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    NatashaMC~ how often are you pumping? I pumped every 3 hours and would get about 12ozs at a time. The more often you pump the more milk you will make. Congrats on still pumping! i got to 3 months and decided to go longer. I went until 7 months. It was getting so tiring so I had to stop. Good luck!



    I have a question- my baby is exculisvely breast fed – he is 2weeks 4 days old. He has bright red sore on his bum (in the crack). His poop turned greent today from nice yellow.

    I don’t have any breast pains, no white spots on either of us….could it be thrush?



    blessed thistle also increases milk supply (spelling?)
    my baby girl refuses to take a bottle, she is almost 6 months old and I’m back at work now
    During the day she gets 2 meals of beginner cereal made with formula and she is quite happy to wait for mommy to get home to bf


    Sorry I have been MIA for so long! I miss my breastfeeding Mommies but I have a new obsession…. Couponing!!! Seriously, it has taken over my life. If anyone is interested I have an amazing website for couponers. (WARNING: it is totally addictive). So anyway, I hope everyone is doing wonderfully and although I don’t post here much anymore please feel free to post on my page and catch up! Travis is now 14 months and still breastfeeding in the morning, before naps, and before bedtime. He sleeps 12 hours at night without waking (there is hope!) and the first thing he does in the morning when I get him out of his crib is run over and grab the nursing pillow and take it to the rocking chair. It is very sweet and it definitely makes me never want to wean :-). I’m thinking now it will probably be closer to when he’s 2 unless something changes. It’s so weird to think that I might nurse him that long because in the beginning I was really only hoping to make it to at least 6 months and always thought I would wean at a year. Love to all of you who are breastfeeding, it is a lot of work but so worth it!!!!!



    tove- this is the tea some of us drink



    I am so frustrated!!! My son acts like he is hungry and when I stick my nipple in his mouth he just cries hysterically. I don’t know what to do. He will take his binkie and I’ve tried to just switch them after he gets sucking but he doesn’t fall for it. Any suggestions? Also, I know I have a forceful let-down and he can never keep it all i his mouth and usually pulls off which leaves me squirting all over the place and very frustrated. Any advice on this would also be helpful.



    khowell my son is 7.5 months and will not eat babyfood either unless they mix it wit my milk and rice ay daycare. A little bit of apple juice will help constipation



    Anyone that is taking fenugreek I need some advice. I just started taking it yesterday and noticed I was really dizzy and started having nose bleeds. I drank some water and I felt much better. Have any of you noticed side effects. I am only taking 300 mg of the seed per day. Please tell me what your taking and is it with a meal?



    Emerson has bitten me about 15 times. Never realkly rally hard but when i say no and raise my voice she just laughs at me. No matter what i do she thinks my reaction is funny. So i just put it away as she obviously has no interest and next time if she doesnt want to eat i dont keep it out there for her to bite on. Her newest thing ( she is 7 months) is to play with my nipple with her hands and squeeze it and dig her fingers and nails into it or just hit it. That hurts too. I move her hands away and she just does it again!



    kirvia I would feed her when ever she wants. They say they should be eating atleast 8 times a day. I try not to go past 2-3 hrs during the day to keep up supply and to make sure LO doesn’t try to play catch up at night.



    Hi ladies, need some advice on nursing bras!! With my son I kept buying the cheapo nrsg bras until they stretched out and I’d go get another one. I am NOT doing that this time! Even now I don’ have bra that fits so I really need to find a good nursing bra. Most of the reviews for the Bravado bras are really good. Does anyone here use those?? I am probably medium sized a B or C normally and w/ my son went up to a D at the end so obviously I need something that can fluctuate w/ me AND give good support so I dont look like I have boobs falling all over the place! My other big problem w/ nursing bras is the thinness. My nipples were always showing! Even with the nursing pads they were showing, or you could just see the line of the nursing pad which was not attractive. And I wear alot of snug fitting, solid shirts. I don’t want that happening again! So HELP, what do you think of Bravado bras, or what bra has worked well for you??? Thanks!



    I would have BF for much longer then 14 months- but when I got pregnant again my milk supply stopped and my doctor said it was better for me not to nurse and be pregnant- a lot of work on the body.



    Ok, so I am a ding-dong today. I have to come to work early and was trying to get everything together. Turned around to get my pump parts to put in my pump bag, grabbed the lids to the bottles and that is it. Got to work and freaking realized I am going to have to hand pump all day now….. I usually have been getting 2-2 1/2 ounces out of this session lately, now I only got 1. Do you think that by having to hand express for my 3 pumping sessions today will lower my supply since I won’t be getting that much?? Or do you think since it is one day that I will be fine??



    I’m wondering when any of you started your lo on solids? Mine is 3 and a half months and I know I need to start thinking about it. She is exclusively breastfed now and I plan on breastfeeding for at least a year…



    ELLIEL: I would start with just 5 minutes and then see what happens. I can get a lot a milk in 5 minutes so you may find that it’s too much and leaving baby with not enough – then drop it to 3 or 4 minutes. How long after you get home do you feed her? You could also pump all of your milk as soon as you get home or right before you leave for work and by the next feed you should be full again. Good luck!

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