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    lol deeyore thats too funny. u’d think after childbirth nothing would phase em right?



    Our poor babies these days lol. I just ate my oats but realized that I only let them sit 5.5 hours anyone know if they will still work?



    balsamfir – I know our bodies are aleays ‘making’ milk, but if I pump and then try to nurse Alyssa she becomes frustrated because she’s not getting anything and then starts to cry.



    You are so right!! Kids are sooo smart it is unreal! If mommy is away from them during the day, then they will make you spend time with them during the night, very true!


    Hello ladies, I just had boy/girl twins and I’m breastfeeding 90% of the time and giving 1bottle of formula at night which I just started about 3days ago. However I’m finding it very diffcult and I’m already ready to stop and there not even 2wks old yet its really rough the worse part is my breast are killing me they hurt soooooo bad its only when they latch on tears roll down my face. I just dont know what to do after about 1-2min the burning and stinging goes away and I just feel a lil bit of tugging. I have even started pumping my breast with an electric pump made by evenflo however I dont know if this makes your nipples worse or better or has any effect. I know when I use the breast pump I dont feel as much pain as I do with nursing. I have been nursing them mostly at the same time and then sometimes one on one when I do one on one it doest hurt as much. I really want to breastfeed them until they turn 1yrs old, however that dream is starting to fade as I cant deal with the pain any longer. Please help me if you can I just dont know what do do.



    I used fenugreek with my last kiddo. It worked pretty good for me. This baby is 2 weeks old and I seem to have a good milk supply. I am using this new thing called a MILKIE. You place it on the breast that you are not nursing on and it collects all the milk that normally get absorbed into your nursing pad. It’s pretty awesome! You can U-Tube it. I save about 5-6 oz of milk a day and haven’t pumped yet.



    mama – it def sounds like the wrong size nipple shield. If you have medela, they can help you figure out the correct size for you if you just call the 800 help line. Also, for the 4 months i pumped at work, i would always get a LOT more from one breast vs the other. good luck to you.



    well my son is 7 months old and ive been having what i think are regular periods there 36 to 38 days. well we havent used any birth control and still havent become pregnant so i bet its gonna be hareder for me…. i guess well just have to play the waiting game



    Thanks Bri, I don’t even know if he knows he is biting. It seems like the when the flow gets low he bites. I think he does it with his bottles too. I know Kekoa drinks his milk at daycare from a sippy cup. I wonder if I should have my son start doing that too.

    I am glad you sweet boy is feeling better, enough to eat a hotdog and run around for a bit. Thats great news!



    Hello ladies, I’m new to this. I been trying to breastfeed and now I’m starting to leak a lot! What do you wear to keep the leakage away, nursing pads? Also does nursing cause some of you backaches? Thank-you! An tips or advice will be greatly appreciated!



    Hi – does anyone know how to tell the difference between a blocked duct and mastitis? My right breast is so so sore since I woke up this morning. Belle did sleep through so my breasts were very full but I only noticed the pain when I started to feed her. yesterday I also had to miss a feed (so expressed) as I was working so I’m wondering if that is something to do with it. Any advice on how to relieve this horrid pain?



    I just had to scream for a second…baby boy hates to take a bottle from me…or a passy…now that i am working a little more I am working hard to pump milk for him rather he wants it or not. I JUST KNOCKED OVER the 8OZ OF MILK i pumped this morning…I am so pissy and now he will have his way today nothing but breast…daggummit



    My son starts daycare next week (he has been home with my husband since I returned to work a couple of weeks ago). I heard that some daycares have the policy of discarding any milk that the baby does not eat instead of saving it for a later feeding. I dont know what my daycare’s policy is on that yet, but Ill be pretty upset if that is the case! I go through a lot of work pumping those bottles and a lot of time my son will only eat an ounce or two at certain feedings just to fall asleep. Currently my husband just gives him the rest of the bottle after his nap, which are usually short.


    with regards to formula helping babies sleep longer well Lily Grace is exclusively bf and she has slept thru from 5 weeks old! i think it is def an old wives tale!

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