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    proud-it doesn’t last. if it last i think this forum would be empty b/c i don’t think any of us would have lasted with that kind of pain. i know it hurts but in order to heal you need to make sure your latch is right. otherwise baby will keep doing it over and over. if your not sure go see a lactation consultant asap. the sooner any problems are fixed the sooner you’ll heal. in the meantime keep putting lanolin on it and you could try some motrin just to take the edge off. if you use the motrin make sure to drink plenty of water so your supply isn’t affected.


    DeeRod and Sunshine Maria: It’s perfectly normal for an older baby to nurse for 5-10 minutes total. The older they get the more efficient. I also remember worrying as Travis got older that he wasn’t eating as much but he still had tons of wet diapers and was gaining weight so I decided he must have figured out how to get more faster. Whenever you question how much their getting always go back to the same things you did in the beginning, count diapers and check weight. If you’re giving a lot of extra water and or juice you might want to cut back on that because that could definitely reduce how much they drink while nursing.



    I’m pumping aprox 18 oz per day which is good considering I started at 3 oz/day but i’d like to get another 10 so I could stop giving formula. I’m already taking max motillium, fenugreek and oatmeal. and doing various pumping patterns. if there was one more thing most important to add what would it be? I’ve read some of u talking about a tea from someplace. I tried the mothers milk tea 5/day and didn’t notice a difference aand since its so expensive I dropped it.



    arca- i bf and give formula. you cant mix formula powder with breastmilk only. make the formula according to the directions on the container (usually 1 scoop powder for 2 oz water) and THEN add the breastmilk. as for giving formula at night: i usually give my baby formula at night instead of breastmilk bc it does help him sleep better. he doesnt sleep through the night, but will sleep a 3-4 hour stretch instead of a 2 hr one with breastmilk. it is just bc the formula keeps him fuller longer.



    lilli1317 I used to do it till he slept 6 hours at night. Now I only get up at night if I skip 1 pumping at nigh and I need more milk for next day



    heathermarieprego – It was in my charts that I wanted to breastfeed and in no way were they supposed to give my son formula. I also had a section and they asked as soon as I was wheeled into my room if I wanted to try….I recommend it. I breastfed in the recovery/labor room. It was a nice experience and plenty of nurses around to help. They help you prop pillows all around you and show you the easiest way to not hurt your incision. Make sure your hospital is pro breastfeeding. I’ve heard horror stories about babies being given pacifiers and bottles to ‘shut them up’ in the nursery. Oh! And I was never even asked if I wanted Kekoa in the nursery…room in if you can. I had a single and roomed with my baby. It made breastfeeding so much more easier. You get to feed whenever your baby wants to, without waiting for the nurse to bring him/her.



    Ok…I am just now writing in this forum I have an 8 day old baby who latched like a champ for the first 6 days and suddenly a switch flipped…he would still latch but would suck a few times and pull off of the breast. I broke down after he hadn’t eaten for 8 hours (only because he was losing weight) and pumped and gave him pumped breast milk from a bottle. I have since tried at each feeding to have him latch on and the same behavior persists. I am now pumping but still only giving breast milk. I am trying to up my pumping time to help produce more milk…is anyone exclusively pumping if so how much should I be getting at each pump and will this increase if I am only able to pump and not actually breastfeed?



    kirvia I would feed her when ever she wants. They say they should be eating atleast 8 times a day. I try not to go past 2-3 hrs during the day to keep up supply and to make sure LO doesn’t try to play catch up at night.



    oh and elliel- sounds like your LO is just sucking for comfort…. i could be wrong but i remember before i used to express milk for bottles that my son would just suck and suck and suck and there wasn’t anything coming out it was just a comfort thing…



    bitting- I would pull my son off- and then start over again. he only bite a few times and then got the picture.



    As for pumping amounts at work, I know it is hard, but try not to stress. I know for me, the more I stress, the less I pump. I have never been a good pumper (I usually get 3-6 oz combined per pump) but I’ve always managed to get enough by getting up once in the night to pump, and pumping once before I leave for work if he hasn’t drained me. Its a pain sometimes, but so far, I’ve kept up, and have a freezer pretty well stocked.
    Find something that may help, talking on a cell phone, reading a book, meditating while you pump…for me, a nice mindless romance book tucked in my pump bag often helps keep my mind of what I am doing!



    Especially seeing as you say these charts are for formula fed babies. Does that mean he would be even higher on a breastfed babies scale?



    If its only one feed you miss every week, can you pump a little here and there through out the week, to cover it? I pump at night once a day to get extra in case I ever have a short pumping day at work.
    I thought they had to let you pump at work? Good luck!! As for how much to pump, it all depends on you. I’ve found my LO can get a good feed even after I’ve pumped all I can, but I’m not a good pumper :-).



    angie – I take Fennel Seed to aid in letdown. It really does the trick for me. I work full time and wasn’t getting letdown when pumping. I started taking it and now get a letdown pretty quickly and usually at least two times during one pump session.



    kym22, breastmilk is low in iron so some pediatricians recommend iron fortified baby cereal, but the truth is the iron that there is in breastmilk is in a form very easy to digest and absorb, so they don’t need added iron and in fact the iron fortified cereal causes constipation for some babies. God knows best, and EBF babies don’t need extra artificial sources of iron. At least not unless you see actual symptoms of anemia.

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