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    Question: Not breastfeeding related, but seeing how a lot of breastfeeding Mamma’s babywear… how big is too big to carry them? I never bought a sling/wrap because I never thought I needed one. Well now I think I do and he’s 9mons and well over 20lbs. But DJ will not let me put him down for two seconds with out bursting into a fit. He’ll hold his breath, turn beat read, and flare about! This has been going on for almost 2 weeks! I can’t get a single thing done around the house and am forced to wake up early to get my shower in and hair done! I can not let him carry on the way he does! Anyone babywear and have advice OR not babywear and have advice… any is wecomed =)



    lilmamamads, I still feed on demand, but if Braeden is being too rough, or if he is just too interested in what’s going on around him to get in a good feeding, then I stop the feeding, and wait till he ‘asks’ again. Usually by then he is hungry enough to settle down and eat. It helps with the biting too, if he bites I stop the feeding, and the next time he doesn’t tend to bite as much. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t think he’s bitten me once today, which is absolutely amazing, as it’s usually several times a day that he bites, and I know he’s teething like crazy right now. Maybe he’s finally getting the idea…



    Man, I dont know about this pumping deal! I have been pumping for two days now. I only pump between 6am and 6pm because they say your supply drops after 6pm and give your breasts a break. But I get maybe 4-5oz total for one day. thats like two feedings! How am I suppose to build up a supply for when I go back to work? I am thinking of giving formula at night so I can pump and save more and she will hopefully be full more.



    question….so i would pump in the morning after a feeding? i would still have enough milk for the next feeding? she is 4 weeks so i would only need to pump about 4 oz? thanks in advance for any input 🙂



    Bri-what does the MMT taste like? How do you personally prepare it? Can you use that fenugreek caplets or is that too much?



    Thats awesome I have Lina at St Joes and it was so bad the only great part was the NICU but TG was just amazing I am def having the next there again



    Leslie, there was a new study published a few weeks back. Says that children from same sex relationships are more well adjusted then those that aren’t. I know there are many variables and mostly because it takes a hell of a lot of work for a same sex relationship to even have children either the way you did it or adoption. I’m sure it was a little flawed because of that while there are many children from oops relationships. You know? But anyways, Lawson is lucky to have you and Keri. She is loved and will benefit from all you went through to have her. That lady is a bitch!



    Zoey doesn’t move an inch at night unless I roll us over. . . Too bad I’m not one of the ladies that doesn’t have to roll over! I usually just scoop her in my arms and roll her with me….but she’s getting too big for that. Sigh. Anyway. Thanks for all the well wishes. I’m hoping all is well. I forget that it might be until I look at that chart! I posted it on FB for those of you who are my friends…you can see that it really is pretty far off the chart!



    It is sooo hard for me not to look at the month to month page. I got so into it with Chris. Some of those girls are like sisters to me now. We talk all the time on FB and send cards to one another and so forth. This time around it really makes me cringe. No one gets along and there are no peaceful parents in the group. Shoot there are hardly any attached parents. So, I’m weaning myself off that part of the site. I’ll stick around here but that’s about it. There’s not a single one that talks in the month to month page that I feel a connection to. Anyone that I did doesn’t go there anymore either. The month to month page is all fights. No one can ask a question or make a statement without someone jumping down their throat. This goes along with not CIO, breastfeeding, bed-sharing, BLW, baby-wearing you name it! Anything peaceful is considered BAD! Poo is the only thing you can talk about!


    So once again baby John has not pooped in probably going on 6 days now. I don’t know if its causing pain or he’s teething. He’ll let out a cry every so often and pass gas. Smelly smell funky gas! lol like he’s been living off bean burritos or something.What can I give him to make him poo?? He’s been doing this now for the past month. He wont go for days then when I’m not expecting it he’ll crap enough for 2 full diapers. But thats it just one poopy poo diaper and nothing for over a wk.



    ady. you really cant judge how much milk you make by how much you pump. there is a major growth spurt around 3 months and i have a feeling that might be why you are thinking you dried up. if your baby still seems hungry then keep nursing, the best way to build and keep supply is to nurse, nurse, nurse.



    I called dh and asked him to get a bowl ready for me to eat before i go to bed…its filling too-i don’t feel like i’m constantly hungry today too..weird! But YEA!!!!


    jenniewren – I first started pumping at around 4wks pp. I would pump right after nursing and slowly built up a supply. You could start doing the same thing. As far as storing… it’s going to be kind of awkward. My understanding is that milk will last up to 8 hours in a cooler. So maybe you can get away with bottlefeeding and nursing during the tail end of your trip. Also, are you planning to feed your LO cold milk? I don’t think it’s bad, just wondering if you’ve thought about that. The only trip we’ve taken with Alyssa was for 6 hours and we did it at night when she normally doesn’t eat or wake up. I pumped shortly before we left (she’d already had her dinner hours prior) and i took the milk in her diaper bag just in case. Since fresh milk lasts up to 8 hours at room temp. I didn’t have to worry about keeping it cold or having to warm it up. Is nursing an option for you at all? For a trip that long I’d just end up nursing and as Bri said… taking many breaks.



    After work today hubby picked me up and we went to get the boys and have dinner with my MIL. When we were done, we quick stopped by the store on our way home. Zach was sleeping, so i stayed in the car with him while Ayden and daddy went inside. I know that I am supposed to be getting my period sometime between tonight and tomorrow and I was all out of tampons, so I asked hubs to pick up a green box while they were in there. He said that he had come this far without getting them and there was no way that was going to change! They get back into the car and he tosses me a bag. I made a comment about how he actually did get them and he says, no, I didn’t get them. He made AYDEN pick out the green box, carry them around the store and then scan them! My 2-year old bought me tampons because his FATHER was too scared!!!



    Emilee, scary but soo sweet. Chris tries to pick up Alex and then after a bunch of grunting he shakes his head and says, ‘Brother too heavy!’ Yup, only 5lbs lighter then Chris, yeah he’s too heavy. Joe took Alex out today. Because he’s so darn mobile you never know where he is. He turned around to say something to Chris and clocked him in the head with a foot. He’s ok too. Just a bunch of tears. He wanted Mama and then back to Dada and then back to Mama…then a kiss from Brother. It was all better after that. Poor guy had pulled himself up onto the couch and went to grab Dad’s leg and got hit. He just likes being involved with the boys.

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