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    Hey ladies I was wondering if ayny of you are pumping and bottle feeding only.I have 6 mth old twins , my LG nurses and my LB takes a bottle. I was wondering how much they eat at one feeding. I read that they only need about 5 ounces a feeding bc they eat more often, please let me know. thank you!!



    seuban0, are you around when they try and give the bottle? Sometimes babies will refuse the bottle because they can smell that mom is near. Even when they have taken the bottle just fine before. At eight mo. mine does this sometimes. Its a phase that they grow out of, and then back into, and then out of again… My other thought would be that she is possibly reverse cycling.


    Tunny: I had heard to put breastmilk in it, then slowly add cows milk until it was all cows milk. My son loved the tasted of cows milk, so I didnt have to do that. My son was so easy to wean, so I’m not sure that I have any tips! I replaced a nursing session with a sippy cup, one every week. By a year, he was only nursing once a day, and that was bedtime. I put him on cows milk at 11 months, with BM still. I had him completely weaned by 15 months. He just loved the sippy cup. He could run and play, and stop for a drink whenever he wanted. Now, he’s 31 months, and only uses the sippy cup in his bed (water only!)



    Lawson’s mom? I ‘m confused? Free? Why would I need it right now? I guess in a few years but not now. Oh and you do have to be careful having sex while breastfeeding. I know it’s less of a worry but you ovulate BEFORE your period comes so you could ovulate at any time and get pregnant. Yes, it’s a bit rare but not so rare that you never hear about it.



    tiffado – Was your little one born premi? If that’s the case it very well might take more time to get her to latch. If breastfeeding is what you really want to do then I’d seek out a good lactation consultant. I haven’t gone through it, but I know it is very possible to still get her to breastfeed, it just might be harder… tons of luck and good for you!



    I tried breastmilk. It works wonders on cuts and even worked on my first son’s cradle cap but this time it isn’t. It’s not unsightly. Just looks like dry skin. I’m the only one that notices it. I tried putting it on daily for a week. Oh well. We’ll see. I know it’ll eventually go away.



    didderty – You can do it! I’m sure you’ll be able to wean off formula. It’s weird that formula would makes things better if the tummy was the problem. Formula has more junk in it and so when you hear about constipation in babies they tend to be formula fed.



    I couldn’t care less if people know that I’m BFing in public. That’s not why I use a cover. I use one so I don’t show any skin at all, not just my nipples and so my fat rolls aren’t there for the world to see. I don’t feel a tank under my shirt would help in any way except to emphasize my rolls. I try to always sit in the ‘corner’ of the sofa or chair so I’m covered on 2 sides and then I can easily lift the fabric covering so there is a draft of cool fresh air going through. It works for us. 🙂


    Phatbaby~ I love my moby, lol, I am very short so when I was looking at the ergo I found that alot of short reviewers said it didn’t fit their torso length, so I went with the Beco instead. I love my Beco so far and am glad I bought it, it is alot like the ergo just fits smaller. It is a bit hard to BF in when the infant insert is in, OH and even though the beco costs more it comes with the infant insert so you don’t have to buy it seperately which pretty much evens out the cost and it prettier than the ergo… So in the end I guess they are pretty equal just depends on your body type!


    Noah Colts Mommy – My son (also named Noah!) does the exact same thing! He is very healthy but is not gaining very much weight and even lost weight between 2 and 3 weeks. Turns out I have a supply problem and the milk is probably not coming out fast enough for him. Even though it’s all over his face when he pulls off! My baby is not getting enough to eat (even though he’s generally quite happy and has lots of poopy & wet diapers), so we’ve had to start supplementing with bottles of formula and pumped breastmilk. Even the lactation consultant suggested formula for a bit, given his weight loss. (he’s still over 10lbs at 4 weeks, but was born at 10lbs 5oz). I just got a hospital grade pump, so hopefully this will help my supply!



    deeyore486 thank you!!!! I kept timing the pumping to like an hour after i fed her cause I thought I would take all her milk!! LOL



    that last article is good but it goes on about how formula feedings dangers are not found in titles and abstracts where it would be highlighted more and yet the title is not direct on this article. i find this odd…hmmm


    deeyore – thank you..i think i will contiue to use sounds like the air release is normal in those bottle due to the double nipple. he will be getting pumped milk in a bottle during the day soon, and i hope to nurse nights and weekends or whenever he is near me….ugh i dont wanna go back to work 🙁



    i feel guilty about this and might change my mind tomorrow but as of today im throwing in the towel! my nipples are red and raw from pumping, my toddler and newborn aee loosing mommy time(pumping all the time), my kid isnt gaining weight on breastmilk alone. I’ve develop mastitis due to pumping. he cries scream and refuses to nurse and is never satisfied. ive tried every trick besides a sns system and im beat and tired. feel’n major guilty about this but its driving me bonkers. I have to make a choice one way or the other, scared to death that this will haunt me later. muy first never touched formula. what a drag



    so iv been taking the fenugreek for 2 days now iv only been taking 2 pills a day, they are 620 a pill , and i noticed my armpits smell like maple syrup this morning haha, and i have noticed a little bit of an increase when i pump, im getting 3oz after a reg feeding wheres before i was getting 1-2oz, so i think tomorrow ill increase it to 4pills.

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