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    I know sorry does not make everytihng better and nor should it. It was horible and uncalled for.. I got in a huff and said something truly stupid that i now regret..



    I think my poor baby is a lazy breastfeeder…lol. Although he is only 5 weeks old, he does eat like a champ, but I am required to use both hands at all times while he is eating. I need to compress my breast 99% of the time in order to get him to latch on, then I need to keep holing both my breast and his head. Am I doing something wrong? I was out with my friend the other day, whose baby is exactly the same age as mine, and he just takes right to teh breast and she has free hands……feeding in public is very difficult since I am so awkward at it. Any suggestions?


    Bouza – I’ve been told the criteria for wic is pretty hard to meet so I never did apply. It would be nice to have some help, but really… we don’t need it. I’m with you on being attached to BF’ing though. In some ways, the idea of no longer nursing is liberating… in other ways it’s just sad. I’ll miss the days/nights when I am able to lay down and nurse Alyssa to sleep. Or simply to calm her by nursing whenever something is wrong. I’m glad I decided to stick with it. None of my friends ever BF’ed and neither did my mother or any of my relatives that I know of. I had support but really no one to guide me through the process. Reading material can only take you so far. I’m so grateful for this site and for all you ladies who are always so eager to help. 🙂



    deeyore, I ordered them from, they had a great selection and I really liked the amber color. It wasn’t too expensive, it was 36.00 for a necklace and bracelet. Jenniewren, my list of things I’d do differently all relate to breastfeeding. I wouldn’t have supplemented as soon as I did. If I did have to supplement again, I would supplement at the breast. I also went back to work too soon (3 weeks) so what I had for supply wasn’t even established. I guess also I didn’t have to have the nursery ready so early, she hasn’t even slept in there yet!



    Styx – scary! I’m glad she didn’t have any major injuries but I know that had to be terrifying. Today, I was visiting my sister. We put Zoey in her cousin’s (1 month old Ava’s) bouncer in the living room. She has two bouncers here at my house…one to play in and one older bouncer I keep in the bathroom for when I shower…it doesn’t have any toys on it but it’s got a deep seat so she loves to chill in it (even though it’s an ugly blue, lol). Anyway. So I put her in the bouncer and buckled her in and we went into the kitchen to braid my hair. My sister had about two minutes of braiding left when Zoey started fussing. She wasn’t screaming or anything so I told my sister to go ahead and finish since there was just a little left. Zoey started crying after about 45 seconds and Jacki finished my hair and went to get Zoey (I was holding Ava) and, turns out, Zoey was crying for a reason! She must have leaned forward to eat her toes (her new thing) and some how toppled out…except one of her legs was strapped in, so her face and body was on the ground (carpet) but her little leg was stuck! Scary! I felt TERRIBLE for not getting up and checking on her… a minute and a half or two minutes is a lot of time to be in that position! Especially when you’re six months old! I really thought bouncers were more secure than that … but maybe I ought to check the age limit. I don’t know. She was soooo mad. I nursed her until she calmed down but she was still obviously disgruntled about the situation. Nothing compared to Styx’s story but it was scary!


    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Anywho… I’m sick of having a period which dips my supply then having super full breast for the other few wks. Its’ getting OLD.


    Luv2Bamama – you’re doing an amazing job! Nursing in general has it’s challenges… having to exclusively pump is so much harder! Still… what else can you do, right? I hear you on the having to supplement every now and again. We started doing the same with Alyssa for the past week. I don’t use formula though, we use the goats milk concoction I’ve listed here before. Have you considered feeding her that instead of the formula? I just get so nervous about all those chemicals, hormones and artificial ingredients in formula. Anyway, just an idea. 🙂



    My baby is 4 months and I nurse her exclusivly. A few weeks ago I started to get these shooting pains in my right breast and its to the point that I have been taking mortin for the past three weeks the pain is so bad. I see on the nipple what may be a milk blister but I did everything I was told to do to fix it and it didn’t help. I got a coupld days of relief and now It’s back to hurt ing again. I don’t feel bad it just takes my breath away from pain. What is this?????



    ndarling breastfeed as long as the baby wants. Burp after 10-15 min. or when u notice the baby swallowed air. You should breastfeed 20 min. on each side.


    I don’t have any latch problems, and I pump all the time, but I was still having low milk supply. I used a product called Breastea from and I am making a bunch of breastmilk now.



    Lilli- Not a huge at first, probably an extra ounce per breast per pumping. I took it for about a week. It says to take 2 to 4 of them 3 or 4 times a day. I took 1 of them 4 times a day and it worked for me. Since then I have never really had an issue. As soon as your sweat and urine smell of maple syrup youll know its kicking in!



    the best thing to do for your baby when they have thrush is get a perscription from the docter. Mine has it and he doesnt want to take it… but the bottle is now over half empty and its clearing up.



    M.M.Masi: That is the cutest thing i have ever heard that your boys hold hands while breastfeeding. I would love to see a photo of it. Too cute!
    Now I have been breastfeeding for 5 months now and just these past few days Emerson is feeding 2-3 times during the night ( instead of once) and feeding every hour and a half through the day. I know its a growth spurt but its like she is sucking differently and my nipples hurt! Would it be all the feeding as she looks latched right but it hurts. Both nippled now too. Almost feels like i have just started feeding again but i can see any damage or blistering and she is latched beautifully. Maybe she is sucking harder? If there is no damage will lansinoh cream help? thanks and please someone tell me it will go away today 🙂



    Kerri- This first few weeks are hard. And when will your boobs settled down? That depends on your boobs. Some are within a week others in a month. It really depends. I stopped leaking by three months but my sister has a 7 month old and still leaks. You’re getting conflicting information because it really depends on you and your body.



    Okay I have another question for you wonderful BF mums. My 13 month old seems to be losing interest in breastfeeding. Has anyone on here experienced self-weaning? He’s maybe having one decent feed a day and just half-hearted snacks other times I offer. We have been offering him the odd bottle of formula in the past week because he’s had a tummy bug and hasn’t been very interested in solids. He generally wolfs down the bottles. So I’m thinking even if he did wean off breastmilk altogether he’d probably still want/need a bit of formula at this age. Any experience or suggestions? Thanks girls.

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