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    …when i say you…i dont mean you…and am not referring to anyone in particular…just those in general that dont support supplementing or exclusive formula feeding.



    Hey ladies. I’m just trying to get everyone’s take on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding. Can you really notice a difference in child behavior, etc. ??? Message me…I’m curious to hear your thoughts!



    angelag3girl- thanks! she has about 10 wets a day and sleeps through the night so i assume she is getting enough. We are apart for 12 hours so I guess 14 oz is good. Thank you for the reassurance!



    moni- today it got worse im barely getting 2 combined it went down very drastically in just 2 days i dont understand it! My dr offered to call in reglan for me anyone else try this or have any advice?



    Mamba – Massage and pump at the same time. It can hurt but work your fingers into it. Also, when you nurse, point your baby’s chin towards the lump. There is more suction that way. Take a hot bath a need the lump. Just keep at it.



    I can honestly say I have never tasted my breastmilk! Haha. Its funny because it was my son’s sole food supply for a very long time and I just couldnt bring myself to try it! But then again… there are some babyfoods I wouldnt touch with a 10 inch spoon either.



    DJs Girl – Silly question, why would you want to wean at 6months? I mean, your baby is aready used to getting the best from you. Formula is second best. I understand moms wanting to wean at a year because then they just skip the whole formula thing but at six months you change the routine completely. Formula does not give your baby the nutrients the way breastmilk does nor the antibodies. Breastmilk changes as your baby grows which formula doesn’t either. The fat content changes and gives your older infant just what s/he needs. Plus, not every baby will switch to formula (I wouldn’t either). You went through the hardest part of breastfeeding and once things get easier you quit. It just doesn’t seem logical to me.



    sking ~ My LO is doing the EXACT same things as yours!! Its SO frustrating!! She jerks and pulls while latched on, stretching my nipple till they look like silly-putty…comes on and off the breast numerous times…claws and hits me to death and now the older she gets and the more she utilizes all of her motor skills, she has started kicking her little legs too!! If i try to hold her close to me to reduce SOME of the squirming and kicking, she gets pissed….as you are, i am at a loss as well..


    babydoll, Congrats on your new wee one! 1 oz of pumped milk per side is AWESOME for 11 days! All of the advice already given is right on. Also remember that babies like to suck and some will eat just because it is offered. So, if you offer the formula, she may eat it even if she doesn’t really need it. They don’t necessarily understand all of their body’s cues just yet. Like another mommy suggested, just offer her your boobie frequently and leave the bottle out of the equation. As long as you are giving her milk frequently, she won’t starve. And, just like the other mommy’s said, your milk production will go up at the same time. You’re doing good–keep it up!



    My breasts are so full in the morning! I end up leaking all over the bed in the night. My LO has slept 12 hours a night since 7 weeks. I wonder if I express at night before bed it would help me or if it will make things worse? Any advice???



    Yeah, there is no need. If Kekoa was born in August I wouldn’t have either.



    MiamiMom2b – That’s wonderful! Keep it up. Here in Seattle you’ll find moms breastfeeding at every bench practically. HAHA! I let my son self wean. He did at 21months which I was happy about since I was/ still am pregnant with my next. I only have a couple months left and I’ll be right back at it again. Exposure is the best way for people to learn that breastfeeding is natural and how a baby should be fed. I’m glad your friends are now considering it. Great story!mandabelle22 – What about a sippy. My son went to school so he had a bottle while I was away. But, he started refusing it around 7months. We found that he would only take the breast or his cup. At 10 months your baby doesn’t need a bottle if she can drink from a cup. Keep at the breast but while you are having meals give her her cup to drink from. It actually makes weaning later on easier if they are a pro at a cup. No need for the actual bottle.



    My5babies-sorry hun..never had mastitis but have been sick many of times. I wish i could help you there. I have heard that taking antibiotics you need to up your water intake. Is it your pumping output that is less? or is baby’s dipes less?



    rose1003 – From what I have heard & researched – as babies get older (especially EBF babies) their tummys learn to digest the milk better & that results in less frequent bowel movements. Also, I have heard that stool should never be thicker than peanut butter. Hope this helps 🙂



    April – I breastfed my DD for 2 years.
    Never ever in my wildest dreams I would do it for more then a year. But you start to notice comfort nursing from hunger. At one point my daughter would come to me like every few minutes (as an older baby) wanting to be nursed. I finally figured that she wasn’t hungry just bored or needed cuddling so I would distract her a bit. By the end of nursing her I definitely felt like it was all about comfort and bonding for her, not food. It was hard to ween her but she is soo close to her Mommy and is very affectionate and I think it is from all the nursing I provided her.

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