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    Has anyone exclusively pumped for their baby? As the baby gets older, don’t they require a higher volume of milk..and how did this work for you with pumping? My two week old was a NICU baby started on bottles, and it is looking like she isn’t going to latch for me. She has a few times, but nothing consistant and it is getting very frustrating for both of us. She is so content with the bottle of breast milk I’m thinking that it may be the way to go. Any thoughts (positive only please-Im really struggling with this!)


    i was finding myself crying most nights because of the pain had really wanted to go longer. James would drink water out of his cup but would refuse milk!



    butterflykisses715 – That’s what I mean! There are people like yourself that could use it and would use it correctly but there are so many people in general that abuse the system. It’s sad all the way around.


    i was at the hospital in the corner of a waiting room with a nursing cover on and got a dirty look and a head shake…FROM A WOMEN!!! seriously you could only see my babies feet. My mom who’s a tad confrontational yelled ‘what?’ at the women and she just keep walking away. I always feed under a cover even though baby hates it cause it’s 105 in fl. she looks around and laughs and then goes back down to business im just not comfortable with my nip hanging out that long.



    Didderty: I never feel the letdown when I am nursing, but after a week or two pumping regularly at work, I can feel it each time I letdown during the pumping process. Letdown is when the milk is actually flowing quickly from your nipples…most woman can actually watch it and hear it squirt into their pump rapidly…it can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and you will likely have several of these each pumping session. For me, I feel a burning in the nipple area each letdown during my pumping session, that subsides when the letdown is complete. Because I pump regularly (7am, 9am, 11am, & 1 pm), after 2 hours is up, I do get a hot sensation in my breasts and nipples, this is my body saying it has started producing milk and is ready to release it! When you are nursing, if you can’t feel the letdown, you can likely hear your baby swallowing more frequently, and if they are really young, maybe even choking since the milk is coming so quickly and abundantly. Usually women experience several letdowns during a nursing session, or pumping session and they tend to get slower and less forceful each time. You may even hear your baby making clicking noises (as several moms have mentioned) which is their way of slowing down the flow if it is too fast. I hope this helps!


    Midwife just been for Ollie’s 28 days check up he is now 11lbs 12oz!



    hi ladies, i need some help because my baby still doesn’t take a bottle, she’s 8 weeks old. i’m planning to go back to work next month just part time though. we’ve tried different kind of bottles already still she won’t take it. even if she’s hungry, she’ll just spit the expressed milk out. so now i’m kind of thinking to go back to work by sept to give her more time to learn to take the bottle. my mom said give her more time but she’s too attached to my breasts i guess. lol. suggestions will be greatly appreciated….



    I got three months but it was only partially paid. the first two weeks fully with long term leave, the next 4 by short term disability insurance which was for 67% of my pay, and the rest of my time off i used up all of my vacation, holiday, and short term leave. It ended being about 45% of my pay. I horded my time off from the second I started trying to conceive. I then was able to convince my manager to let me come back part time until 6 months. I was really lucky that he did and that I have a husband who makes enough to support us. I feel bad for women who can’t take off for more than 6 weeks. I really wish the government could do more to help. I thought it would be an ice incentive that if you breastfeed you could get longer. It just takes longer than 6 weeks to really establish your supply. I’m not saying it can’t be done but it would be so much easier if you had even 8 weeks.



    I just bought breastflow bottles. still can’t give up my feelings on breastfeeding this boy.



    I should probably thaw one of my bags and taste it than huh…I have smelled it when its thawed and its smelled ok but can it smell ok than taste bad? I would feel bad if I had the same thing and didnt know it



    jepica- if it’s a clogged duct then you need to nurse on that side more often! so no matter what it is, i wouldn’t stop nursing on that side. either it’ll affect your supply or it will make a problem worse.



    Isaac used slow flow until he weaned. I liked to make him work for it hard so there was a smaller chance for nipple preference and over filling his tummy.



    ella- i put it on him and i after everyother feed it says 4 times a day for us…make sure you sanitize all pacis and bleach all your bras and nursing tanks and whatever bedding is used…Good luck at least its not hurting you!


    With my 1st I FF, I was young and didn’t know muchabout BF, other than that you feed from your breast! I just thought formula was there for those who just didn’t want to BF and it was easier. I now know much different. The hardest part for me to get past was the pain. 8 long wks of sore nipples. once I first put my son on the boob and how fast he latched and got it I was amazed at how natural it really was.



    Is it normal for a 4 1/2 month old to squirm, grunt and stretch ALL NIGHT? Please say no.

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