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    jlevine – Just keep remembering that this is your baby and not anyone elses. I finally had to tell some people that if they wanted to hold a baby, or keep a baby overnight, that they should have their own baby and leave me alone about mine. They grow up so fast and I don’t want to leave her anymore than I have to. I work full-time, so when I am not working I want to have her with me. You can also let you MIL know that when the time is right for an overnight, you can always pump and leave breastmilk for her to feed your son. Stick to your guns. You are his mother and you know best what is right for him. Don’t let anyone bully you into stopping something that you want to do for your LO. You are doing a great thing for him! :o)



    Hi ladies – I’m looking for advice for best bottles to buy if you are breast feeding. Last time round I didn’t do any bottles and my little chap was a nightmare to wean. So this time I would like to try and incorporate a bottle of expressed milk from quite early on – but I’ve heard some bottles are better than others for this. Any one got experience of good ones to use?



    thanks all for the info and suggestions, Ayanna is 4 1/2 months, so I guess I will continue to try to figure this out. She has done better these last few days, maybe she overheard me saying I was going to take her booby away at night, LOL!
    She does 4 hours in the first stretch and then wakes about every 2 1/2- 3 hours. Really she only wakes about 3x’s a night and I co-sleep with her so I don’t even have to get out of bed or really wake up for more than 5min. My thing was that if she could sleep through the night and sleep heavier I can transfer her to her bassinett in the room and we can have our bed back, but I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens, I didn’t give her the formula last night because I didn’t have distilled water and the be honest, deep down inside I really don’t want to. She is sooo healthy and perfect, 16lbs of all mothers milk and I am proud of that. We’ll see, what I do. Maybe I’ll just wait till January when school starts to see how I feel. Okay girls good luck and don’t give up, it hurts but it’s the most rewarding thing you can do for your infants! God Bless!


    hi everyone…huge congrats on ur babies! my little girl is now nearly 3 months old- it goes so fast. just wanted to say that i am currently training as a breast feeding support peer mentor and if anyone has any queries or would like some support pls feel free to ask any queations and i’ll do my best to help. i’ve been exclusivley breast feeding since day one even though my little girl was in neonates for the first 24 hours and had 2 formula cup feeds. she has been sleeping through since 5 weeks old and is a lovely content little girl 😀 good luck and enjoy every second- it really does go sooooo fast!


    amygirl–the best advice I can give is to have a marathon breastfeeding session for a couple of days straight. Basically, set your self up on the couch with snacks, water, reading materials, burp rags, etc. and nurse, nurse, nurse. Anytime your baby wakes up and opens his mouth, stick your nipple in and let him suck. The more your baby sucks, the more your body will know that it needs to make more milk. Good luck and you can do it! I’m going to be doing this somewhat myself this long weekend as my 9 month old’s milk supply has diminished a bit and I need to boost it up a few ounces.



    kla2200 – Stupid question but are you big boobed? I wonder if it isn’t irritated under there because it doesn’t get dry. Milk may leak and get caught under there. I know not the best idea but a thought. I know when I sweat I get moisture under my boobs, this could cause a rash?



    Hey ladies. I have joined the gym to lose this extra weight that hasnt fallen off by itself from having bubs. I have been allocated 1300 calories a day with my height and weight and the lady who did my assessment wasnt sure how many more calories i would need while breastfeeding. Does anyone know how many extra calories i add to allow for feeding? I want to be as accurate as i can. Thanks



    I remember 5-6 week being the WORST! My sister kept saying 6 weeks is the magic number where you start to feel better about you body and the baby starts sleeping a little better and you feel more human. Not for me… 11 weeks was our magic number. 6 weeks was the same deal for me.. it has to be a growth spurt. It’ll pass soon.. just hang in there.



    My daughter is now 10 months and I have been taking 2 fenugreek capsules a day. But looking at all of the comments, I don’t think I’ve been taking enough to increase my supply. Does anyone know how much fenugreek you have to take in order for you to see an increase in your supply?



    Well, I really think my 4 mo old is ready for solids. I was eating spinach dip last night and let her taste just a smudge off my finger. SHE LOVED IT. She kept grabbing my finger trying to suck and grabbing the container the dip was in. She wanted more! I decided to feed her cereal for the seccond time and she loved that too. I think I am going to do solids a couples times a week but only at night and AFTER I nurse!



    well last night was ruff… noah was up most the night and when i tried to give him the boob i couldnt really get my ‘letdown’ could this be caused from me feeding him solids?



    mandarae prunes always got Jakub back on track when his body was getting use to solids.


    kym, mine gets a bit grainy too. i quit freezing mine though. i find parker just throws it up. i read that some women jsut cant freeze their milk. it smells ok, and its kept in a chest freezer that is very rarely opened, and the longest it had stayed in there was a month.



    Ctwany- I had a c-section so they did give me pain medication actually they gave me 4 different kinds. First they gave me percocets (sp) I broke out in hives so they gave me vicodin broke out again so they gave me a different one can’t remember the name but ended up breaking out again so they sent me home with tylenol with codine. Which at home I broke out again so I had to heal from my c-section with no pain killers and that wasn’t fun trying to breastfeed Lol. But to finally answer ur question Lol I did not notice a decline in my milk supply.



    Kayvee- congratulations on beginning the journey to breastfeeding! I think you’ve chosen a good group to talk to here. You’re not going to get the ‘it’s easy cheesy all the time’ cheer and you’re not going to get the ‘not worth it’ stuff. For me and Augustin, the first couple weeks were uncomfortable, to say the least. He’s got a bit of a tongue-tie and wasn’t latching on or using his tongue properly to ‘extract’ the milk. We’ve both since adjusted and NOW it’s easy cheesey! I’m so forgetful and have always been afraid of ending up somewhere w/o a bottle. Never been an issue. I would definitely suggest looking up a LLLI group in your area. will find you some nearby groups in spain! I wish I would’ve gone to meetings sooner (we started at 6 mos). Our group is always happy to bring ‘pre-mama’s’ in and talk to them about breastfeeding. Again, congrats on your wee babe, and on the journey to being a mum! I’m sure yours is looking down on you, thrilled at your conscientious parenting!

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