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    babydoll – keep feeding and pumping afterwards. Also, in the beginning I thought I was eating enough but I was not. Remember that BF burns an extra 500 calories a day. Once I started eating more, I started producing more milk.



    my baby pinches too….so i giver her a small blanket to grab or i let her play with whatever pendant i have on.



    agreed. Any bit of sun satisfies that need. Totally natural.



    Jessica Austen – I did not see one person BF in Disney World – actually can you believe this MY LO IS 11 WEEKS AND I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN ANYONE BF IN PUBLIC BESIDES MYSELF ;( I live in Miami and everyone here is all about their image and they do not sacrifice much. Most have nannies that wake up with the baby at night even. I also consider myself a pretty young mom – I am 24 and none of my friends have children and if they do they did not BF. So i am pretty alone however that would never stop me! I LOVE bf! My girlfriends have watched me BF so often they are all now saying they will BF their own children. I hope so!



    Hey Ladies…question for the Pro-Breastfeeders…What kind of pump should I get and where do I get it??? I’m sooo clueless because first time even thinking of breastfeeding. Thanks



    Mama2B 01-10-10: Dont worry. Couple of weeks ago, I was in the same position as yours. I posted in this forum and people advised that I can do it. I was wondering how, but it happened. My LO has difficulty latching and he had jaudince at birth. For his jaundice to come down we had to feed him somthing and that was formula (although I hated it). Then I started pumping and he got into nipple confusion. He would freak out to feed from me and we started nipple shild. One day, in middle of the pumping he was hungry and I tried to feed him without the shield. He latched on like magic and he has been doing fine since then. Nipple shield helped us a lot. He learnt how to latch and suck (which is different from bottle) and now he is doing both. Keep trying (I know it is easier said than done) but it will happen one day! Trust me.



    jacquecmsu & yukstar – I am going to be one of those annoying moms who is about to brag that her son sleeps 10 hours straight through the night EVERY night no matter what. He is EBF, not even fed expressed milk – just a great lil nurser & sleeper. He is 5 months old & started sleeping 7 hours straight at 1 month. Sooo my point of telling you this is DO NOT be jealous of FF babies/moms because it does not gaurantee the baby will sleep longer by any means!! It just depends on the baby & mine is living proof some BF babies sleep thru the night also! Great job on BFing everyone. Let’s keep up the good work 🙂



    My son is 3mons and my Mom will be taking him over night next week. How much milk do you think she’ll need. I mean, I know every baby is different and drinks different amounts. But he only gets a bottle maybe once a day- so I have no clue how much it’d be in ounces for a 24hr period… any ideas ladies??



    Hannahkay – Thats pretty normal. Your body just went through some crazy hormonal changes and now that you’re breastfeeding, you’re going through a whole different kind of hormonal change.



    my supply is starting to get less and less. Looks like I’ll be using formula sooner than later. It happened with my 2nd child too. Dried up and didn’t come back 🙁



    hey. This question is for the ladies that recently gave birth. I bled a lot for the first 2 wks, then the bleeding stopped altogether. It’s been 2 wks now without bleeding, then all of a sudden in the past couple days, I’ve had a few squirts of blood come out of me randomly a few times a day. It seems like my period! I thougt breastfeeding was supposed to suppress menses? With my first son, I supplimented, breastfed and pumped but still didn’t start for 4-5 months. This time, I’m exclusively breast. He’s only had 1 oz formula when I had colostrum and I’ve only ever pumped 3 times. Other than that, he’s exclusively breast. Do you think it’s my period? Or can post partum bleeding stop for a few wks and start again? I’m only 4wks postpartum, so I’m not having sex yet, but I SO don’t want to be fertile! I have 2 more wks til I get my IUD and I swar if my hubby so much as winks at me, I ge prego! 😉 nooo more babies! I don’t want my period! So is it possible to be 4 wks postpartum, breastfeeding and still start my period!?



    jessicalynn21 – I’m so glad to hear that! I’m a little saddened by your midwife’s actions as well. You’re doing great.



    Day 2 of Operation Got Milk? and the answer is still ‘not much’ 🙁 I’ve been looking up breast compression techniques, think that might help some. Hurry up supply, I need you!! I feel like I’m starving my baby :-((



    Hi Ladies, I’m from South Africa and I also pump at work! luckily I can close my office door and pump at my desk while reading your comments!

    My boy is 4months today Yay!!! he is a joy and so good!
    I’ve learn’t so much from reading your comments.
    Winter is officially here and we are looking forward to the soccer world cup being hosted here in about a months time.


    Laura-Thanks hunny your fab, may just stop by uour page woth all my bf questions xxx

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