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    Yeah it sounds fine to me. I was suppose to have a root canal done at the end of last year but they couldn’t fit me in. Now with moving I’ve just put it off. It doesn’t hurt and I am brushing that tooth a lot more in hopes to delay further damage until I can get it fixed. icky!



    mylittleman – I’m using bravado and I find them really comfortable and good. They are a bit like sports bras but more comfortable and as they are cotton you don’t get too hot. I don’t have any problem with my nursing pads showing through.



    My boobs are HUGE again so i think i am close to getting a good supply back.. YAY!!! Just today they seem massive like they were before..



    ooh anne.. I was wondering where you were. You must be so stressed out. I don’t have any suggestions since I don’t pump and save but I’m so sorry to hear about your freezer supply. Are you sure it’s all the milk? Maybe it’s just a batch from a certain date? Have you tested out some of your more recent bags? They say it only saves for about 3 months in a regular freezer and I know you pumped in saved from the beginning, right? Hopefully it’s just the earlier bags thats gone bad and not all of it. Let us know what happens.. so sorry to hear that.



    I pumped 4 ounces this morning! YAYYYYY
    I think i finally have my supply up.
    Now if i could just get her back on the boob instead of bottles it would save me sooo much work. I dont know how you mums exclusively pump!



    mandarae: My son takes medication for his reflux that causes him to be constipated from time to time. I found that as long as I give him prunes a few times a week he has no problems.



    natesmomma – My supply is low too. I was pumping 4oz out of each breast at one point and now I can barely get 1oz. I’m so depressed b/c it takes me all day to pump enough for just 1 of my LO’s meals. She’s 10 weeks old and takes about 8oz per feeding.



    ctwany29: I would think ( i could be wrong) that you would not be able to breastfeed while on pain medication? Also what about the anaestetic?



    I think my son may have thrush. I noticed the inside of his mouth looked like milk but it wont wipe away which seems like the classic symtom. I dont have any pain or anything so I guess I dont have it, but from what I read it can be very painful if I do get it!! He doesnt seem too bothered by it but he has been fussy the last couple of days. I dont want to assume thats why though because Im pretty sure he is about to pop his first tooth. Are antibiotics a necessity for thrush? Should I get him into the Pediatrician right away?



    Should I still be taking prenatal vitamins? I did not take them the last 3 weeks when I was pregnant and now my son is 3 weeks i have not took them for 6 weeks! Should I start taking them again if Im nursing (planning to nurse for the first year)



    I need help trying to figure out what I should do with my LO. She is just over 6 weeks old, and EBF. I can’t get her to take a bottle at all, not even BM. I also can’t get her to take any kind of a pacifier. I have tried many brands of bottles and pacifiers, but nothing seems to entice her. My real concern is that she does quite a bit of comfort nursing. For example, this morning I fed her until she was quite drowsy then laid her down, and even though she spit-up afterwards (not a lot, so I know she wasn’t still hungry) she kept wanting to feed until she fell asleep. I want to be able to give her a pacifier, so she isn’t eating herself to sleep all the time.
    But as for her not taking a bottle: I have tried, playtex ventaire, breastflow, and regular evenflow bottles. I could use some suggestions on others that may work. I just feel awful because I have had to leave her alone with my husband a few times and all she does is refuse the bottle and cry herself to sleep.



    1byfaith- Your body produces milk on demand. If you had a baby that nursed for an hour at a time, every 2 1/2 hours(it happened to my mother) then your body would make the milk to satisfy baby. With my mom she had 3 letdowns during the course of one feeding, on both sides. Then afterwards she could still go and pump…if she wanted to;) Just be glad that your body is supplying enough milk for your baby and enjoy breastfeeding!



    Hi ladies, I just had my baby girl on August 30th. I am breastfeeding. I had a question for all of you. After a couple of weeks did your breast stop engorging?



    Lilli/Ladies – right now my LO is 6 weeks & EBF. Should i be giving him vitamin D? We go on walks everyday so he gets a little sun everyday.



    phatbaby careful with that question LOL Some are weaning from a bottle as early as 6 months these days and just putting formula in a sippy cup. I would hope that most are still waiting the year but I have heard more and more weaning earlier and earlier.

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