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    I have a question but I’m not sure how crazy I might sound (feel free to tell me if I have completely ‘lost it’ lol) I was wondering what you ladies thought about making a breast-milk-shake for the LO. For example mixing like 3 ounces of BM with a few spoonfuls of…lets say…pear baby food to make it like a milkshake treat?? I thought of this while making strawberry milk for my 3 yr old step-daughter. What do u ladies think? Creative or unnecessary??



    Wyatt was interested in solids from the very first spoonful. I think solids became preferred to him around 9 months. By 10 months we stopped Gerber altogether and he was eating real food (baby-a-fied of course). He stayed on breastmilk until 13 months and we switched to whole milk. He also self-weaned at 13 months probably because he was so into real food. He never looked back!



    Help please! I’ve been nursing my daughter for 6 months and pumping while at work (full time) for the last 3. All of a sudden I have enough milk when I nurse her, but am barely getting anything when I pump. I’m lucky if I get a full ounce total from both breasts. I use a double electric and pump every 3 hours when I’m away from her. Any ideas on how I can increase my pumping output?



    mrsmom- when i have a clogged duct, i can feel a hard ball in my breast. this is the second time it has happened to me, massage it under hot water, use hot compress, offer that side first, pump if you can. it feels like engorgement in that one spot and when you do work it out its instant relief. both times mine turned into mastitis and that hurts like hell.



    MyBabySuprise – Good Luck! At least it’s not winter coming up. Weekends are awesome for parks when you are working. This summer will be lots of fun for you!! They’ll be mobile this summer! I can’t wait to see both my boys running around our backyard or park.



    my guy is 9.5 months and i went to the dentist and we went to the ped. both advised me to cut out nighttime (the middle of the night variety) feedings. anyone have any advice on how to go about this? ped gave me some that was both gentle and useful but i’ll take as many opinions as possible. i still wake 2-4 times a night with him and we cosleep. i’m nervous and scared to stop but excited at the prospect of sleeping through the night.



    thanks deeyore486



    Aiden and I are on day 9 of breastfeeding (He’s 5.5 weeks). He was 11lb5oz when we started and today he is 12lb1oz. That’s 12 oz in 9 days so I’m very pleased with that. He wasn’t having a lot of poopy diapers but perhaps it’s his normal. He still has his fussy moments at the breast but now that I know he’s gaining adequatly I’m just going to take cues from him. He’ll let me know when he’s hungry!



    wonderful Lawson! I think any working, breastfeeding mother as tired as we get can relate to this beautifully!!



    Didderty – I tore REALLY bad and am still in pain! I got Mirena inserted 3mons after DJ was born and it hurt like a bitch when the put it in. But was totally fine right after.


    i know every baby is diff..but doesn anyone know a round about what age babies sleep more during the night and dont need to eat as frequent. my daughter slept thro the night at a week old..but ate every hour dring the day…my son is 4 weeks old and eats every 2-3 hours round the clock…i am letting him choose obviously and will go with whenever the little booger wants to the time we get back to sleep i am only getting like an 1-2 hours sleep at a time…which is hard concidering his wake and cluster feeding time is around midnight sleep alot during the day but i have a 3 year old and am a single mother…i EBF so there is no question about rice and formula which people have offered advice..which i WONT do…BF only..any advice on longer sleep nights? even if he went 4 hours id be happy lol please help!


    I don’t usually post in here.. but I need some advice. My son ie 4 1/2 months old. I EBF for 4 months but then my son started losing weight. (I only produce from 1 breast) and so his doctor has been having me supplement with formula after feeding. I have a veryyy low supply. I could pump like 6oz from the one breast and now I can only get 1oz. Well so I have been supplementing with formula and today he is REFUSING to BF. I think he’s so used to bottles. But I will try to nurse n nurse n he screamssss. Any advice pleaseeeeee



    oh and according to her pediatrician she has reflux……….so we are on prevacid now and she has been on it for 4 days. i have heard it can take up to two weeks for results so i am patiently awaiting for it to work. if it does work….this could be what the problem was the entire time! i know when i was breastfeeding her…she would eat like every 30 minutes morning noon and night. she was NEVER satisifed and it was basically like cluster feeding but not just at any certain time or certain days….it was all day every day. now on formula we have about an hour before she acts like she is starving again….so i really think it is reflux and i am really praying that this prevacid works so we can get back to business!



    military, my first didn’t nurse in public well …my second seems like he might once we get it down.
    I have a cover as well and it works beautifully. I cna’t seem to get him to latch when put under the cover but a quick trip to privacy and we are set for 15-20 mins of nursing in public w/ a cover.



    I know my DD has entered a growth spurt when she drains both breasts and still fusses for more. I feel bad though that I don’t have enough to satisfy her need at the time. I always contemplate whether I should break into the little stash of pumped milk I have, but I also don’t want to interfere too much with the bringing in of more milk that cluster feeding is meant to achieve.

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