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    angie my daughter was born in the 75th percentile and averaged out to 50% by three months but im probably not a good example because i had milk issues and by 4 months she dropped off the growth chart. by 5 months shes was back on the 25th percentile and i will find out if shes jumped up or stayed on the 25th percentile ina few weeks at her 6 month check



    this might be the wrong place to ask, but my twins are 7 months old and have been EBF until the last couple weeks, they started eating cereal and various baby foods. On a normal day, they share a container of Gerber veggies or fruits in the late afternoon. The last two days their stools were very hard… I don;t think I am feeding them too much, but not sure how to get their poo’s ‘comfortable’ again. Any ideas?



    I actually called Enfamil and an open can of formula is only good for 30 days! I do not use it often and had no idea it was bad. What a waste of money. Guess I throw it out an buy two small cans in case of emergency. All this stuff to remember, its starting to blow my mind. I looked at my freezer suppy of milk and I have some in there that is almost three months old. Guess I need to start rotating! In a way I can not wait until my LO is on all solid food so I don’t have to worry with all this anymore!



    Thanks ladies for all the support.. MIL can be a little bit overbearing at times and i just can not handle it!! i have another question…. if i take breastmilk out of the freezer and put it in the fridge, how long is it good for before it goes bad? i dont use it that often since i BF on demand because i stay at home but i oike to have something on hand just incase i need to run out real quick and i need to leave the baby with DH and he gets hungry!!



    My little one’s appetite seems to vary A LOT from one day to the next. It’s hard to know what she’s getting from her breastfeeds, but her feeds of solids vary from almost nothing to two feeds and a snack through the day. She’s 9 months old.



    number2:–I’m dealing with what I thought was more discharge than normal for bf’ing… hmmm wonder what it is? I’ve also not started my period either. ??? ~~~tanners:–are you on facebook? I’m a member of a group on there called I’m a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing Mama! hahaha!!



    I’ve left Chris with my MIL and SIL and only recently with a really good friend. Alex has only been left with this friend once. Dad will take him for a time but he can’t handle both boys. When our friend came over they were both supposed to be sleeping, Alex just wasn’t cooperating. I totally understand. I don’t trust many people with the boys. I feel like they are mine boys I’ll take care of them. HAHA! Last time I got my hair cut Alex was with me. I do need to see a dentist though. Ugh!



    1byfaith am not sure but i wish that was me, i need a lot of milk asap. i would pump between feedings and store



    My daughter’s almost 11mo. and grabs on when she feeds and sometimes pinches, it hurts so bad. So the other day I’m telling her not to pinch Mommy, and spread out her fingers so she didn’t pinch. Wow that upset her so much to the point I had to take her off and set her down. Finally she calmed down and ate regular. So yesterday she started doin the same thing and I tell her rember don’t pinch, she started crying again. I wasn’t being harsh but I think she understands that she’s doing something wrong. I felt so bad, but she’s gotta learn!



    suzm – it sounds like you are doing everything right. I found that after 6 months its a whole new game because they are getting more and more nutrients from solids and breastmilk is no longer their sole nutrient source. I found from 6-12 months my supply dipped a lot. He was eating more solids and less interested in putting the time and energy into nursing. Remember too that your supply could just be adjusting to what your LO needs. Its definitely an adjustment and even the pediatrician doesnt really give a pumped amount necessity since all of their numbers are for formula. At this point my advice is to just go with the flow. Remember stressing makes it sooo much worse! At around 9 months I had a really big dip and freaked out over it. I finally just gave up (stopped all herbs and excessive pumping and everything) and my supply totally recuperated. Stress really does affect supply!! Did you try Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle combination?



    Gladek- I have been weaning off of domperidone myself and I take one pill in the am and one in the evening. I have read that you should decrease one every week or 2 until you see a change and if it is too drastic then to add one tab. back and take it alittle slower. With the pumping at work I would just start deducting minutes of the time you pump each week. Like you said you have been pumping for 10 min. try going down to 7 min. and then the next week maybe keep one at 7 and drop the second one to 5 for a few day and see if you can drop the other to 5 min. as well. If by chance you feel a clogged duct coming just go home, put a hot compress on it and pump until you feel fully empty.



    I introduced the bottle to my son at 4 days old. We were commuting back and forth to the hospital a lot in his first week and I wasnt brave enough to nurse in public so I was more comfortable pumping. My husband always gave the bottle so my son would only associate me with breast. We had trouble latching at first (which would make public feeding even harder) so that was another reason. Whenever I was home though I would always attempt to nurse before bottle. After about a week or two he perfected the latch and was fine. We never had a problem going between breast and bottle so no nipple confusion here. It definitely was easier to just nurse all the time at home rather than rely on pumping and bottle though so if you are up to it, definitely definitely keep working on it, practice makes perfect!! Eventually I was comfortable enough to coverup and do it in public but Im glad we had the option of a bottle for awhile.



    we r having the same problems with the lansinoh bags, aggravating. i know i have no sex drive either, maybe has somthing to do with being exhausted but definately dont feel sexy for some reason, my husband is always complaining about blue balls lol.


    jacquec~ I think there is always one baby that sleeps well in the one month forum! There was one when I was in there and I hated her, lol. By the time my DD was 3 months she was waking just twice to nurse, at 4.5 months it went down to once a night and at 6 months she began sleeping through. Some of the women in my month (now 19 months!) who FF still don’t have their babes sleeping through the night, and the same can be said for those who are still BFing. In the long run, BF or FF, your baby will sleep through the night when ready and not before.



    ~*I added some very good pics on my profile main page could everyone please check it out and tell me what you think! All the pics are of me and my kids even the background!!!*~

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