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    Does anyone use a breast shield to catch the drips from the opposite boob? I collect 8 oz day just doing that so I don’t need to pump at all.



    mommyofmm – My 3 week old daughter sleeps in a bassinet next to my bed where I can easily grab her when she wakes in the middle of the night. It’s a co-sleeper bassinet so I can easily touch her when she stirs, which sometimes is enough to lull her back to sleep. I did co-sleep with my other children but don’t intend to actually bring this baby into my bed if I can help it, as the last child I did this with took me 3 years to get him back to sleeping in his own bed.



    i know how you feel, i wasnt able to get my first baby to latch on, and i felt awful about it. I was young and they didnt even ask me if i was going to breastfeed, and they took her away for quite a while and i didnt know that i was suppose to put baby to breast right away and i also didnt know how to do it and it wasnt until the next day that anyone asked if the baby was eating!! then they finally sent in a lactation consultant but she had no succcess either. The second time, i made sure that I tried breastfeeding right away when he was born and he latched right on and fed for 40 min. and was a nursing champ for 12 months. now im due with my third in 7 weeks and im looking forward to breastfeeding again, i just hope there will be no problems, cause i know that every baby is different.



    Good jb,momma!



    Natasha- ive tryed fenugreek, it says that once your sweat smells of maple syrup that its working!!! I noticed an immediate increase in my supply ( probably 3 months ago) not sure if it really worked or if me believeing it did helped me relax. Since then I never really had an issue with my supply, I can pump between 34 to 44 oz a day. I exclusively breast fed until my son was 3 months old, and since returning to work I am exclusively pumping and bottle feeding expressed milk only. If i could recommend one thing to a new breastfeeding mother who is debating on exclusively pumping, is to breast feed as along as possiable before choosing to switch and to make sure your supply is established successfully before the switch!



    bala, I would only worry about geen if its continuous green poop. there is alot going on in that little two week olds body. you could give a fingertip of plain yogurt to fight it if you think baby has it

    my little guy had thrush ….hes probably had it for a while and we’ve just caught it recently. he got better in about 5 days



    hi guys has anyone used the herb goats rue to increase their milk supply and if so did it work? Ive tried feenugreek but all it did was make me smell of maple syrup. please comment on my profile x


    Happy 1st Birthday Kekoa!!! I was wondering when he turned 1 and was thinking it must be soon!!! I cried when Travis turned 1 too!



    Jennifer – There is more then a chance. I’m sure you will be able to. It will be work though. Start pumping every hour if need be. Drink lots of water and eat rigtht. Find a suppliment that works for you. Fenugreek, blessed thistle, sticky rice, oatmeal and all of the above. Good Luck!



    blackpearl: You said it hurts more with the shield on? Are you using the right soze for your nipple? I was using a large but they come in different sizes. Also it has to be positioned right over the centre of your nipples and with the tiniest amount of air at the top ( kind of like how they teach you to put on a condom sorry about the mental picture but its all i can think of) Hopefully it works out.



    cindermoon i can get 6 oz from one side and only 2 from other…



    just be very blunt and stern and demanding… I’ve had 2 c-sections and I’m about to have a 3rd… when you go in let them know you will be breastfeeding( don’t say I’d like to try…) that you do not want your baby given a bottle or pacifer .maybe I’m a little lazy..but I don’t have any help when I get home so I take full advantage of the nursey at the hospital, but I do let them know I want my baby as soon as he seems hungry be it an hour or only 20 minutes from his last feeding…



    I was a 36B before I got pregnant and I haven’t gone up too much I’m a C…. I think it would be a hassle, but if you don’t mind why not…. I’ve come to terms with my body, I’ve lost all my pregnancy weight but it’s different. I just need to start toning up this flabby tummy!! I think a pair off saggy boobs would go just fine!!



    Ok – so I had a sh*tty day. I went to the dentist today thinking a filling fell out or I had a cavity. I get there and find my nerve is dying and I need a root canal… which he started today, I have to go back later and finish… anyway, it hurts like a b*tch. He gave me vicoden (sp) and I told him I was nursing, he said it would be fine to take. Does that sound right to you guys???



    angelag3girls thank you so much that is some very good advice. I will def try the oatmeal. I’m glad you told me about the hands bc it concerned me….with this being my first I wasn’t sure what to think.

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