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    Deeyore – Zoey had a temp of about 102 for three days, so not as high as I’ve read it can get but still high for her normal temp, of course. The rash covered her this morning. But it got worse as we went out in the heat today (103) even though I had the AC going strong before we got in the car. Either way, her doc said to keep an eye on it and if it was still around in 2 days, call him and he’d see her.

    Bri – speaking of Chris bumping his head, Zoey just fell off a chair she was sitting in while folding laundry (she sits that way all the time and NEVER has problems) and hit her head. No knot or anything but she screamed her little head off. I am sooooo glad I nurse. I grabbed her up, snuggled in bed with her, and the second she started nursing she calmed down. But boy did I feel bad! Guess she’s growing up. No more trusting the fact that she’s slouched back a little bit to keep her from falling off!



    lauraoct-sorry to hear Ollie wasn’t feeling well and I can sympathize. Derek got his shots this week too and was very uncomfortable for two days. His leg swelled and was very red and sore. He cried a lot and did run a fever. Its so hard seeing them in pain. Glad to hear Ollie is feeling better.



    my baby had a mild thrush as what the pediatrician said. when i nurse it’s not painful or anything at all. she still has the white thing on her tongue even after the medication. how would i know if it’s gone? any ideas? she didn’t mentioned about me being treated as well.


    lawson seriously wtf?



    babycarter: i guess it depends on how much milk you produce out of one. I am an overproducer, so in the morning, I pump one side and she eats off the other, just so I’m producing the same amt. out of both boobs. If your LO gets full off of one boob, then I would definitely pump and save the other side.



    I just watched a video someone posted on Facebook about parents suprising their kids, mostly young, after being deployed. I cried for 10 minutes straight, lol. These crazy hormones still haven’t evened themselves out. My husband is in the Coast Guard and is usually gone for 2 weeks at a time and my boys are ecstatic to see Daddy. I can’t imagine what they would do if he was gone for a year!



    i’m one of those ladies with no af at 14 months pp. i plan on ttc very soon but i have no idea how successful i’ll be since i assume my cycle hasn’t returned. i’m just going to let nature take it’s course. who knows you guys might get to see me on ‘i didn’t know iwas pregnant’ in a year or so!


    I’m sorry but you can’t take something like that back. Sorry doesn’t cut it for me. You said you weren’t going to post in here anymore and I hope you don’t. I also hoping us reporting you gets your profile deleted!!!!!!!



    3 more days and I will be going to my parents for 6 weeks. YAY some help! I am scared to death of the 5 hr flight. If he has to be on the boob the whole time then so be it…HAHAHAHHA. I am starting to think I will be missing my DH more than I originally thought. Making a list of what to pack in the carry on…any suggestions???



    thanks ladies for all the help.. i will stick it out…



    Thanks Noah. I started introducing the bottle at 2 weeks and still put her on my breast during feedings. I started pumping more to have more milk production. My baby did not seem to get satisfied with my breast alone so i started pumping and goes up to 3 hours unitl her next feeding. I was worried that i would be over feeding her.



    Marjgator I have the linsinoh double electric and its an awesome pump.and its under 150. Amazon reviews are all great



    Crazy: I pump every two to three hours and get two to three ounces total. My body won’t respond to the pump well, so in order to get almost enough food for my daughter I stay attached to the moo machine a lot.

    Mayy08: Your boobs become saggy whether or not you nurse, so if the outcome is the same, there is no reason not to! Besides, I’m looking forward to smaller breasts once I’m done nursing; I’m naturally a 34 G, thanks to nursing now I’m a 34 J or K!

    Manual vs Electric pump: I get the same amnt no matter what I use 🙁



    I am co-sleeping, but not sure yet if I want to continue indefinitely or not. It is just so much easier while nursing.

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