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    Member advice is to get a good double electric pump..pump every 3 hrs..get on motillium and take a lot of fenugreek (about 24 caps/day). and eat old fasiond oatmeal every day. I went from 10z total to filling both bottles



    koraljolin – Everyone is different. From the most part women will go back to their normal size but some stay larger and some go smaller. I have a sister that stayed larger and one that never even changed sizes during her whole pregnancy and breastfeeding time. I went from a 36B to a 38DD in the first trimester!!! I have a couple stretch marks from growing so darn big so darn fast. Bigger boobs was a first sign of pregnancy.



    kirvia, feed her whenever she wants to eat. my daughter is 4 months old and some days she wants to eat constantly and other days she’ll eat every 4 or 5 hours even



    anne14marie – normally I would agree on that – she’s certainly done that comfort thing before…but now she seems really hungry. Last night was horrendous – I’m wondering if she’s going through her six week growth spurt early.



    tiffsept15: Happy Easter. I have always had formula on hand to use to suppliment if i needed to. Takes all the stress out of freezing and milk going yuck and especially if you dont have time to pump enough. Totally sucks to throw out all your milk though. Bris milk doesnt freeze either so maybe yours doesnt too and has to be fresh?



    thanks armymom! yeah i tried my oldest bags and my newest bags this morning and both seemed off. i guess the throwing out the bags in the freezer isn’t the end of the world! i’m just upset that it won’t be used and that i worked so hard to pump and save. i’m trying to figure out why now they’re bad. as i said i’ve used them before and had NO smell, also with my milk that i’ve taken with me places during the day (before i was like screw it i’m just going to breastfeed in public! lol) and it never went bad never had a smell. i know it’s going to be time consuming but i’m going to unthaw every bag and smell it before dumping it. now that i’m aware that the freezer supply is bad i can always plan ahead to have enough extra for him at day care. once i’m a day ahead it should be fine…and i have saturday and sunday to get ready for monday. i might even try to freeze some in our deep freezer and see if that makes a difference.



    21 Tiff – I would not worry about your LO moving up on the chart! My good friend EBF her daughter, and her baby was alway way off the chart (looked like a sumo wrestler!) But then around ten months her weight leveled off as she got taller, and now she is back on the ‘charts’. Every baby is unique!



    I swear ladies if it wasn’t for the negative HPT I got this morning I would honestly think that I am pregnant. I have not cried like this since I was pregnant. Again today at work I got told to do something different than what I am used to and I cried. Right there in front of the plant manager. Now I am crying harder because I am afraid of losing my job already and now they only see an emotional bag of issues. Man oh man. I guess I am going to call the OB and see about getting an appointment, maybe after 8 1/2 months I am getting post pardum?? WOW!!! What a week



    Hey ladies! Hope all is going well! Kekoa and I are still feeding. He’s almost 19months and I’m almost 8weeks pregnant! YAY! I’m hoping he’ll wean soon but we’ll see.

    Kym, Two other options is to buy the indivual packs of formula or buying the already mixed stuff. Both last longer but can be more expensive. But, at least you wouldn’t be wasting it. As for it going bad, the reason is the chemicals go bad and you are dealing with powder diary.

    Parkersmommy1 – I’m letting my son self wean. He’s been drinking milk from a cup since he was 9 months. And, we introduced cow’s milk at 13months. He does great. He drinks from the cup in public and during meals. He then nurses before nap and bed. My suggestion if not to wean until you baby is completely able to drink from a cup. There is no reason to switch to a bottle just to have to wean from that six months later. My suggestion is just start limiting the want to nurse. If you are out and about and he’s thirsty give him the cup. If he doesn’t breastfeed out of the home any more he won’t need it. Maybe start going for longer periods without nursing instead of just eliminating a feed. Soon you will be like me and nursing twice a day. When your child is ready he’ll start giving up the nap and night time nurses as well. Kekoa already is. I’ll go to nurse him before nap and sometimes he just points to his bed. He’s not thirsty and just wants to sleep. If you do want to wean faster just don’t do it too fast. One feed over a week or so. It will help with engorgement and depression. Weaning can be hard of Mom too. Now, I’m never engorged. Even if Kekoa goes all day without a feed. I still produce but I’m confident when he gives it up I won’t have any problems.






    Hi, I am still in the early syages of pregnancy but I would love to breastfeed but I haven’t know anyone who has breastfed, apart from my mum who died last year. I would love to know your views and tell me if it hurts. I know it helps you bond with your baby and that breast milk is better then formula but would like to hear from real people please! Thanks



    everytime im done nursing my 3 week old son he throws up! I burp him and them sit him up right (he has bad gag relfex) I called the doc and they are suppose to call me back but its taking forever to hear back from them! am I eating something wrong??? the doc wont make me switch to formula will he??? I hope not!!!!!!!!



    My ped recomemded that I start giving my LO vitamin drops. I also thought that she was getting enough from me since I am still taking prenatals but she said they are mainly for the vitamin D-that she is taking all of the vit D from me but still needs some more. She explained that it’s because these days we are all following the rules and using sunblock and covering when we have our LOs in the sun that they are not getting enough naturally. On the plus side-she seems to like them! Though we just started them yesterday so who knows if she will continue to like them.



    jessica – I still have some frozen breastmilk in the freezer. I actually need to use it. I started giving him whole milk last month when I took away a feeding at a time. I will probably use my frozen milk in place of a feeding. I also leave it for my mom or sister in law when they watch him for me. I suggest mixing it half and half with whole milk so your baby gets used to whole milk. Or you can just give your baby the frozen breast milk in a cup or bottle instead of breastfeeding, so you will get your baby used to not breastfeeding at that time. Good luck!!



    My son is 10 months old and I am still nursing him. Three people in the last week have told me that it’s weird cause he’s so old and still nursing. I plan to nurse til he weens himself…so I don’t really care what they say. But he has gotten so used to waking up in the night to nurse, at least 2 times a night still. Any suggestions as to how I can get him to sleep through the night? I’m exhausted!!

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