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    Tried so hard to breastfeed and it just didnt work for me or for my DS I feel like a complete failure that I couldnt provide the most basic thing. everyone keeps telling me not to feel this way but I do. I tried to ebf without and with a shield ( I have completely flat nipples) then to pump and then nurse with a shield, then to pump and supplement with formula but never built up a supply at all. Last few days I would pump and get barely anything out of my left breast (maybe .5 ounce) and about 1.5-2 ounces out of my right where as last week I would do 3 ounces out of my right and at least 1 ounce out of my left. I have gone back and fourth and wanted to at least try breastfeeding until DS was at least 3 months but trying today was useless I got nothing and I need to go back on my anti depressant and I realize that only trace amounts are emitted in the breastmilk but I refuse to expose my child even to miniscule amounts of a drug such as an anti depressant. I feel really down about this whole situation 🙁



    10 and a half months breastfeeding and going strong!!!



    Thanks! I pump every three to four hours (at first pumped every two hours), I have skipped a pump here and there when I’ve been out. I don’t pump at night anymore, maybe I should do that for a few nights again. When I skipped a pump it didn’t seem to effect my supply, maybe it just caught up with me! I’ve been thinking of trying fenugreek and blessed thistle, has anyone tried them?



    My baby had oral thrush and gave it to my nipples many times. The nipples would be cracked and bleeding, I even developed mastitis because of the open sores. It was excruciating, trying to feed a fussy baby that has oral thrush when my nipples had it too. I found that nystatin/nilstat was not effective at all, after a couple of weeks with no improvement and mastitis, I went back to the Dr and he said to use daktarin oral gel in the baby’s mouth and on my nipples. It is not recommended for babies under 6 months, but the Dr said to use it(she was 4mths). I just rubbed a small amount (1/2 tsp) inside her mouth and on my nipples after each feed and within a few days it cleared up. Whenever I felt it start again, I would use the gel. it would clear it up before it got really bad again. Hope this helps someone!



    I would LOVE to have your problem of not gaining weight. Well i havent gained but its certainly not falling off either! Thats like winning lotto 🙂



    Sounds like I missed a lot this weeked. Kekoa’s birthday party was today. I cried while we sang him happy birthday. How sad am I!! HAHA! We had lots of fun and my little man ate his whole slice of cake. I was surprised. More surprised that my husband cut him that big of a piece. HAHA! It was lots of fun. My mom and sister came into town along with her two kids. My nephew is 7months and my niece is 4. Still breastfeeding! I haven’t started to wean nor have I began cow’s milk yet. Hearing Little’s story makes me to want to continue for many many more months. Kekoa is so happy to nurse and loves every minute. We still nurse in the morning, lunch, as soon as I get off work and throughout the night. While I’m at work I pump twice and he gets that in a sippy while I’m not there. This year is just going to be better!! My little man has gotten so big and learning so much! I’m uploading photos onto myspace right now. If any of you have it and want to become ‘friends’ let me know! I don’t put too many pictures up here because I don’t want just anyone looking at my whole life. HAHA! Anyways, you all have a wonderful evening and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Congrats Little on your new project and having a wonderful little nursing toddler! You are an inspiration!


    My son was diagnosed with GERD friday and he is having a HORRIBLE time! I have tried 3 different formulas and they arent working. He is 11 week tuesday. I have discovered that I have a some milk left ( I bf the first 2 weeks) So my question is- If i start to pump is there any chance my milk will come back?



    i’m not sure if you have any bottles on hand or were planning on saving any expressed milk for later but if you do….before feeding him you could massage your breast and allow the let down to go into bottles or bags and then after the spraying stops you can attempt to have him latch on.



    sarahxx if you can , wait a little with bottle. Some babies get nipple confusion and don’t want to breatstfeed later



    My son is almost 5 months old now he has always been a great feeder but now in the last week every time he latches on he sucks for a few seconds and then pulls away and screams..I dont know why he is doing this! Its getting very frustrating and im about ready to give up even tho I REALLY wanted to breastfeed him for at least a year! I dont know what else to do and now my milk is starting to go way down! Any suggestions on how to get him to stay latched on will be much appreciated!



    For those of you who are breastfeeding and naturally small busted? Have you ever considered to continue pumping after your done breastfeeding just to keep your cup size? I’ve heard that after weaning, cup size will be smaller than prepregnancy. What would it hurt to continue a milk supply just for the breast size? I feel weird for thinking this, but surely I can’t be the only one who has thought about it.



    At 3 months my son was nursing every 3 hours and only 5 times a day with an occasional night waking here and there.



    thanks girls for the advice for my blocked breast. the day after my son unblocked himself. it was such a relief, it was so painful, i cant imagine what mastitis would be like… thanks again xxxx



    Well all you mummies must be out enjoying your Easter morning… Im off to bed and i hope the Easter Bunny is good to you. Have a great day and ill check in in the morning. 🙂



    bri- good luck. Baby dust to you. I don’t know if I will ever get baby fever again. My hubby has 2 kids from a previous marriage and we are trying to get custody of his daughter from his mother. (Long story that I have posted about in the mil section a couple of times if you want to look) So this makes his 3rd and it gets kinda hairy everyother weekend when we have all 3. Again good luck. Keep us posted…..

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