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    Ok I need to vent..My son is 7 months old and im VERY PROUD to say that he has never had a single ounce of formula! On that note my MIL who may I add is a family doctor asks me every weekend she comes up to our house.. ‘are you still breastfeeding him don’t you think he is a little to old to be breastfeeding still’..I feel so uncomfortable when she says this because I thought it was normal to breastfeed this long..My intentions were to breastfeed to a year but she has said this to me for the last month now!! She always makes comments about it like ‘It wouldn’t hurt him to be on formula now so we all can get a chance to feed him’..I LOVE breastfeeding and enjoying the bonding so much I don’t want to stop but this is starting to really bother me..breasfeeding has been the hardest thing that I have ever had to do and I go out of my way to make sure my son gets my milk fully..Im also young and in college and my friends say this to me all the time I just turned 21 so everyone wants me to go out so they say ‘you should quit breastfeeding so you can drink’..To me my sons nutrition is FAR more important than any drink ever will be! Sorry so long but I just wanted to see has anyone else had problems with people saying you are breastfeeding to long, what do you say to them? Thanks for listening!!



    andante – Being short three ounces isn’t bad. Have you tried pumping at home after little one has gone to bed? You can create a need by faking out your boobs and pumping more. Pumping 10ounces isn’t bad at all. A lady on the 17month page with me pumped for a year at work as well as I did. She, unfortunately only pumped two or three ounces at a time! She would pump three times at work and a couple times at home to keep up. Another idea is, can you visit baby at lunch. I only pumped twice a day (9 and 3) but at noon I would go feed Kekoa at lunch. It meant that I didn’t need to supply another bottle and it helped keep my supply up since nursing is the best way to stimulate your breasts.



    kym- OMG if I pumped 7-8 oz in one pumping I would probably crap myself…. I have NEVER gotten that much from a pumping. I am lucky to get 1 – 1 1/2 oz each breast so 2-3 oz is normal for a pumping session for me. I guess some of us will just not be lucky enough, but like I said earlier I am just happy to have made it this far and at least RJ doesn’t get all his milk from formula.



    Kym- I wish I got those results. I have the PIS too. I had to get one after the other 3 pumps I purchased did nothing for me. I would be just as excited if I got 8.5 oz. More and more I really think I just need to give up the breast feeding. My family frowns upon it and I have tried everything to produce me and nothing is working for me. I fell like I am trying to bleed turnips to get the few oz I get.



    brie i have never really used a nursing pillow, sometimes i use a small pillow to support my arm though



    Parkersmommy, when my first baby was born we lived in Indiana and it was Winter so very cold and snowy. My pediatrician told me to let him lie or play naked on a towel in the light from a window (with the heat on obviously) so he gets his Vitamin D. Just a couple of times a week is enough. A little direct sun on his arms and or face is also enough, if you ever get the chance to go out and it’s at all warm.


    Hello ladies, I am currently pregnant with my second child and I was wondering if I should breastfeed. I wasn’t able to the my first because I couldn’t produce any. Any information that will help me I would appreciate it.



    Does anyone else feel overwhelmed from breastfeeding? I feel like I can’t get help from anyone because everytime my little one is fussy he’s hungry and I’m the only one that can feed him. He’s such a piglet and wants to feed all the time. I’m not ready to give up yet- but when is the soonest I can introduce a bottle. Not formula, but breast milk in a bottle… I feel like it will give me such a brake from him and my stress level might go down. I barely have time to shower and he’s ready to feed!



    mskitty- unless you have extenuating circumstances, theres no reason why you shouldnt be able to BF. i have several friends that BF through there pregnancies and went on to tandem feed their kids. If i were you, i would call your OB dr. for a second opinion because unless you have an increased chance for preterm labor or a high risk pregnancy, theres really no reason why you cant, i dont think.



    SydneeMay2009 – Adding solids is one of the hardest things, especially if you don’t have a big eater like my son. I started at six months and even then it was only a tablespoon at a time. You’ll see there are a lot of moms, especially formula feeding moms that start at 4months. This isn’t actually recommended anymore. Only old school peds will say 4months. They now say that starting solids too early can lead to early diabetes, gast. intest. problems, and many other things you just want to avoid. Breastfed babies have what you call a virgin tummy. They have only had good stuff in there. There hasn’t been anything processed or unnatural. Formula has other junk in there that help preserve it and whatnot so they have a stronger tummy when it comes to food. NOw I’m a firm believer that 6months is not a magic number. Some babies are ready at 5months and others at 7 or even 8. I recommend letting your baby lead the way. Can your baby sit in a chair unassisted? This means with a back but not reclined. Is your baby interested in food? When you are eating does s/he want it and try to grab it and shove it in. And lastly, does Baby still have his/her thrust reflex? Babies are ready for food when they don’t just shove it out of his/her mouth with the tongue. If the first two are yeses then mix a bit of cereal with breastmilk and try it. Only use a spoon. For the first year of life baby gets all the nutrition from milk. Food is for practice only!! You want to only give enough to add to what s/he already eats. If you notice less milk is being taken in then ease up on the food. It’s a balance that’s hard to adjust to. Anyways, they say not to put it in the bottle because that means they aren’t ready for food. Plus, it is a MYTH that babies will sleep longer. Believe it is beyond false!!! There is a correlation though. Many moms will start putting cereal in the bottle around 3-4months which is about the time the growth spurts slow down. When growth spurts slow down Baby doesn’t need to eat as often during the night. If someone tells you this, tell them that studies show that it’s a myth. When they said it worked for them, let them know it’s because growth spurts slow down at the same time. It’s not causation. HAHA! Anyways, back to food. If baby thrusts the food right out then stop. Wait a few days and try again. Don’t force the food in. Baby will either eat or not eat. Also, my son always hated hated hated cereal. So after a month of trying, I went for mushed banana and breastmilk. That worked for us. I recommend using home processed foods. Bananas, avocados and such are so easy. I don’t understand why moms buy jars of those. If you do decide on jars, go for the organics. Again, it’s not much more but has less junk in it that can corrupt the little ones tummy. You’ll eventually find your balance. My son didn’t really start more then a couple tablespoons until 8months but by 10months he was eating steak and potatoes. Definately a meat man! HAHA! Just let baby lead you and you can’t go wrong.



    Parkersmommy: Very scary when they vomit; you may need to feed in smaller amounts. When my daughter caught the stomach flu @ 3 months old, the Dr. had us sirynge feed her a tsp at a time every 20-30 minutes. If she vomited, we had to wait 60 min before trying again. After like 4 hours of this routine, we could increase the amount we were feeding her to 2 tsp (but then start over every time she threw up). They needed it in small amounts to prevent dehydration and to not upset the tummy. It was a rough few days since my husband and I also had the stomach flu, but we all got through it. She lost 11 oz in 2 days, but once she stopped throwing up, she gained it all right back. Hang in there! Just remember that when they are healthy, you can’t really overfeed a breastfed baby …anything they don’t use up, they poop/pee out.



    1byFaith- Some days you just don’t pump as much. It could just be a fluke. I wouldn’t start worrying yet. Drink a little more water and eat a little more today and see what happens tonight.



    ladygaddis-A little bit of beer is often recommened because of the hops, so a wine cooler is not the same, i believe….



    hchina-elizabeth pantley


    I breastfed by little boy for 13 months, and only pumped if i had to leave milk for him when i was out or whatever. In my opinion the best thing to ensure good milk supply is to be relaxed! DS started sleeping 7 hours (1am – 8am) at one week old, and never looked back. Between 10 and 12 weeks he started sleeping 12 hours, 8pm – 8am. I never ever pumped in the night, or fed him in the night after 10 weeks, and always had enough milk during the day.

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