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    As far as I am concerned, you are supposed to take your prenatel vitamins while you are pregnant and while you are breastfeeding. I don’t know about you but I would rather take them and put my mind at ease knowing that I am doing everything I should be. It’s not hard to pop a pill once a day. My plan is to wean my baby off (after I have him or her of coarse lol) around 6 months. I think the best way to do it is replaced a couple feedings with the bottle and each week replaced more of the feedings with the bottle until you have weaned them off completely. This is just my plan but I know that sometimes it doesn’t work out like that. Good luck ladies.



    Jeni-We had a similar problem. Wait until you and your husband have some time, so you’re not rushed, and try this. When baby wakes up and is good and hungry, pump her a fresh bottle, give it to your hubby and leave. Have him offer the bottle every five minutes, if s/he doesn’t take it within a minute, put it down and try again in five minutes. It took my hubby 45 minutes, but then she drank the whole bottle. The next time it took like ten minutes, now it only takes a couple of tries. You need to leave though. Why have the bottle stuff when you can have it fresh from the tap:) Eventually s/he will take it right from you. Six weeks is the perfect age to teach them to drink from the bottle.



    babydoll-instead of supplementing with formula (which is counterproductive to increasing milk supply) try nursing every hour for a few days. if baby doesn’t want to eat, your giving plenty of milk.


    PGFirstTimer: My son started teething at 3 months as well, didnt get his first until almost 9 months. There were days that he would absolutely refuse to nurse. Once I figured it out, Id give him some tylenol, and in no time hed be nursing.
    Niki37: My son is 13 months, and he still gets one nursing at about 51m. I find around here, people 25-40 are very antibreastfeeding, but the young moms here try, and the older ones are very probreastfeeding. i had a friend tell me shed slap me if i kept on too much longer. whatever. its my choice, im ok with him still nursing, and he self weaned down to 1 feed, when hes ready, he’ll get rid of the last on his own too. do what you feel is right for you and your baby, dont worry about anyone else 🙂



    MiamiMom2b – Depends on where you live? If you get sun then no but I had my son in November in Seattle. There wasn’t much sun and even if there was it was too cold to go outside. Sooo, we stayed inside and I gave vitamins. Once it warmed up we stopped the vitamins. This next one is due around New Year’s and so I’ll be giving him vitamins as well.



    Just thought I would pop in here and let all of the new mothers know that if you plan on bottle feeding at all later on.. whether that be w/ formula or your own milk. Get your baby used to it early and keep giving them that bottle. Atleast once a day or whatever. My daughter is almost 10 months now and hasn’t had a bottle since she was just a few weeks old. She won’t take it for anything. We didn’t stick with it. She’s All boob! And, baby food. Just saying, it’s good to have that option if you so choose! I haven’t went out or done anything since before I was pregnant. I love her beyond words, but having the bottle option would have been nice. 🙂



    nikkiandfred – my LO is 3 months. He sleeps his long stretch at night from 10pm to 7am. That’s 9 hours straight. The rest of day he breastfeeds every two hours. It sounds to me like your LO might have his day/night confused & is sleeping his long stretch during those morning/afternoon hours. Does he feed regularly besides that long stretch??


    arinfirsttimemom – I got a free one last week too and they are life savers! But I found the code ‘planning’ instead. It’s so nice to get free stuff! lol And I actually use the Lansinoh bags and haven’t had any problems. I used them with my first a couple of years ago and they worked then too. But there is nothing more frustrating than losing milk!!



    Yeah my son was a great sleeper too from the beginning however since I work full-time I used every opportunity to pump and get extra milk. Including setting my alarm for the middle of the night to get my butt up to pump for a YEAR! When he turned one I gave up that pump and finally got to sleep!! At least it didnt involve going all the way downstairs and making a bottle of formula though. I think formula feeding moms actually have it harder in the beginning with all the bottles they have to make especially in the middle of the night!!



    On Thursh, you would need to contact BOTH your doctor and your Ped. If one of you has it then the other needs to be treated as well so you don’t pass it back and forth.



    Mine isn’t biting yet and the twins never did, but I was wondering what happens when they get teeth and start biting…how do you stop that? Also, how do you know if you have a clogged duct?



    I could also use some advice, I am EBF and I have been asked to donate blood because we are dangerously low on my blood type in this area (I am O- the universal donor). I used to donate all the time before I got prego and did really well with it, but now I am worried about it messing up my milk supply. I have worked too hard to BF my baby I don’t want to risk loosing my milk. At the same time, I really like giving blood and saving a life. I have done research on the internet and it wasn’t very helpful, saying that it is up to each individual person. Do any of you have suggestions? I am thinking I might wait until she is 6 months old and on some solids before I start. My baby is 3.5 months old.



    wyatts mommy: ok, so does that formula work? I saw it at target and was tempted to buy it, but decided against it my dr said he is feeding well and gaining weight, so I can stop waking him to eat and let him sleep…but he won’t! He eats every 3 hrs around the clock, wakes up on the 3 hr dot! Which is ok, except it takes only 20-25 min to feed him, then another 30-40 min to get him to sleep, so by the time he finally falls back to sleep, he’s up again in 2hr to eat! So ya, we are only sleeping in 2 hr incriments and I’m exhausted! Plus I have a toddler. So, I say every day, ‘im gonna pump before bed and give him formula instead.’…but I don’t. So is that nigt time formula safe and effective?



    seuban0 – You OB can get it for you. But, be careful. In the US it’s Reglan that they prescribe or the general for it. It has some nasty side effects. If you have a history or depression or anxiety don’t use it. If you don’t have a history just be careful. If you start to feel at all depressed or anxious then stop using it immediately. I tried it and was shaking so hard I couldn’t sit still. It was awful. I was at work and couldn’t stay in my desk. I just wanted to cry because I couldn’t control myself.



    2ndtimemommmy, every time he stats having issues, I would pop him back off and make him try again. Zach used to flip my nipple in and out of his mouth and it hurt! I had to unlatch him every time he did it and wait a minute before letting him back on. It took about a week, but he did learn that ‘playing’ meant he didn’t get to eat. He gets bottles while I am at work and I know that he plays with the nipple of the bottle and that is what started our issues.

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