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    My DD is almost 15 months and still nursing 5 or more times a day. I seem to have a hard time remembering to offer her food and snacks some days, so I’m guessing that until I get better at that she won’t self wean or drop feeds. I’m really hoping though that she’ll go to 2 at least. Can’t wait for the flack to start from the in-laws! Oh, and we still nurse to sleep, always have. I look forward to the day (do I really?) I don’t have to, but won’t push it ’til she’s ready.



    mommi2be- the amount of milk stays the same for the whole time. 1 to 1.5 ounces of milk. The reason is that breast milk changes to meet the needs of baby. Unlike formula where you have to keep increasing the amount to meet baby’s needs. At 11 months my baby was still taking 5 ounces in her bottle when i worked. And went four hours between meals.



    Going through the same thing you went through a little while ago, Bri. Just got my period today. Been feeling crampy and just like crap in general for 2 weeks now! I actually had to take a test, too. Negative, obviously. But i was actually bummed! lol But this is only my second period since i had Ella (almost 13 months), so i wasn’t exactly sure when i would get it. It’s been about 6 weeks since the last one. Anyway.. my supply is very low, so i’ve been having Ella nurse more during the day to help it at night. Because she wakes a couple of times at night still, and when there’s not much milk she gets annoyed lol. So oatmeal is brewing for tomorrow morning LOL.



    bouza- i actually haven’t tried the low setting . . . i just assumed the highest would work best, apparently not though! thanks i will definitely try it tonight!



    For the mom having latching issues, or a baby that pops off and refuses to nurse..I know your frustrations! My daughter started doing that @ approx. 4 months old after she had been in daycare for a month. By 5 months she completely stopped nursing. I truly believe that we never developed a strong nursing relationship. She was always a sleepy eater, and I had to constantly poke, undress, put COLD wet washcloths on her, etc. just to try to keep her awake. She didn’t gain weight properly despite my nursing her every 2 hours for 40 min at a time. When she went to daycare, she started drinking 16-20 + oz of breastmilk while away from me, and I still nursed her 4 more times each day,! On the weekends, I didn’t give any bottles. When she started refusing to nurse and being fussy, it was the weekends when she didn’t get bottles. Once I finally gave in and started bottle feeding her the breast milk, she stopped fussing and finally started growing. She grew more in one month than she had her whole life! She also started drinking less at daycare during the day. I think she was reverse feeding, but just at daycare, and not on me! She is now 7 ½ months old and I’ve been pumping 8 times a day to get as much healthy mom milk for her. She drinks from 24-30 oz a day total. I miss breastfeeding, and started noticing a dip in my pumping output (not that it was big before) so I started taking domperidone and just got the Medela SNS and started using it over the weekend. I wish I would have done it earlier! I’m struggling using the SNS because she is older and curious she wants to pull the tube out and play with it, but at least it is keeping her on the breast instead of pulling away immediatally. I’m finding too, that she is back to falling asleep at the breast instead of sucking! Geesh! I just pray when we are ready for baby number two, nursing is easier! I believe in the countless benefits of breast feeding and I HATE formula (even though I usually have to supplement 1 bottle every day or two) and I hate being hooked up to the machine 2 hrs a day! I will keep trying to work with the SNS and keep reminding myself is that I’m doing the best that I can do and that is all we can ask for, right?



    Anyone else had thrush on their nipples? I’d done two bouts of nystatin.. and still not gone! so i’ve ordered some gentian violet.. anyone else used it? my mom used it whens he breast fed me, so i figured i’d give it a shot im soooooo miserable!!!



    girl from ab all I can say is don’t give up. I have 4 children and have now a 5th newborn and every baby is different. I didnt have enough milk with my 1st but it didnt stop me so I did both breastmilk and formula for a yr. My 2nd I breastfed for 2 mos. cuz I went back to work he got full. 3rd I breastfed for emi for 3 mos. Rachel for 6 mos breastfed and this one I didnt have enough at first but now finally my milk is enough. Try mothers milk tea it works! Hope this helps.


    Beege when you pump you wont produce as much th that time as if you would if you are nursing because your baby sucks stronger and longer than the pump I have plenty of milk but pumps dont get any from me. Good luck and Congrats to all the mommies who have decided to do the best for you baby



    ellae – How much increase in supply did you see? I started taking it but I dont think I am taking enough because I dont smell like maple syrup and I havent noticed a change.


    My babygirl is going to be 12 weeks. she has a mild case of thrush, she didnt have a fever and wasnt fussy at all. The only reason i found out is because she was spittinmg up cottage cheese looking. Where can I get Gentian Violet? I boil and bleach everything and I am hoping that we dont pass it back and forth! Its just getting me nervous!



    Hi everyone how is your little ones? I have a question i read somewhere that at 6 months you can cut out their night feed…does anyone know if theres any truth to that? Thanx


    hi ladies just wanted some advice. when will my boobs settle down. im getting so much conflicting information from midwife, health visitor, doctors etc. my left breast is fine, if anything its smaller than before i had baby but my right breast has i mind of its own. its about 3-4 cup sizes bigger and is very painful most of the time . yesterday was the worse day,even brushing my arm against it nearly made me cry. it feels better once seb has fed from it but it fills up so quick. the skin is so stretched its shiny and im starting to get stretch marks on it. i cant get comfy in bed so sleep on sofa proped up so now have a sore back. im at my wits end. i have warm showers and massage it to work lumps out but how long will this go on for. i love feeding seb but im finding it so difficult.


    Thank you so much =) I’m just so worried about him =(



    ozbaby – My son is only 3 months but is very long. I position the boppy pillow to the side and let the length of his body lie along it (It goes around my left side for feeding on the right breast). Its worked so far and there is still plenty of room in that position for him to grow more.



    DO any of you ladies pump if you are working and then still nurse while you are at home? Or do you just use the bottles? I want to go back to work, but i love nursing and I want to be able to nurse the baby when I get home. Especially the night feedings because it’s our special time.

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