bottle for the next day. I am pleased to say that my daughter has never had one drop of formula and I am confident that its down to the breast milk that she fought off Broncilitas at 4months in a week without need to be admitted to hospital, she saw off tonsilities again in a week at 7months without hospitalisation. Shes a strong happy little girls and all the evidence i need that those dark days when i couldnt see the light at the end were all worth it. I am now 21wekks pregnat again and planning on feeding this one too. Good luck



    mommy2merae-Don’t worry about baby not nursing from sides. My LO is 11 weeks now but he used to do the very same thing and sometimes still does. If you lo is waking up every 4 hrs during the night and feeding frequently during the day like you said every 1 1/2 -2 hrs during the day you should not notice a decrease in milk supply. I started pumping at like 4 weeks to start building a freezer supply for when I returned back to work. I don’t think you have anything to worry about just continue to nurse on demand.


    Did anyone make a breastfeeding plan and give it to the nurses? I was told that it might be a good idea beacuse I am having a c-section and they like to give bottles if I can’t BF right away. I don’t want that to happen. I have a very specific plan on how I want things to go. what do you guys think??


    Hi all–Evin occassionally bites but what works for us is for him to have something to hold and chew on. When he wants to bite, he spits my nipple out, bites whatever he’s holding (most often a burp rag) and turns back to nursing. When he was at his worst with biting, I would put my thumb on his lower teeth and push down as he was getting ready to latch on. It made his mouth open wider and pull the nipple further back so it was harder to bite.

    I love Bravado nursing bras. They come in sizes from tiny to really, really large (my sister was into the k’s when she was nursing). They are a bit expensive (I think like $45) but well worth it. They’ve got removable pads (which, since I have D’s, I have never, ever understood why bra-makers even make padded bras for large breasted women!). Anyhoo, I got mine from Besides bras, they also sell a variety of nursing clothes (which I’ve never tried), and replacement parts for Medela pumps.



    i have a 3mth old…how often should i feed her?she is exclusively breastfed….



    monika-holy crap 50oz! how do you produce that much? right now i make about 1/2 that, however i only nurse him 2 times a day at most and pump the other times. i’m going to have to go get some more fenugreek to see if it will help in boosting my supply. it usually does, and my LO had no issues with gas. i also had to take at least 10-12 capsules a day. if you’re looking to pump and freeze start right away! i waited about 2-3 weeks but wish i would have just pumped immediately for extra. because i did start fairly early i have now stored about 80 frozen bags because he wasn’t eating as much…now that he’s 4 months old i only make enough for him to eat not enough for me to continue to have extra to save. which is fine because now i just have extra incase he needs more and i don’t have enough for him…



    I BF my son until he was 14 months old- had to stop because I am pregnant again. My period came back 6 month after I had my son.



    Bri congratulations on TTC. I don’t blame you on the baby fever. I just had a baby and I have it. I’m EBF and I don’t have my period yet so I’ll be waiting until then but good luck. Happy baby dust!!



    Just wondering if any of your little ones have gone up on the growth charts since birth? my son was in the 49th percentile when born @ just over 39 weeks so not prem. He is now in the 80-90th percentile. Does that mean I’m feeding him too much? Or could it mean that I need to have less fat in my diet so as not to have as much fat in breastmilk?? lol sounds a bit silly but I dont see how he could gain so much weight



    Hi ladies – I’m hoping someone has a solution for me! I have been exclusively breast feeding my LO (who is 14 weeks). But once a week now I am going into work for 1 afternoon which means missing just one BF (my DH gave her formula). All went o.k until I tried to give her the next feed and she went crazy – I think the flow was too fast as I wasn’t able to pump at work – but she choked and screamed and it took ages to calm her down. As I can’t pump at work should I pump just before feeding? If so does anyone have any idea how much I should pump so that I just get rid of the fast bit but make sure there is still enough for her to get a proper feed!!



    ilovemyprincesses- I read somewhere that to increase your milk supply you can lie with your LO skin on skin as this stimulates and sends a message to your brain to release the hormones that produce breast milk.


    micky: i like that site too. it really helped me to identify if he was actually eating or just comfort sucking, helped with latch issues too.



    anxiousfirst, start weaning by giving solid food first when Baby is hungry, and only breastfeeding her when and if she wants it. But don’t be in too much of a rush to wean!! She needs breastmilk as a major source of nutrition until 12 months at least.



    Oatmeal with maple syrup worked for me!

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