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    Styx- I’m so sorry about your daughter. I’m sure she’ll be fine!



    for those that are getting cans of formula sent in the mail, instead of throwing them out, couldnt u donate them to a shelter or hospital?? we dont get anything like that in OZ but thats what i would do!


    chellebob – I use a burp cloth to soak it up. I don’t leak enough to catch it all and save it. I’ve tried once…. it was barely a teaspoon.



    I never co slept wit my daughter she always was in her crib but I also bottle feed cuz I had no milk and now I’m breastfeeding he is almost 5 weeks and I find it so much easier to just have him next to me but I was thinking once he sleeps thro the night I want to start havin him use to sleeping alone



    | have so many questions any help would be appreciated. Does anyone know if it’s okay to let your baby bf until sleeping? When and how often should I burb him? He has been sleeping in bed with me, when should i put him in his crib? When I’ve tried so wakes and cries-any tips? He is almost 2 weeks old.


    Hi I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and breastfeeding my 15mo old still. I bf my now almost 4 yr old till she was 2 and had to wean due to a tear in the placenta with my 15mo old but was told it was my choice if i want to nurse during my pregnancy this time which I have decided I will do as long it is safe tor my unborn baby.



    My son is 9 1/2 months and I pretty much exclusively pump. I usually nurse in the morning before work but he only does it because of routine now, he doesnt seem to need it. And thats the only chance I have! So I pump every 3 hours throughout the day and wake up once in the middle of the night to do it. He drinks about 15oz BM throughout the day and I pump about 2-3oz every 3 hours. So I keep up with him, just barely. Pumping is so exhausted especially nearing the home stretch of one year but its so worth it to never have used formula!



    Hi all,

    I just wanted to post this because it worked for me.
    My mother in law told me that years ago, in Newfoundland, they used to put molasses on the nipple of a babies bottle, once a day, and it cleared up thrush (or as they called it white mouth).
    I went to the doctor when my baby was 1 week old and she gave me nystatin, which she said would only start to work after a few days. After 4 days of the Nystatin, his mouth was 100% worse.
    I put the nystatin away and once a day I put a blob of molasses on a soother and stuck it in his mouth.
    He didn’t mind it and after 2 days his mouth was already a little bit better, a coulpe of weeks and it was completely gone.
    I am not sure if it would work on nipples, as I wasn’t breastfeeding but it is natural so its worth a try.

    Good Luck



    Lawson’sMom- I started wearing a necklace that baby could play with while nursing. Gave them something to focus on and kept their attention where it needed to be instead of them squirming around to see what’s going on around them.



    Responding to Keznutter…..
    legally your work cant tell you cant go and pump. When I came back to work after I had my son my boss told me that I could go and pump when I needed that there was no way they were allowed to say NO.
    Talk to them and tell them that this is something that has to be done and that they cant legally make u NOT go. I use to had to pump 2 times at work then it got down to 1 and now since my son turned 10 mths i dont have to pump anymore…



    Jennifer: Bri is right, relactation is totally possible! It will take some dedication on your part, but sounds like it might be the best solution for you and your LO =) Here is some basic info from that might help get you started Best wishes, you can do it!



    DawnM: Emerson is almost 6 months and she is refusing to breastfees at the moment and im having to trick her to take it. She thrashed about and i have thought that im not holding her right as she is sooo long and im still holding her like a baby. How did you change your hold? Im keen to know what position worked for a longer baby as when i lie her down now she instantly arches her back and screams.



    My son has runny diapers most of the time. Rice, apple souce and bananas do nothing. Any other ideas to slow his BW down?


    I am pregnant with my first child and am also very pro-breastfeeding. However, my opinion prior was very different. Before getting pregnant, I have always felt uncomfortable with other women breastfeeding around me. Because of the business that I am in, I seem to be around this a lot. I didn’t feel comfortable around it because it was something that I did not know, myself. Now, as my body is everchanging and my breasts are oh-so developing like crazy, my opinion has changed drastically. I feel the sense that breastfeeding is ‘the right thing’ to do and I think that it is a sense that would have only come to me because my body is telling me that is what I need to do. However, I do still feel for those out there who aren’t in the position that I am and I respect that, and their privacy as well. Many of those people out there might not understand the beautiful bond between mother and baby for various reasons, just as I didn’t prior to getting pregnant. Or, it just could be that those people simply aren’t ‘baby’ friendly. I can’t expect that everyone will be gaga over my beautiful baby to be, and that is just the real world that I have come to realize. I know that our babies need what our babies need, and that no mother in their right mind would ever refuse them otherwise. But, I also want to be respectful to those around me and should I breastfeed in public, I will be discrete about it. Even if those people don’t have the least bit of respect for me, or might have an adverse comment about my decision, I will still be the bigger person and not let them get to me nor will I acknowledge their remark. Because after all, I will have something so beautiful cradled within my arms that nothing will be able to get me down! I can’t wait!!!



    UGH well it is AF, I have pretty yucky cramps this morning. Well, at least I made it 7 months pp with no period. Still was hoping it would last longer, oh well.

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