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    STYX- I think you just join and there is a forum on there for other areas around us.



    lawson-what a nasty comment! all the work you’ve put into feeding your baby and you get critized and called not a real momma. huh! i dare say your twice the mother i am. i said a long time a go if i’d had to ep, i would have given formula. just b/c you managed to wrangle some man into getting you pregnant doesn’t make you a good momma. your actions while you’re pregnant and after is what makes you a good momma. i know plenty of women who got pregnant the ‘natural’ way and are lousy at mothering!



    Claire1987, no, she was able to pump out enough before hand for a few bottles while she had it removed. If it is a scheduled procedure it is really quite quick and you don’t end up needing a lot. An oz per hour made it so that she needed less than 10oz. total. Make sure you request a breastfeeding friendly pain reliever for after the surgery. That way you only have to wait for the meds from during the procedure to make it through your system. Her son was about the same age as your LO when she had it done. The hospital provided her with a pump right after the procedure so that she could relive some of the engorgement and so she could move the ‘tainted’ milk through faster.



    Zoey and I are both bored to death today! I really should get some cleaning done but she’s not as easily entertained as usual. I’m thinking about putting her in her stroller and taking her for a walk around the neighborhood…or maybe up to the mall instead. It’s so flipping hot. I don’t like it but she HATES it after about ten minutes. Makes me dread leaving for the beach in a week. lol. As far as growth charts, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll trust my instinct next time and decide myself whether I feel like she needs testing… I know a CT isn’t invasive, but I don’t exactly love the idea of unneeded testing done on my 6 month old! However, it is a bit of a relief to know there are no tumors or anything growing. lol. Bri – Zoey is the same as Chris was (in a lot of ways)… when did he quit falling asleep as he nursed? She’s gradually weaning off of that. She’ll still go down for a nap by nursing but at night, it’s becoming a fight.



    Okay, here’s possibly a really dumb question, but I’m curious. Some mom’s say they can’t start TTCing until they stop Bfing because they haven’t had AF yet. 1. cant they just have unprotected sex and see what happens? and 2. my actual question, why can’t they go on the mini pill? Wouldn’t that quite likely kick start AF? I’m just curious…


    seriously if shes looking for attention in this forum she went about it the wrong way. How dare she say that to another mother and not expect a backlash? what a terrible disgusting thing to do. And now she’s sorry? whatever!


    Awe, Lawson’s Mom, don’t feel bad. I think all babies suck on their feet. Alyssa loves to blow raspberries on me it’s so funny. Goatsmilk: I’m going to blog the goatsmilk formula recipe so people can go reference it whenever. Hopefully I’ll have it up before the weekend!



    People will do what they want to. You can’t force them. You can offer the information BEFORE they decide. I was able to correct a few women back when I was pregnant. I’m happy to say some of them are still breastfeeding. YAY! I just don’t understand just doing something because someone says so though. I tend to look everything up before making a choice.



    fyi, as for amber, i collect jewelry and used to attend jewelry shows…many times it is counterfeit and made of plastic resin. the way you can tell if its real is by touching it with something that has been heated, it should had a wooden smell if it is real amber. the amber i own was usually on the pricey side so if you are getting it dirt cheap that might pose some red flags.



    Ok ladys well thanks for your comments, and thanks for putting up with my questions…You ladys are great….



    balsamfir – I went on a 4 hour flight with my 5 month old last year. I tried to feed on take off and landing but being an awkward baby he didn’t want to. I would say he cried for about half the flight on and off. On the upside I got to meet lots of people walking up and down the plane with him. I felt sorry for the guy next to us.



    from the hard work that is involved in pumping, i agree it’s not the nicest thing, but sometimes there isn’t any other option. if your baby is crying/screaming 8-10 hours per night but supposedly fulfilling the weight requirements and the wet nappy requirements, what other way is there? mine was satisfying both and it nearly killed me to listen to that, then i pumped and worked out why – 2oz on a GOOD day (BEFORE a feed) was just simply not enough and as soon as i got some supplementation going on, everything changed and i was then able to bf for 5mo p/t and keep my sanity. pushing the milk thistle and fenugreek once again, it’s good stuff. bf can be a very fulfilling experience, or a nightmare 🙁 i wish everybody luck and i’ve got my fingers crossed for when my baby arrives next week!! looking forward to bf him and it going 10000 times better than with my daughter 🙂



    Krystaldawn – my l/o did that and it did hurt until I realised that she was trying to move her lips away from the breast as she wanted to stop the milk flow and just suckle instead, she does this alot particulary when she wants to get to sleep I do allow her to do this as she normally falls off after a few mins sleep x


    Tunny…thats what iI thought. I guess I will start next week. I am producing so i should be good



    balamfir – the only issue i have heard of with the continuation of breastfeeding when you are pregnant again is that, because of the pregnancy, your breast milk changes. So it will be come more similar to what your 17 month old was drinking in the 1-4 week stage as your pregnancy progresses. From what i have heard, most babies don’t liek this new taste and start to reject the breast. Also, further along in pregnancy, it could lead to early labor.

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