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    My sister is prone to Mastitis, she gets it several times with each kid.



    ladykilla- it could depend on what time you pumped. Also, your milk has regulated, so you’re not producing extra. Since you feed your LO all day long you probably just didn’t have extra to pump out. I pump every day in the morning after the first feeding. She eats her whole meal on one breast, and i pump the other. This way my body is used to producing this amount of milk. And i have this to use as my freezer supply. I’m sure that you are making enough milk for you LO to eat, just not extra to pump out. If you want to keep pumping out extra, just keep doing it and your body will start producing more.



    my dd has went from pooping all the time to hardly ever so i have bn giving her one bottle a day w/ a tablespoon of karo syrup to help her go. i know its safe just wondering if i did it every day for a long while if it would b ok. she still isnt going regularly and very fussy @ night due to belly issues. also…n e one know where i can get a car plug in for medela advanced personal dbl pump? and n e one know of a good way for gas relief besides mylicon and pumping their legs? not working for us



    styx, I always stayed the same size when my milk came in, and really, breast size has no influence on whether or not you can breast feed. 🙂



    just wondering my supply has evened out thank godness but wyatt is wanting to nurse like every hour! he has been like this for a few days im exhausted. and also for those of you who go to church do you nurse there? since he seems to be starving every hour i am going to have to feed him there and i really dont know how to do it so no one notices because getting down on your knees and getting back up then down and back up all over again while nursing seems like it would be really complicated…….lol.



    I only work a few 6hr days a week. But while I’m at work I’m so sad to be bonding with my pump and not my 6mon old… boo!



    Lawsonsmom – Be happy! No chance of bad timing for you!


    i pump and EBF..i pump between feedings…your milk is produced on a demand basis..the more you BF and pump the more you will first when i would pump after feedings i only pumped a half ounce per breast…two weeks later i am getting up to 3 ounces per pumping..i am sure everyone is diff..this is just how it works for me..since i have been pumping my breast have produced way more milk…hope that helps…some also think that pumping will take away from baby’s supply..i also have not had that issue..but again everyone is diff…but if you look at it this do they think women with multiple babies produce? hehe my breasts concider my pump another mouth to feed lol



    puddin1 – I hate to use this answer but…it depends on the baby. Some babies will still be eating every hour at six months while others go longer between feeds at a month. Do remember that in the first three months there are sooo many growth spurts that your baby might start going longer for a week just to rebound back to every hour. I know it’s tiring but well worth it.


    balsamfir- a lot of flights offer seats to babies called a baby fare. It’s like half the price of a normal fare. babes is safer in a seat but also I’d dread having to hold the baby the entire flight if it’s a long one.



    Also rememebr to drink lots of water at night… keep hydrated.



    so i never knew what a letdown felt like. i have noticed though that a little while after i pump at work i feel like a bruised feeling in my boobs. could that be the letdown that i am feeling? also a letdown…………..when you feel it….is it your breasts filling up with the milk or it just signals you to know that you have milk in your breasts? i am just really confused about the whole letdown thing.


    Logansmom~ It will get better, pumping or nursing your nipples go through a ‘toughening’ phase. Mine just healed at 2 weeks this time, it took 4 weeks and six weeks per nipple when I was nursing my first baby. 2ndtime got it right, when you milk comes in (should be any day now!) after you finish pumping rub milk over you nipple and let it air dry. really will help! Lanolin is good too, though I recomend getting the medela gentle brand, the lansinoh brand is thicker and more painful to apply in my experience. Also, do your nipples rub against the side of the breast shield when you pump? If so you may need a bigger size breast shield, you can find them on the medela website or amazon, the standard size is 24 mm, they makebigger shields in 36mm or smaller ones too, OK I went to the Medela site and found the page on how to determine the right fit,



    Breastfeeding in the beginning is time consuming but isn’t that just part of having a new baby. Of course I breastfed my first too but even when I wasn’t feeding him he wanted to be held, played with, cuddled, and so forth. Newborns in general are time consuming. I would think that adding bottle washing into the mix would make it even more so. Just cuddle the baby and feed. Most of the time they fall asleep and then you have some free time.



    lilmamamads – You should be fine. Maybe if you can hand express some at a pit stop. Really one day won’t effect your supply. It’s if you were doing this for couple days that I’d worry. Just get your baby to latch on as soon as you get home or whenever she wakes up. I would be more concerned with a clogged duct then supply at this point. You don’t want to become engorged for too long without relief.

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