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    Ohhh, MommieTime! Is that what it’s called? Now I have a name for it, lol! I have to get at 5:45am to pump and then I’ll go back to bed (on my days off) till 7am. Then get showered and ready for the day all before Davey wakes up. Yesterday I wanted to ‘sleep in’ till he woke and it was a NIGHTMARE to get ready!! Now I remember why I started doing it, lol!



    I don’t think it’ll happen to me. I’ll know when I start throwing up and my pants don’t fit even though I’ve lost weight. yup! That’s me around 5 weeks. HAHA! I was throwing up before I got a positive with Alex. Chris I wasn’t throwing up but I was sick. I was like clock work so the day I didn’t get it I tested and sure enough I was pregnant while on the pill.


    Yaaaayyyyy John just went poop!!!!!


    jpeanut – i think a lot of it has to do with our bodies (shapes), practice, the strength of our LO’s necks, etc. For me, it was a while before I could feed Alyssa without supporting my breast for her. I don’t have huge boobs, but they’re a decent size and in order to keep her latched I had to hold it for her. So, I felt awkward a lot of the time too. Now that Alyssa is older and bigger she can sit on my lap with her head in the crook of my arm and latch on by herself and I have at least one free hand… sometimes. Other times she wants to hold my hand and swing it up and down. lol. I think you should practice with different positions (both for you and your LO) and see if there’s something that works better for you, but I also think some of it is just practice. My nursing style still isn’t very graceful. It’s quite messy. lol I always need about 2-3 burp cloths on hand. One for her mouth, one under the boob she’s feeding off of and another for my other boob that leaks during let downs. It comes with the territory though. 🙂



    we are doing a 14 hr road trip in two weeks with a 2 month old. i would like to pump a few bottles before that to have in the car with us for emergency breakdowns but I know absolutely nothing about pumping. I have a manual pump from the hospital that I’m going to take with me also. Does anyone have any advice for a trip like this and/or can direct me to info on safe milk storage? I’m confused on when I should be pumping that extra milk. Should I pump the breast that she is not feeding on? Do I pump in between feedings? Like I said, I know nothing! TIA, you guys are always so helpful!



    doublemama, I just did the heat test, and it didn’t really have a wooden smell 🙁



    EllasMommy23 – I’m sorry! When I got it back with Chris it was every six weeks for months. The reason I got it back at 9 months and didn’t get pregnant until 17 with only 6 periods. HAHA! For me, no more unprotected sex! That was an awful feeling. I want a third but really need to wait until a little debt is paid and we buy a new car. That and Chris needs to be a hair older so I don’t lose all sanity. HAHA! Sorry yours was negative though. Maybe next month.



    seuban0 – That’s really sad! I feel for that little guy. Chris is really good but he just is too active to want to go. Only two accidents today though. too bad one was a poo. Ugh! HAHA!


    I am only pumping and my LO is 6 weeks old. Anyone else notice your milk supply increasing without you having to do anything. I assumed I would need to pump for longer to get my supply up- but now I am getting around 6 oz at each pumping and my breast are still so engorged.

    Also- Anyone know about milk donation?



    Why is it so hard to find a bra that fits great in a large size. Everything is backordered in a G cup. Ahhhhhhh



    babycarter- I have an H cup or a GG so I feel your pain 🙂 This is my third child and I’ve struggled with this each time. has lots of styles of nursing bras. They are pricey no matter what. I like the Anita ones and the Elomi also. It took lots of experimenting to find that these work the best (at least for me). I tried the ones from Motherhood but didn’t like them at all. Also, be aware that an E cup is also considered an DDD in some brands so some bras are sized that way. Hope that helps!



    could be poor latch. look for a crack in your nipple. if it’s yeast your nip should be bright red. if your lo has it you’ll see white patches in the mouth. when in doubt go talk to an lc.



    I just found this forum I have been posting on the breastfeeding forum. I pump (sometimes bf before pumping) and I have been going for almost 6 weeks now. I have started having problems over the past couple weeks. My nipples are so tender now and turning purple when I pump. I also think I have a clogged duct…I have a huge knot in one breast and it started producing less milk…it hurts so bad…any ideas?



    Does anyone know if breastfeeding can alter HPT results? The background is that I am breastfeeding my 7 month old however I’ve have AF back since my LO was about 2 months. It’s been pretty regular since I’ve gotten it back. I’m now 5 days late and when I took a HPT the other morning it came back with what looked like a positive but the line was kind of faint. Because the line was faint I’m still not 100% convinced.



    Jake was in for his 4 mom checkup and his doc asked how he was sleeping and I told him that Jake usually sleeps 5 hrs and then wakes wanting to nurse. Doc told me not to nurse him, that he doesn’t need to eat at night at his age? He’s in the 90% for height and weight. He only nurses for like maybe 10 min at night, then goes back to sleep? What do you ladies think? I can’t imagine not letting him nurse, I’m sure it might get ugly? He says it’s just a pattern for him, and I should cut it out and he thinks Jake will quit waking?

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