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    Gbaby3 have you tried having other people give the bottle?



    oh and tasha-the first time i started using fenugreek i was taking only 6 per day, when i upped it to 12 or more i saw results w/in about 24-48hrs.



    oh no! i do not want to worry everyone who has a freezer supply of their own! i guess i just didn’t even realize that it was a possiblity that it could go bad since i put it in the freezer right away and because i had used the freezer bags before. i’m still quite confused as to what’s going on…however somone suggested to me that maybe it’s my bottles (even though they get washed with soap and sterlized with the bottle sterlizer) that smell sour. she suggested putting the milk into a cup and see if it still had the odor. however i’m very pessamistic at this point because i did a very small taste of the milk from the freezer this morning and it was disgusting. the bottle that i had just pumped was fine, i guess i’m just so taken aback cuz i’ve used previously frozen milk and had NO issues. and they say that if it doesn’t keep in the freezer chances are that your milk doesn’t keep well in the fridge passed about 3-5 hrs either but i’ve never had issues with milk being in the fridge for up to 5 days. i’d much rather spend money on new bottles, and even a new replacement pump kit, than on formula. i just refuse, i’ve come this far. and most feedings i am able to nurse him. so it’s just planning for the days that i sub full time. and at most it’s 2-3 feedings. so i’m going to try not to stress and just keep pumping when i’m away, nursing when i’m with him, and hoping that all the bags aren’t bad….i will most def. keep you all posted.thanks so much for all the feedback and support, you ladies are wonderful!!



    hchina – I’ve been dealing with my left breast having bleeding nipples for a week and a half now (there was a blister that caused a clogged duct). I talked to a lactation consultant and she said it was up to me and that the blood won’t bother the baby and that you’d have to pump the amount that you’d be nursing anyway. So I’ve opted to just nurse (ouch!) so my supply wouldn’t possibly be affected and when I did pump it hurt anyway so I’ve just cringed through the feedings. They are still cracked and hurt somewhat but have gotten better by using alot of lanolin. Good luck and I hope they get better soon!



    Kym- I think that is an awesome amount. I am away from my little one for 12 hours and I am only able to give my aunt enough for 2 bottle. Sometimes both are 4 oz other times it is one 4 oz bottle and one 3.5 oz bottle. (Last week I was doing good getting 8-9 oz for a day and this week I am back to the 7.5 oz for a day. RJ does get solids. I was told I should add them because he wasn’t gaining weight. Even now he has not even gained 1# in 4 weeks. He gets solids 3 times a day. We are getting ready to move him to just the foods we are eating (if not to spicy) as he does great on them. (He is 8 1/2 months and has been getting solids since 4 months, almost lost my supply at 2 months)


    natesmomma: i still havent gotten af yet, but every month, theres about 4-5 days that if i happen to pump in that time, i get less. also, i know i have less because my son eats more often during those times, like i dont quite have enough during one feed. even when i was on the depo and didnt get af, i could tell when it was supposed to be. its the same thing now. dh can tell because i get more irritable on those days too! could be something that simple?



    hawaiianmomma6 – Aloha! I’m a mommy to two little Hawaiian boys…Kekoa and Iolani (Chris and Alex). Welcome! Always nice to have more breastfeeding mamas. I nursed my first while pregnant with my second. It dropped a bit but nothing too bad. They say that they can taste the hormones and change in the milk. My son didn’t notice but self weaned two months before turning two.



    Hi Dulci….I have never tasted my breastmilk but I think when I thaw out frozen milk, it smells different than the fresh. My LO still drinks it just fine. We mostly use fresh breastmilk but I try to keep a supply in the freezer and rotate it out from time to time.



    When I say the bottle, I don’t mean formula. I mean, I would use a pump. Things can change but I’ve had alot of people tell me to start weaning at 6 months as it will take a while to completely wean them off the breast. By the time the baby reaches a year, I want him/her completely on the bottle as I will be going back to work then.



    Try maybe nursing while lying down? Sadie is starting to get distracted too. Once she pulls all the way off though, I don’t let her back on.



    Anyone retaining water? People say that breastfeeding helps you lose weight but not me. I breast fed 100%. I keep gaining weight and I work out at the gym.



    jessosaur – After a couple of weeks your milk regulates to what your baby needs so its completely normal not to be engorged any longer.



    We are officially weaned! I haven’t fed Riley since Sat. a.m. It still hasn’t fully processed 🙂 What a wonderful experience….tough, but amazing. He’s almost 13 months old. We’ve been working on sleeping through the night, and he’s been doing well soothing himself back to sleep. (It’s about time LOL) Yay sleep! Hang in there those of you that are having problems, it gets better. happy bf everyone



    As for weaning from a bottle… We stopped the bottle at almost exactly a year old, after he was decent with the sippy cup. When he had to use only the sippy cup he very quickly became a pro at it. We stopped the bottle young enough so he never even missed it. I waited until I knew he was ok with no bottle before I weaned from the breast. Didnt want to do too many transitions at once. I think we were both on the same page when it came to weaning because he never looked back. He never once cried to nurse after we stopped. I think we had a long enough transition though. He cut out most feedings himself and the only time we nursed was in the morning (I pumped the rest of the day). I just replaced that session with rocking and singing and he could care less!



    nikkiandfred- my daughter is 3 months old, too. and she eats about every 2 1/2 hours during the day. And the longest she sleeps during the day at a time is an hour. Maybe just call your doctor and mention it? They probably won’t worry about it unless she starts losing weight or something.

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