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    I’m just saying…whomever sent lawsons mom that nasty rude comment …YOUR ON MY ‘IM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS’ LIST! You have officially been warned.


    I’m exhausted Ollie has fed every hour today, feel so drained. Is ten weeks a normal growth spurt? my sister is upset James has said everyones names tonight apart from hers. Caroline would be hard for him to say though.



    That was a nice video, and I’m glad she did it. Funny though how it is okay to let the babies starve just so they can hit the sack again. Perhaps it’s time for traditions to change and make it okay to nurish the baby and have sex at the same time. And if it’s embarrassing or wrong just don’t tell the neighbors why your baby is fat and healthy AND your husband is always smiling.


    I need to start going to the chiropractor again, I hurt my back in a car crash few years ago. I just can’t afford to pay for 3 sessions a week which is what she said I needed.



    I just made a facebook group for those of you interested. Just look up ‘IAP Breastfeeding Forum’ on facebook search.



    Lawsons-Runway letdown…..lmao.Never tought of that!



    I’ve been breastfeeding since Nov 2007. You’d think I’d be done with it but nope!! I’m enjoying every moment. It was very sad when Chris decided not to anymore but I was having Alex so it wasn’t as bad. I plan on getting pregnant before Alex is 2 so I’m sure I’ll be onto the next one before Alex weans himself too. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself once it’s done! HAHA! PG, I totally understand. I used to love that alone time in the evenings. Just Chris and I! We say our prayers and nurse. It was sooo sweet. But now it’s just as nice, just different. We lay down and say our prayers. We plan what we’ll do the next day and so forth. It’s our time for talking just one on one. Then he rolls over as I close the door and he goes to sleep. I love it! He’s such a sweet child, I couldn’t ask for anything more.


    hey i havent had time to catch up today but did read about the breastfeeding hats…they sell those in the archives section on for 14$. Im addicted to babyhalfoff and kidsteals. anywho to get to the archives go to go to the about us section and the archives are on the bottom. happy shopping!



    at Izzy’s 2 week appt she had gained a pound !!! The doctor made the nurse check again:D Woot! to breast milk 😀



    Noah, sounds normal to me. Unless you are getting several a day I don’t think it’s constipation. One or two is fine. Alex usually goes once a day but hadn’t the last few. If I didn’t know better I’d think today’s was Chris’. It was awful! It was harder and smelled soo bad. I guess it was the dim sum yesterday. HAHA! He got apples and blueberries today to help move things along. HAHA!



    Scarlet,I read that you use the bottle after pumping if your lo wakes up. You can breast feed even if you pumped. I often do that since Jacob refuses to drink from a bottle but sometimes is asleep or I’m away and I have recently pumped. He always seems to make things flow. However it will increase your supply bc your body thinks the baby needs that total amount of milk.
    It will be less work for you, and baby might not fully wake up with mommys breast.

    I have a question for everyone , or anyone who is co sleeping. How do you wean a baby from it? Jacob will not sleep without me now and its becoming a real challenge when I need to work or even just work at home.

    If I’m beside him, he rouses to nurse, often, but doesn’t fully wake. But if I’m not there he just can’t sleep. He is up all night even if I nurse him to sleep, rock him, etc, after 5min of being alone in the bed, he startles, and cries. This was the third wednesday I pulled an all nighter and went to work with no sleep because I had to prepare and needed to be up late and couldn’t get more than 30 min alone.

    Its getting to the point where he expects a booby ASAP or he freaks out, and often its not a long one, just a few sucks and he drifts off.

    I bought a crib but his sleep session is so short unless he is beside me. So I just gave up using it at night for the sake of rest.

    I love having him beside me, but I need to be able to have him at least sleep and nap alone sometimes.



    ilovemyprincesses- Try the idea with the fermented oats. It does work. Also if your son is up every 2-3 hrs make sure that you are nursing him. Baby’s go thru a ton of growth spurts and they nurse alot during those periods. But the thing is that while they are going thru those growth spurts you are increasing your supply by nursing so much. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that it is tiring and it can be a challenge but it is so worth it. I know this may sound weird but during the last holiday season I could not figure out why my supply had gone thru the roof. I was producing triple the amount of bm that I had been. Then finally I figured it out that it was the egg nog . I love it and drink it alot during the holidays. I have never heard of anyone else saying they used egg nog to increase supply but it really did increase my supply tremendously!!!



    ndarling, baby can feed as long as he wants. I know nataliec said for 20 minutes each side, but actually that’s not really true. My babies always only ate for 10 minutes on one side only, and got plenty. Other babies have to nurse for an hour straight. It all depends on how efficient your baby is at getting the milk out of the breast, how fast you let down, whether you have multiple let downs through the feeding, or one big one at the start. There is no set time you need to breastfeed for, just let the baby do what he wants to do. As long as he is having enough wet and dirty diapers, and gaining weight, he is fine. At this age, he will probably fall asleep every time you nurse, and that is okay too. Burping – at least after each breast, and if he is gassy, take him off every 5-10 minutes to burp. Also, if he’s gassy, holding him upright in a sitting position for 20 minutes after a feeding will help. As for the crib, you can put him in it any time, or you can co-sleep for as long as you like – as long as you continue breastfeeding. Co-sleeping while formula feeding is not safe.


    Hey ladies, i have a question, a few days ago i developed an infection in my breast called mastitis and got put on antibiotics to help me get over it and ive been feeling great, but tonight while pumping i noticed my left side was pumping normal colored milk, but the right side (the one that had the infection) pumped pink colored… i had pumped earlier and the color was normal so i dont know why it would all the sudden be pink. does anyone know why? and also im my right side isnt producing as much milk as it use to, i’m hoping that once im done on the antibiotics my supply will go back to normal, thankfully i get about 8 oz from the left in one pump session but only about 4 from the right. if anyone has any idea about this or advice, please send it my way! 🙂 thanks ladies!



    Brandyq – I think if you turned down the vacuum on your pump it would help with the sore purple nipples. I did this and it helped but I do still get this sometimes. Try massaging, pushing towards your nipple to help with the blocked duct, also hot towels work well. Hope this helps!

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