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    also i now have probably between 400-500 ounces of frozen breastmilk so that will be good to have for nights out and stuff!



    Thank you all so much:)



    Yeah DH tried to correct Isaac at first too. That’s when I started to encourage it. Now hubby just shakes his head.


    logansmom- good luck to you and LO! MIL- we are doing good.. we have a loose routine right now. I’m not in the mth pages either…I still look in on the PAL girls everyday now and their just isn’t enough time to meet to many new people and I figured this page would be more useful than that one 😉



    So my lo went in for a weight check today and he is 13lbs at 10 weeks how does this compare to everyone elses? He was 7.3 when he was born 🙂



    Does it have to be fermented oats? Can’t it be oatmeal cookies or plain oatmeal? 😉



    ellas, they believe they will sleep longer because they call for mommy to much usually.
    I’m of the belief that they wake for survival. until my child can look at me and manipulate knowingly, I answer their every call. …my first did this around around 8 months. She would cry and the minute we stepped on the wood floor outside her bedroom, she would smile and laugh that she got her way. was funny but not cool



    I guess I’m lucky. I froze one bag and when it was defrosted it was sooo gross that I didn’t do it again. Then after having milk in the fridge for about five days my husband gave it to him and Chris refused it. Was crying bloody murder. My husband smelled it and threw it out. Never had a freezer full. Never got a chance to get it there cause while I was on leave Chris wouldn’t latch on so I was pumping and giving it straight to him. Only in the last month of my leave was I able to get him to latch. Then off to work and pumping to keep up.



    i need help! i am HELLBENT on my child nursing. ive had tons of struggles this time and fought hard to overcome them. and i refuse downright refuse to give my baby formula so long as i am alive. that being said, i HATE BREASTFEEDING! i cant stand the sensation of it, its like i have too many nerve endings in my nipples. my letdowns give me this angry type of emotion where i feel aggressive, and i just cant seem to see it as a beautiful bonding thing. i find myself counting down how many more months i have till he turns one and i can supplement with cows milk. this is so odd to me, i LOVED breastfeeding my first and thought it was the coolest thing ever. i didnt have these weird emotions with my letdowns etc till the very very end. i also kind of have resentment towards it because i am trying my best to eat really healthy, i feel like im holding onto extra weight and wont shed it till i stop breastfeeding (i tried working out and eating less but my supply is just so darn sensitive this time that i had to stop), and i just want my body back. i know all this doesnt sound so great but at least i am admitting tell me how im supposed to fix it! my lil guy is such an angel i want nothing but the best for him and thats what ill give him, i just want to enjoy it too



    …oh, and I have to add. My right breast barely produces any milk anymore. I am lucky to get 1.5oz from it all day- well…. in just that one 15min pump session I got nearly 1.5oz out of it!! Just amazing! Looks like oatmeal for me everyday!!



    styx- thanks. yeah she’s using nystatin. i thought there’s going to be a different medication for me. good thing i can use that too. how often you use it? and for how long?


    Lawson’s mom- I wouldve sent a virtual slap to the face!! I hate fake profiles more than anything….. Oh and Congrats to CA prop 8!!


    Yeah I live in the north east of England, place ip called Gateshead next to Newcastle.



    I feel like crap today! For the past couple of days my tummy has felt heavy and sore. Almost bruised when a child stands on it. HAHA! Today I feel kind of crampy and bloated. I guess this means that my period is probably to start. Grr! No dip in supply though which was my key last time that it was happening. I feel it right by my right hip. Ugh! AND play group is at a splash park today. I would rather just lay around the house and watch stupid daytime TV. Ok, not really, that is horrible for my brain let alone the kids. HAHA!


    pgfirstimer I fell pregnant whilst bf and on mini pill. Aunt Flow had not returned.

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