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    deeyore so did she have to formula feed then? Sorry for all the questions!



    I have the opposite problem On the formula charts Alex is in the 97+% but on the WHO charts he’s above the 99%! HAHA! It’s crazy.



    I feel bruised in the opposite breast when having a letdown. My breath also sucks in. I never felt it with my first and now that Alex is older I hardly do anymore.


    ladies! it’s enough already….. petskies has apologized and seems sincerely regretful. Let’s not make another situation where there isn’t one. We have many ladies in here retreating from their month to month page to get away from the drama and posting things like this is NOT helping. You’re making matters worse!


    Feel really low tonight not sure why. Think I’m just exhausted James is teething and being a little paddy monster. Ollie has cold and not sleeping well. I just feel drained.



    Double, it’s more like diapers!!! The biggest and heaviest ones they had for PP bleeding. Ugh! Oh well.



    I have a question: My baby is 3 weeks old today & drinks 3 to 3.5 oz of breastmilk. Every 3 to 4 hours. Is that normal or is she over eating? Those who pump please give me an idea of what your baby eats in oz and how often.



    styx- good luck with your little girl and with your supply for your little man! That’s awful =[



    meganshell ~ Have you tried the different levels on the pump? I get more milk in the lowest setting.


    I pump every three hours and get 6 or 7 oz typically between the two. my lo wouldnt latch because of forceful letdown,,,



    How many of u. Co sleep and for how long did u or planning to ?


    Mica ela… Thank you for the advice. I have been getting over whelmed



    Hello, so b/f is going well..I am giving breast milk only..I b/f my last child for 18 m and i will this one too..I have found that my baby will take the breast very well, and she will drink the breast milk well from a bottle too..I am now giving her the bottle at night before bed and she takes 6 oz and then sleeps very well…My last child never would take a bottle..I think i waited to long to give it to her from the start….Anyway Congrats on your babies and if you need any advise on b/fing i wouldn’t mind trying to help..Just go to my page and send me a message



    Hi! This is great I’ve been really needing to chat with moms who exclusively pump. I’ve been pumping from the start, my LO is three and a half months. We struggled to latch on and finally after seeing tons of lc’s decided to pump exclusively. It was so hard at first , got only a half ounce off each breast at first, I actually took domperidone to increase my supply. Anyway it was horrible at first and said I would only go three months but here I am still pumping. I get 30 oz a day which is kind of frustrating because my LO wants more than that so I started to add formula last week 🙁 oh well. Sorry this is really long but I did want to know how much other’s are producing? Heather – u produced 11oz per pump! I’m so jealous. Alright that’s it for now!



    I can’t get rid of this with my son. It’s terrible. I’m on my sixth week of meds with him. He’s 10 weeks. Any one else have this problem??

Viewing 15 posts - 11,071 through 11,085 (of 15,860 total)

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