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    thanks for the answer bri. i think i may have a weird letdown or something. i’ve just always referred to it as a second letdown. it happens about two or three minutes after i stop getting anything with the pump. i only feel letdowns when i pump. i used to feel them when i nursed but not anymore.



    Chris was conceived on the pill. I was on it for 10 years with great results and then I got pregnant. My OB is so funny she said, ‘Sometimes with a willing egg and strong sperm nothing can stop it!’ HAHA! The next time I was breastfeeding. We wanted another but wasn’t really trying. If it happened great but we weren’t going to worry about it. Well, I go pregnant the first time!! I guess Hubby and I are very fertile people! HAHA! As for sex, I have no interest. Alex is 4 months old and we did it once. It hurt like hell and so we haven’t. The funny thing is that I know it eats him up alive. It is me too! I could go the rest of my days without it but I know it’s an important part of any marriage. I want to be able to have sex with my husband without it hurting. It’s very mixed feelings. Ugh!



    HannahKay – I pump for 10mins. But that’s all I need to ‘drain’. If I wanted to increase my supply I’d have to go longer each time. Even if nothing were coming out. You know, to get that extra stimulation. Pumping often will make you to produce more milk. But your baby suckling will be more effective. The pump doesn’t have the same effect. Of course every woman is different, but I looked at your profile and at almost 4mons you should be able to go at least 2hrs without pumping or nursing. Unless you are away during one of your babies ‘major feedings’… i.e. dinner/before bed/morning. I know I’m away from DJ at 8pm on Wednesdays, which is his bedtime. So I HAVE TO PUMP, I need that extra big feeding of milk at that time of night.



    Thanks for your honest answers ladies…i am so determined to stick to it this time,my other daughter is 22 months i only lasted 2 weeks exclusive breastfeeding with her but kick myself now that i gave up so easily!
    I feel alot better about my 2 hour gap compared to the 1 hour or less anyway!!



    styx – I would start now. You don’t know how he’ll take the bottle. And, some babies won’t take certain bottles. You never know which one he’ll take. You’ll want to leave 1-1.5oz per hour that you are gone. Good luck!



    There are cards that read what Emilee shared. It’s really cute. For like $3 you can get 25 of them. Then when you are out and about you can hand them to strangers that are breastfeeding. Makes their day most of the time. I’m another that will feed anywhere and time. I don’t use a cover because it does get hot and stuffy under there. I wouldn’t want to eat under a blanket so out of respect for my child I don’t force him either. I don’t show nipple either. I hardly wear dresses anymore because I need easy access. What going out I go through my closet carefully to find the best suited shirt for the event while still allowing breastfeeding without exposing myself. Since I’m working on 3 years of breastfeeding my closet is filling up with only shirts that are breastfeeding friendly. HAHA! Haven’t really worn my old shirts since before my first pregnancy. I also think that wearing a cover is a big red flag saying exactly what you are doing. If you are able to be discreet without one then most people don’t know the wiser. I use my son’s blanket for him. He holds it to his cheek but his heads exposed. He still breaths fresh air while it’s there. He holds it at home too. He goes to sleep with it. Also, I agree with the comment about women. Women are the most judgemental creatures on this planet. Men don’t even notice these things. My husband often asks why I get my eye brows waxed or my nails done. He says that men don’t look at us for that. HAHA! But women, they will scan another woman over and find every fault on her body. It is also those women that see breastfeeding and if they don’t do it themselves or have their underlying guilt because they didn’t do it, well look out! You can be in for an ear full. At the very least several glares.



    What are your thoughts on accepting breast milk from a milk bank or donor sharing organization? Since I am pumping about 20-25 oz per week less than my baby is taking I don’t know what my other options are…



    yay lauraoct!



    styx -I just took my LO to the docs today and she’s 10.4 at 4 weeks! LOL but she was 9.10lb when she was born so I’m not surprised. She’s in the 90% for height and weight.



    yep tacoma for me and butterflykisses who is my bff since 1997 is in puyallup


    2ndtimemommy I worry about how far Ill be able to go with her being so rough on me. I’m thinking of spacing out her sessions instead of nursing on demand. I wonder if that would work? The theory being if she’s actually hungry maybe she’ll actually get down to business instead of messing around



    Leslie, that’s how I found out about fermented oatmeal. I know people say that is doesn’t matter if it ferments or not but I noticed a difference. I went from pumping 8oz a day to 16oz. This was in two pumps a day since I fed at lunch. My sister went from 18oz to 26oz in 3 pumps.



    thanks for the advice.
    doublemomma- how old is your baby? my baby is 19days old and for awhile i got that crazy feeling too when she fed. when she ate, it was like nails on a chalkboard to my nipple and I wanted to take her off but that feeling has gone away now, thank goodness. but I use to get an angry feeling too. she is my first baby.



    styx, I just sent you a page suggestion on FB for a site that makes awesome amber necklaces. Inspired by Finn. If you like their page, you get 20% off your order. If you suggest the page to your friends, you get 25% off. Check out the discussions page for more info on it. It makes me so happy to hear that the amber worked for Bri’s family! I am so going to get these for EVERYONE now! I was reading more on them and women use them to help with pregnancy pains! No more heartburn or joint pain and a lot less tummy issue. I am so getting myself one next go around!



    thanks styx! i guess i’ll start tomorrow. and do it for a week.

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