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    meganshell: I have the same issue. My 4 month old is EBF and gets great feeding from the boobs, however, when I pump the same happens for me. I take Fenugreek , drink the Mother’s milk and eat oatmeal. I read what the other mommies posted regarding this issue and I will have to try their recommendations. Here’s to ample supply from pumping! 🙂



    i have a question for all of you ladies…i exclusively breastfeed my 3 month old daughter. she has been sleeping 8-9 hours at night for about a month now. i have recently started cramping and spotting like i am going to have a period. i breastfeed a ton during the day so i figured it wouldn’t come back for a long while. anyone else experienced this?



    To help increase milk production, have your pump checked at the lactation place. I have a Medela, but a friend used it before me, and apparently the motor wears out. They checked it and it was not sucking like it should. I rented a hospital grade pump and with in days my supply went up. You can also do a power hour where you pump fpr 10 min then rest for 10 minutes. DO this for an hour. Its exhausting, but it helps. I also did Fenugreek and blessed thistle for a bit, but didnt notice too much of an improvement. I also took some Reglan, and that helped tremendously while I used the new pump. Also, google Lactation cookies. I am still nursing my 7 mo old and plan on til she is 1 year old. I love it and encourage anyone to keep trying. Dont give up. That supply will get back up there! Good luck!



    Krystaldawn-I’m not 100% but I’m pretty sure that it wont effect the amount produced for your next feeding.



    anybody using fenugreek? I just started on it today to help wiht the supply increase… and was wondering … my little one was in NICU and I didn’t start trying to bf till a week old. So, now I am pumping mainly and trying to get her to bf in the meantime….



    When I pump my nipples are very very sore and after they have a circular indentation around them from where my breast attatched to the pump.. I dont know if maybe im usin the wrong size plastic things?? (sorry i dont know the correct terminology) Anyone have any ideas??
    Also, one of my breast produces significantly less milk than the other– Right now I am producing about and ounce and a half from my left, and about a half of an ounce from the right– normal?? this significant of a difference??



    Hey ladies! So, hubby and I are stopping birth control which means no more condems. My son is 17months and breastfeeding. I’ve had my cycle back since he was 9months. It’s fairly regular so we’ll see… We aren’t actively trying but we aren’t going to stop anything. I’m hoping that by the end of summer I will be pregnant. I’m excited. We recently bought a four bedroom house, I also quit working. I can’t wait to get pregnant again. Kekoa will be an awesome older brother. He loves little ones and was so good with the little ones at school. Crossing our fingers. Hey, Kekoa was an oops. I was on the pill when that happened so we’ll see how things go when I’m not…. January 2010 baby?



    Does your baby have teeth. Kekoa started biting when he got his top two teeth. It was a new feeling and yes he was chewing on the bottles/sippies. When they start biting they are just playing around and not really hungry. He may not know it hurts but he knows he is biting. HAHA! Sorry for laughing but I’m so glad I’m past that. It hurts sooo badly. I pumped PINK before because of it. Icky! Oh well. Have fun. Oh and don’t wait until it is a common occurance. If he bites once then you need to ‘scold’ him and teach him no. He’ll get it.



    LC- my daughter used to sleep ALL THE TIME, too. Or at least it seemed like it. And she didn’t eat for 25 minutes. Probably 15 or less. And every 2 hours. Seems like your daughter is right on track to me. Good luck!! If you need anything else, we’re here for you!



    judi,great way to put it! I have three dogs and two cats, and I think my LO has tasted each of them in one place or another 🙂



    Has anyone stopped bf and then began again? How do you build up your milk supply?



    SunShine – It sounds like you might have Thrush. I would def check your LO and call a doc for a scrip. That was the only way i was able to get rid of mine. Also make sure you are steralizing everything, every time it goes in or near your baby’s mouth.


    oh and decemeber why dont u try a bottle of expressed milk as a top up to help ur lo go longer at night? thats what i did with Lily Grace and it really satisfies her plus she will take a bottle of ebm when i go out which i dont do much atm but plan to do more in the near future. is anyone who is bf started weaning yet? a lot of mums in the 3 month forum seem to be doing so. im not planning on doing so until Lily Grace is at least 6 months but i just wondered if it’s just formula mummys who r weaning this early or bf mummys too?



    how long should you breastfeed for?



    wow, that sucks! i’m going to try it b/c not all side effects affect everyone but i’m definitely going to be on the lookout for anything like that. i’m willing to try it b/c i’ve made it 8 1/2 months and would really like to keep pumping til she’s at least a year. i’ve taken more milk plus but it’s not really helping. i sure hope this stuff doesn’t wack me out! thanks for letting me know though!

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