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    not sure about the color..i know breastmilk can be different hues sometimes look blue..but pink..maybe a little blood got in there? if thats the case its still fine. and wow you can pumo 8oz out of one side and 4 out of the other! HOLY COW! lol i wouldnt worry about the otherside producing less…most women the normal amount they can get out is between 1/2-3oz total! id say your doing great you are an over producer for sure! i wish!



    Brandy- I agree, if you use an electric pump turn down the vacuum, if you have a manual pump try using a little Lanolin or Cocoa butter on your nipples, almost to lube them up . Once I started doing that prior to using my manual pump my nipples looked and felt much better and were less sore.



    i am only breast feeding and my baby is a little over 2 months and im having a period. this says its much harder to get preggo while bf and i was wondering if i can have a period and not ovulate! please answer on my page thanks



    angie, as long as she seems satisfied, it’s quite normal for her appetite to fluctuate during the day, and from day to day. My LO didn’t take much breast at all for a few weeks after starting solids but then went back to almost no solids and all breastfeeding for a few weeks. Now she’s back to a more balanced combination of both. Let your baby lead you – babies are pretty good at knowing what their bodies need at any given time.


    angela: It was around 3 months for me when most of the leaking stopped and then very rarely up until about 5 months I would occassionally leak, just when I least expected it!



    Do babies have another growth spurt round 5 months? Emerson has been feeding every 3 hours through night this past few days and yesterday and today it was every hour and a half through the day. Its like she cant get enough. And she grunts and gets annoyed when my milk doesnt let down quickly enough. She scares me! ha ha
    I semm to be keeping up with her as i havent needed to suppliment YAY. Im weighing her tomorrow so ill know if she is gaining well bit im hoping its a growth spurt not my milk making her hungry. When does the worry stop???



    lilli – I have my boys on the slow nipple too while they are in daycare. I’m going to keep it like that untill they start eating food at 6 months (end of january).


    hi–if anyone is awake and has some ideas, please let me know. My left breast keeps getting a sharp, shooting pain in it. I’ve never had this kind of pain before and it started out of the blue and has kept up for about 2 1/2 hours. It’s not mastitis–I’ve had that before. We were traveling today and I did miss one feeding but I pumped later to accomodate for it. It only lasts a couple of seconds but it keeps repeating and repeating. Any ideas?



    There has been a recall on ALL stork craft cribs made from may 2000 to November 2008. You need a replacement bracket….. See the following site



    Good Luck! Maybe go braless for a while…if you can! Give the girls some air time. HAHA! When Kekoa had a bad diaper rash from some meds the doctors said the best thing was air time.



    oh good bri, you’re still here! didn’t you say you tried reglan? i think i remember that it really messed with your head. my doc just gave me a rx for it since my supply has really gone down and herbs and increased pumping aren’t helping. i just hope it works and doesn’t make me sad!



    Do you all wear nursing bras 24/7? Can you take it off sometimes and let the girls loose? Will it make my breasts sag? Julianna is almost 4 months already, time sure does fly!



    tasha1977- i am taking 12-14 per day and since i have been doing that i see a small increase. maybe an ounce a day. i think pumping each side for 5 mins after she nurses is helping more than anything. i am going to try oatmeal. any special kind i need to try or is instant oatmeal okay?



    I need some advice.. i have been BFing for 12 weeks and this week my LO started to not want to eat like normal. I normally feed him sitting in a chair with him propped on a pillow and at night I feed him laying in bed on our sides. He first started to not want to eat in the chair and only eat in bed. Now he screams when I try to feed him in bed (unless he is REALLY REALLY tired), and I have to walk around with him while nursing which is killing my arms and back. Its also making him pull on my nipples hard while eating and making them sore. I’m at a loss here I don’t know what is going wrong.. up until this week he was being a fantastic eater 🙁 I’m starting to feel depressed because I don’t know what to do for him anymore.. he hasn’t gained weight in two weeks.



    thanx for the advice 🙂

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