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    Corsha! There is definitely no need to worry!!! There is no way that your nipples can be too small! And for a lot of women your nipples change shape and grow…at least mine did…when I started breastfeeding! You may have to use a nipple shield in the beginning but that would be your only thing! Dont worry about your nipples tho!!!



    Thanks butterflykisses, I think I’m gonna try pumping till letdown then latching him and all weekend my husbands home so if he needs to be bottle fed I’ll have my husband do it and I’ll only offer the breast and see how it goes. I’m booking an appointment with a LC for Monday too if I can. I’m determined to make this work, wish me luck ladies!



    Krystal-I cut myself to 1500 calories a day after my son was about 3 months (I’m only 5’1′ so that’s enough for my body type, everyone needs different). They say that’s how long it takes for your milk supply to be stable and not affected. Like someone else said your body will take from you so baby won’t be affected. Generally cutting calories means you’re cutting out all the junk anyway since healthy nutrient dense food is pretty low-cal. Doing that and working out about three times a week helped me drop 30 pounds! My son was, and is, perfectly healthy, nothing I did hurt him or my milk supply. He was ebf until 13 months.



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    i cant find this malt you all were talking about…i have found ovaltine..which has malt in this what your using to increase supply?



    oh im trying to wean but its not working…. my son is a little over 8 months and i really cant get him to eat any baby food… and he still wakes up like 3 or 4 times at night… can anyone give me some advice? other then letting him CIO



    Tove: I made myself and handsfree pumping bra that would probably work well in your case – it’s two-fold because A. you wouldn’t be hanging out topless and B. you could read a magazine or something to take your mind off of pumping at work. All you have to do is take a crappy old sports bra and cut 2 tiny holes where your nipples are. It has made my pumping life sooo much better!



    Hello Ladies..anybody have any tips for sore nipples? My baby is 11 days old today..and I’m in pain! I’m using the lansinoh ointment and hot showers..and even pumping so I can avoid Alejandro’s lips. Anything will help. Thanks 🙂



    For those of you pumping- On average how many oz. do you get total at a time??



    hello ladies. just to drop a line, i am 17 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and am still breastfeeding my 16 month old. It is defintily possible to get pregnant while nursing!!


    Bri, Little Cavelier, Ladies—HELP! Firstly, I think I’m gonna bleed to death (jk). I had no idea our bodies would store all that up!!!!! Seriously, I am hardly making any milk at all. I’ve got a ton in the freezer but I’m afraid to give it to Evin because if he gets it from a bottle, then my body might not make it. I gave in a little while ago and gave him 2 ounces because he kept squeezing my boobies and screaming. Will my supply go back when my period is over? I’m eating oatmeal, rice, and take 16 fenugreek a day. I don’t know what to do. I soooo don’t want my milk to dry up yet.



    Little one growing great!! Had his 4 month check up today and is 13.2 lbs yay mommy milk!!



    lilliesmom. I don’t think I have ever had a clogged duct on my arm pit but if your not already apply warm compresses or a heat pad on the clogged ducts and do alot of massaging. If they are still real bad after a few days you can always go back to the doc. Also try football hold since that puts baby’s chin closer to the clogged ducts. I have been told that it helps to pull the clog out faster having baby’s chin pointed toward the clog. Good luck.



    Any of u breastfeeding twins?


    Bri, I know exactly what you mean. My period is 8 days late (I’ve only had 2 periods since I had the baby) and my husband and I both swore I was pregnant….had every symptom (probably all in my head). My negative really made me sad. I’ve been boohooing all day like an idiot. *sigh*

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