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    My son is 5 weeks today and i pump and feed and it seems yesterday i hardly got anything when i pump, i usually can get about 4 oz combined each time i pump 5-6 times a day so i was only giving him about 6oz or less of formula a day. Now im getting 2-3 oz combined each time i am drinking the malted milk and tea and fenugreek i dont know what else i can do to help out with my supply. Oh BTW i have an Ameda Purely Yours pump it seems to be pretty good, i thought



    Angie, af is often irregular when you are breastfeeding. It’s strange that it was regular and then late, but not that unusual.



    Gladek- My baby is big eater, he used to eat up to 18 oz but i guess he is changing because now, he is less chubby. I got home today, it seems like he ate more today than yesterday. Perhaps i am just being worried for nothing.



    I currently feed my lo in the clutch position and I have been trying to switch to the cradle/cross cradle position. I want to be able to feed her in public and I think it will be hard to do in the clutch position w/out the support of pillow or something. Any tips?



    esther804- just because your baby is only eating for 10-15 mins doens’t mean it ins’t getting enough 🙂 I was really worried when my son was only eating for 5mins at a time so I was making him eat every hour. now he is five months old and he still only nurses for 5 mins. but he eats every two hours and sleeps through the night. good luck 🙂



    Quick question: How do you know if your breast is totally empty. I pump for 20 min with a double pump and can still fully breast feed LO right after pumping. For example: I fed LO from one breast (he fell asleep) and like 10 min later I pumped for 20 min and got 4 oz from on side and 1 oz from other side. Then he woke up right after I finished pumping and he bf from both sides and then passed out again!!!



    PGFirstTimer – Is she having tummy problems? Has she poo’d on a regular basis? My son ended up not doing well to dairy. I had to cut it out of my system. Once I did that he was a happy camper. If she is constipated or just hurting then she probably doesn’t want to eat. I know when I am I can’t eat anything either. It also could be teeth. Yes, it is early but I’ve heard of six week olds getting teeth. Also, my son started the teething systems at 3months but didn’t get the first one until 7months. Keep offering the breast. She’ll eventually take it again. In the meantime massage her tummy and keep track of what’s going on in her diaper.



    Question! Do any of you moms give your breastfed LO’s vitamins? My LO is 6 weeks old & is EBF. Should he also receive a daily vitamin?



    Okay, long post: Anyone have any tips for weaning off the pump and/or domperidone, slowly so it doesn’t effect my night/weekend supply? I plan on nursing as long as he wants, but I am ready to stop pumping at work in the next month or so. I have hundreds of oz frozen, and to be honest, I just need a break. I’ve never been a good pumper, so I’ve had to pump through every break and lunch I have had a work since January, even getting up in the middle of the night to pump some extra until he was ten months. I’ve gone down to pumping twice for ten minutes at work for the last week, and have weaned down to two doses of domperidone a day, but I am still pumping 5-6 oz a session.



    emily – my cycle was always lower at night. Do you pump? I pumped throughout the day when I was at work and in the middle of the night when he was sleeping through, to up my freezer supply. Then my husband always gave him a nighttime bottle of expressed to rotate our freezer supply (I would pump). That way he took more from the bottle than he would have nursing so he ended up sleeping through the night at around 7 weeks.



    Here’s my secret breastmilk tea recipe: I order organic fenugreek powder by the pound from where I found it for just $5.50/lb…available at other bulk herb sites too but I wanted it to be organic. Every morning I heat almost 2 cups of water, almost 1/2 of the water is lemon juice, I heat the water/lemon to boiling then add stevia to sweeten and a heaping tablespoon of the fenugreek powder. It tastes really good and the lemon juice is a great source of vit c and a great antioxidant. If I want an extra boost of milk I have it again before bed. This has worked way better than taking the caspules and has worked way better than any tea I’ve tried too….try it it works!!



    Well, condoms it is I guess… I just don’t want to risk it. Bf’ing is SO important to me. I don’t know why, but I would feel like a failure if I wasn’t able to bf as long as my daughter wanted to nurse. Silly, but I kinda feel like that’s the only thing that makes me a good mommy. Last night when I was getting her ready for bed, every time I put her on the right side she’d just scream. She wanted her binkie instead. It made me cry. Then I put her on the left side, and she ate just fine… Weird I thought. I know there was milk in the right side. Any ideas why all of the sudden she wouldn’t want the right boob? Btw: I don’t have inverted or flat nipples or anything like that, and she’s been nursing perfectly on that side from the beginning.



    I work full time (I’m away from him about 9 hours.) and my lo (7.5 months old) takes 3-5oz bottles and eats a tbls of dried cereal mixed with 1oz of bm and 2 tbls of fruit and either a little yogurt or egg yolk. and he’s on the small side. Not at all fat just really active. Oh yeah and he nurses as soon as I get him home regardless of when he takes his last bottle. And nurses about 3 times at night and eats 2 tbls cereal and 2 tbls vegetable for dinner.



    Unfortunately, once you have one you tend to get them again and again. Just keep on them so they don’t turn into mastitis.



    thank you, proudmomma. she doesn’t like it cold, either so i already warm it up. It could be teething, seeing as she doesn’t have any yet. I’ll just keep trying and see if it works out.

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