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    MyBabySuprise – I finally posted my picture of right before birth! I had an 11lb elephant in there!



    could be post partum bleeding. Where the placenta was attached leaves a big sore that heals up in the weeks after birth. could be that a scab came loose and it bled a little bit again.


    wyattsmom…i’m dealing with the seperation anxiety too!!!!!! we go to a mommy group anf sammy got kicked out of the nursery because he cried for an hour straight!!! i set up an area wherever i’m dsoing chores so he can see me and when i’m out of sight i still talk to him or sing loudly so he knows i’m around…it’s getting better SLOWLY



    question for you all:well i have to pump ever so often to relieve my full boobs and i was wondering can i combine all the milk that i pump through out the day in one container and then freeze it or do i have to pump and take what i have after each pump and freeze it?



    hey breastfeeding mommas! Just jump on to check out the breastfeeding chat. I breastfed my last for 10 months(until she could bite and laugh about it).

    …mastitis. I GOT IT alot as we weaned and a electric pump and leaning down towards the ground as I pumped(gravity) worked beautifully. mastitis is often brought on by feeding changes or a very tired mommys body saying ‘slow down’.
    ….I’m 36 weeks so I’ll be back in a few.
    best of luck



    i’m going to ask here as well….anyone that has had mirena put in please help… i went today to get cultures done because i am going to be getting mirena in a couple of weeks. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! when she stuck that thing in there it hurt so bad…….more like a stinging feeling…like when you put antiseptic on a wound. i had an internal tear and i think that is what was aggravated. i have had no pain for several weeks now and i was thinking i should be healed down there after 8 weeks. has anyone else experienced discomfort in that area after the 6 week mark? i’m now REALLY super scared about getting mirena put in because she said she has to use that spectulum thing again to insert it and i’m so scared i’m going to cry. i didn’t cry today…it only took her a few seconds to do the cultures…but when she puts the mirena in its going to take a lot longer….eek!! also now i’m bleeding down there just a tad. not much, just a little!! also i was prescribed the mini pill but i don’t trust it.



    Hello ladies 🙂 I breastfeed my son and plan to do so with my daughter as well. i never got a sling with him though. i want a sling or wrap this time that works well with breastfeeding and body have a sling or a wrap they love ????



    tallgirl – Size makes no difference. Alex was born almost 11lbs. He breastfeeds like a champ and has never had a bottle. He’ll be 5 months tomorrow.



    i know…..i for sure will wean off the formula no matter what! i plan on ebf…..i just remember at first i hated bf and i just thought formula feeding would be so much easier. i was so wrong…..dealing with bottles takes up like an hour or more out of every single day. and it takes just as long for her to drink a bottle as it does to bf her. i have her on soy formula and i really think she is somewhat sensitive to dairy. i am selfish and can’t give up my dairy. i know i ‘could’ but i just eat/drink way too much dairy. i was trying to give up dairy at one certain point and still would forget and eat something with cheese on it and i would get so mad at myself for forgetting. so i basically never could get to the point of two weeks so i could see for sure if that was what the problem was. i would always screw up and forget.


    Hmm, I would not be comfortable not using a cover in public, I am not ashamed but I didn’t want to flash anyone either. I also have a baby that pullsoff my left breast when letdown occurs. It only chokes him on the left breast, but he refuses to relatch until after the letdown has subsided. The cover also does the job of catching the wildly spraying milk until I can press a burp cloth to my nipple. Can you imagine me spraying milk all over a table in the food court?! Lol, guess that is just my luck. I also don’t feel my baby is smothered at all under my cover, but I have a baby balboa cover. Allows for airflow from one side and through the top as it has oneof those plastic bands in the top so you can look down and see baby but unless a stranger stood directly looking down over your shoulder can’t see a thing. Oh well, different strokes for different folks, I am glad I bought the cover I did. With my first I couldn’t figure out how to use the cheapy weird wrap around cover I bought and so just didn’t BF in public for the first several months. Evie had latch issues and since i couldn’t seem to keep a blanket over her and get her latched at the same time and the wrap didn’t work out, I would hide in my car to nurse. OK, all done justifying my use of a nursing cover!



    never heard of a beco but i should check it out. i’m only 5 foot tall myself. oh and i don’t have to worry about nursing on the go anymore. my little guy has decided this is a night time only thing. makes me sad. :’-(


    Lawson’s mom I am so sorry. I know it is a battle. I am also working and pumping. It is a struggle but we can win. Hold you head up. What is wrong with freezer supply?


    Styx Clementine was born at 7 9 at 15 weeks she is 12 15. So you have a chunker! Or as my Mon says maybe Clementine is taking after the ‘petite’ side of the family (I’m not petite but everyone else is, she never fails to remind me)


    I did manage to be able to pump again. I got a quik 6 oz. I feel relief.I’m at the airport and my flight is delayed 45 mins so I’m gonna do more. My bm got swabbed for explosives at security. I was curious how’d it be handled. As soon as they were like we got a bag check I’m chimed right in with ‘I’m traveling with breast milk ‘ kinda funny.



    EllasMommy23 – It’s sad I know. I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut. There have been studies that show it is a myth that they’ll sleep longer and it can have some very negative effects. Their tummies just aren’t ready for food at a couple months. Doctors say never ever put cereal in a bottle. If they can’t eat it off a spoon then they aren’t ready. Period! It can cause gast. intestinal problems later in life. It can also cause early diabetes and other weight issues. I understand that some parents need to because of reflux but they are also weighing the risks. It’s like with meds, there are side effects and you just have to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk.

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