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    phat- i do at least do whole wheat everything. love it! i also do eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies. my problem is that i really don’t feel complete unless i have a meat in my meal. like every meal. It’s very silly. I’m trying to find some recipes without meat. I never realized how picky i am until there’s things calling for tofu, or even more ‘normal’ things like peppers. i guess i’m not as bad as i think, it’s just hard when i don’t want to cook dinner and i just want to get wendy’s lol. and then i have to make her something healthy. it’s just silly because i should just make the same meal for both of us. But she is making me healthier because i’m trying to be healthy for her.



    So we had a good night. Alex is actually still sleeping and it’s 9. Wow! He was a tired little man. I feel better after almost having a nervous breakdown yesterday. HAHA! Hopefuly today will be a nice and relaxing day. I’m going to see about doing laundry. I hate laundry. It’s not the hardest chore in the world but such a pain in the rear. I think I hate putting it away more then anything.



    Thanks Bri. I keep telling myself I shouldn’t worry so much about my supply. I prefer when I had engorgement, because at least I knew there was lots of milk for her. I thought it was a growth spurt, but it’s going on for the 3rd week now. She just nursed for an hour and a half, and I don’t think she was really ‘done’, but I needed to change a poopy diaper. Is it ok to eat fermented oatmeal all the time, or will my supply become dependent on it if I do?



    Good morning ladies. Thanks for the explanations how much to put in Dereks bottles when he starts daycare. I guess I will just have to watch for cues that he wants more in his bottles to know when to start increasing the amounts. I have found he likes the playtex bottles more than the breastflow which was slightly disappointing but I’m just happy he has started takinfg a bottle.


    lol… Baby John loves when I lay him on the couch next to me with feet touching my leg and he’ll lay there kicking me over n over laughing!! so cute… but i have gotten bruises on my arms from him doing it over n over in one spot.



    enum didn’t come across ashamed of breastfeeding. I think she found it offensive that others judge so quickly. boy is on formula mainly for now. I am a breastfeeding mom(infact I still stink’n pump in hopes that we can return to breastfeeding one day) but if he isn’t gaining on breastmilk you better believe I will try something else.

    I am all for as natural as possible but sometimes other is needed. I would be more concerned about vaccines then formula to be truly honest(there I started a new angry discussion)

    *Jessica, pumping the beginning can through off the balance and cause you to produce more thin then fatty milk. That is why pedis say that. you can fix that by block feeding though so its not really a problem.


    Don’t think being on time and having kids goes together! Ollie is finally having a nap in my sisters arms. Refused to nap for more than ten minutes all day.



    I wanted to share this video with everyone. Salma Hayek was on a humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone and while she was there she nursed an infant who was starving…amazing story!



    PG, you are correct. I think a lot of people (me included) have used that excuse for keeping myself from getting pregnant when I’d like another child. But obviously, it may happen anyways. HAHA! I think a lot of people think when TTC they have to chart their periods and such. That they don’t think, well let’s just have sex and see what happens. Also, many moms don’t like the idea of breastfeeding while pregnant. Soo, they think they should wean before getting pregnant or soon after. Not the case obviously. As for the mini pill, it probably doesn’t dawn on many that once you start a pill it’ll bring back a period. Personally, I want to give Alex as much time as possible before getting pregnant again. Of course if I am then that’s out and I’ll be tandem nursing next year. But, if I’m not then I’m definately going to start using condems until next summer. HAHA! Pretty much it’s all a mind game or they really know how breastfeeding and ovulation really works.



    So I just went to the park after nap time and had a wonderful time to come back and see one of my best friends attacked on this page!! I know you have apoligized petskies but honestly this isn’t the first time you’ve come on here and posted something that has got everyone’s feather’s ruffled. This was just the last straw. I really hope you think before posting again. My mouth just dropped when I saw that comment and it has made ME want to cry for her. There are so many words that want to come out of my mouth right now that really would not be productive. Just think next please!


    I haven’t flown with baby before, but would imagine it would be easier if they did feed the majority of the time. I know they say to feed on take off and landing.



    Scarlet ~ I agree with what you are saying 100%. When I was pregnant I was receiving WIC (miracle, because I am a teacher and cannot receive any government help) and when I had my LO I went for a revision. It turns out that we did not qualify anymore. Apparently we are rich… HAHA! The lady said that I was the second mom that EBF to be turned down that week. I told her the same thing you said. Usually (not always), but usually educated people tend to choose BF over FF. I have read a lot, I go to a weekly support group, I come to this forum almost daily, I google BF stuff, I watch youtube videos, etc. And it is still a daily challenge to achieve a perfect BF experience. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I LOVE BREASTFEEDING MY BABY GIRL!!! My husband says that when she weans herself I am going to cry like a whiny little kid… and he is true!



    For 2nd time moms how much milk does baby drink after 3 months of age?


    I got JOhn to nap in his crib today!!! I was so proud of myself. He didn’t fuss like I thought he would. Later he seemed tired so I laid him down and he just talked to himself for about 35 minutes then we ready to get out. Right now he’s sleeping i nthe swing, which I’ve been trying not to do today, but he got sleepy right as we sat to eat. I really didn’t want to spend 20mins rocking him. I was straving! lol anyways Im very excited about this, I’m ready to have my bedroom back.



    Ahhh. Okay. Noah colt’s mommy – How’s his poo been today? Same? Because poo is so different from baby to baby (and week to week, with mine), it’s really hard to guess! I can say that around four months, Zoey went from several times a day to once a week. In the past few weeks, she’s back to once every three or four days. The consistancy changes. I wouldn’t worry too much unless it seems excessive. You can always call his ped. though. Good luck!
    @ the wanting more babies topic – you guys can have at it! I can’t imagine another baby! I know I’d love another if it happened, but I don’t want to share my time with Zoey with anyone else. So unless it’s just meant to be (and it would have to be REALLY meant to be to get past my IUD, lol)…I’m sticking with Zoey for now!

    Also @Bri – Be happy, I guess. My sister’s son will be four at the end of October and several months ago, he got severely constipated and even compacted. She had to give him enemas and help dig it out (she’s a CNA, so I guess she felt trained enough to do this). Since then, he’s terrified to poo. He holds it until he’s in so much pain and by then, it’s dehydrated and really hard so it hurts to come out. We’re not sure what to do. She’s even gone as far as putting him back in pull-ups and telling him it’s okay to go on himself because he’s so afraid to sit on the toilet since he associates that with pain now. I think she’d completely trade your situation! lol

    Also, you’re right. You don’t see developmentally sound eight year olds walking around in pull-ups. Patience! That’s what gets me through the fact that Z has NO desire to crawl. It’ll happen! And I’ll probably be wishing for the days when she was content to sit in my lap and play with me. Good luck!

    @the breast pump – I owned both the Ameda and the Pump in Style. Didn’t notice a huge difference in pumping output. Loved them both. From what I understand, the Ameda and the Lansinoh are the same pump, just packaged differently. If I remember correctly. You might want to look into it. The Lansinoh is less expensive. Good luck!!!

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