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    I am breastfeeding my son but since I am back to work he gets a couple of bottles of breastmilk during the day (before I went back to work he was getting one bottle before bed while I breastfed throughout the day). We have no trouble going from bottle to breast, but he has always been on a slow flow nipple. Since he is 3 months, the medium-flow nipple is recommended. Does anyone know if this is also true for breastfed babies or should I stay on the slow flow so the bottle doesn’t get too ‘easy’ for him? I dont want him to not want the breast if the bottle is more convenient to him.



    I have supplimented both of my son’s with formula, while also breastfeeding. With my first baby breast feeding was SOO difficult. If I had a dollar for everytime I cried I would be a wealthy woman! However I persisted in trying to BF and it took more than TWO whole months to really get the hang of it… my son always fell asleep at the breast, nursed slowly and his latch was always painful (no matter the position). He did take the bottle also, so I knew he was getting enough nutrition…but I was dertermined to continue BF’ing. EVENTUALLY he did become good at it!!! I went to a breastfeeding clinic for the first 2 months every few days to ensure success with feedings, and I was on the drug Motilium for increased milk production. I could barely pump an oz . to save my life. Breastfeeding was so challening BUT I’m so glad I continued…and he actually nursed until he weaned himself at 11 months. I knew the health benefits were strong…I REALLY wanted him to BF and REALLY set my mind to it,,,but BOY was it hard in the begining. My second son is completely different. A great nurser, a good latch and I have good milk production..but I still supplement with formula b/c I still get very little when i pump… EVERY baby is different and it is WORTH it to continue with trying if you can. But that’s all you can do is try…sometime BF’ing isn’t a viable option. BUT do TRY mommies!!!!!!


    Y’all–Evin took a few steps the other night and again tonight. I feel crazy but I cannot stop crying about it! I’m so sad that he’s growing up so quickly–he’s 9 months old…isn’t he supposed to stay my baby for a little while longer??? Aren’t I a complete nut?



    Tips needed!!! Me and my honey are finally getting married!! May 9th is the big day. My girls completely refuse a bottle. FREAK out if I even try to offer one. I have three months, which is plenty of time, but I need to start giving them some of my milk in a bottle so that I can be away from them for the night. Any tips or ideas, anything that you know of that helps with this, please !!!!



    Nd…. my doctor gave me vicodin for pain relief after i had my son and he knew i was breast feeding, so i sure hope it is okay. I was sort of thrown off by it as well.



    I just wanted to say I hate being tied to a pump! Zoey cluster feeds mostly at night, while we snuggle and goes long stretches during the day without eating. 4-5 hours. Sometimes longer. So, having pumped 9 times in the last 18 hours…I now remember why I hate to pump. It takes all of the joy out of breastfeeding. It’s the opposite of bonding. Lol. But necessary to rebuild a supply that seems to be dwindling by the day, I guess. Not to mention the oatmeal and fenugreek I’ve been consuming the past few days. The milk wars are on, with my body! lol



    I am still breastfeeding my son (6 1/2 months). I bled after delivery for 5 weeks and got my period at 6 weeks. Goes per person – Sucks for me!!



    annie have you tasted any of the milk? I am not suggesting tasting the ones that smell like puke but if they are just a little off that can be normal. Do you have an arm & hammer box in the freezer? I think using your deep freezer would be a very good idea. Thats where all my milk goes and it keeps up to a year!!! If the smell is just off but not as bad as the others and you still don’t want to use it I have heard alot of people using them for milk baths. Makes their lo skin extra soft. You could also do a little experiment with the deep freezer and scald one bottle and not another and set them in the deep freezer and give it how ever long you think and test them both. You could also do it with your reg freezer too in that if they both have a smell its probably coming from the freezer and not your milk but if its better maybe you should get rid of one of the herbs you are taking for like a week at the time and see if maybe one of them is causing you to produce too much lipase. Maybe the alfalfa since lipase is fat based? I don’t think you should get rid of all of it yet maybe set them in a corner of the freezer aside from the others and test when you can. I would hate for you to get rid of even one good one. How many oz are you freezing in one bag. Maybe even lowering the amount could help. I will pray they aren’t all ruined and that you can get some more going good this week. Good luck and keep us updated.



    when i stop bf my daughter, which won’t be for atleast another 7 months when she is 1, i want to do it gradually. she will turn 1 on nov7th but I want to be done bf by christmas because me and bf are going on a baby free vacation!! as long as I think i can be away from her for a few days.


    my son is 5 weeks old and nurses every 2-4 hours for about 20 mins..just depends on the day and his demand…he currently has his nights and days mixed so we are up pretty much every hour at night lol..while he sleeps all was the first day of trying to play and stimulate during the day..he has still napped as he needs but i try to wake after a couple hours..hes stayed petty much happy..hoping this helps the night sleep to be longer..up untill a week ago he was sleeping thro the night only waking every 3-4..i got him mixed up somewhere along the line..hoping to help him correct it..but if not we will i know babies this new are kind of on their own schedule..but its worth a shot..i cannot nap during the day as i have a 4 year old to care not sure how long mommy can live off of 4 hrs a sleep a day lol..anyhoo just venting cause you all are so wonderful on this site..hope everyone is well 🙂



    Parkersmommy1. My freezer is above the fridge. I do not have a deep freezer. Wish I could get one but my house and patio is alredy crammped enough. I will just rotate! Sometimes when i thaw my milk I have noticed it a bit ‘grainy’ is that normal? It smells fine (somtimes a little irony smell but i think that is fine).



    jlevine, if you freeze milk in bags (and lay them flat while freezing), you can defrost them to use in only a few minutes by running them under warm water to warm up. My husband always takes them directly out of the freezer to use.
    If you do thaw in the fridge, 24 hours is what they say.



    Lilli- thrush is treated with an antifungal, not antiBs. Won’t hurt to get him checked, but I would google image THRUSH, first. Sometimes my LO’s gum and cheek tissues are quite pale and white-ish.



    Tory- I stopped taking my prenatals about 27 weeks into my pregnancy, but have started taking flintstone gummies and have been eating Total cereal for breakfast. I think it helps a lot with boosting my energy. I’ve also been struggling with my moods since I had little Easton so I’ve been taking extra B6.



    Have any of you tried the ‘fermented oats’? If you soak them 8-10 hours do you soak them out on the counter or do you put them in the fridge? I was going to give that a try. I drink that damn tea about 4 cups a day and i dont think its working anymore :o( LO is eating well i just cant seem to get barely anything when i pump…

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