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    Those oats are awesome!!! Too bad we don’t have a scientist in the bunch to figure out what and why but some things might be best unknown 🙂 lol



    They do make bottle warmers for the car. I had one for when Chris wasn’t latching on. I haven’t a clue where it is now. Probably with the rest of my bottles in the garage. HAHA! I think it was like $10-15 at Target or Babies R Us. Can’t remember which one. It plugged into the cig. lighter. We had a trip in the South end. Ugh! I remember being stuck in traffic. Couldn’t do anything. And this was before we bought the warmeer. Soooo, my husband and I were taking turns warming a bottle between our legs. HAHA!! It was in December as well, not fun! But we got by.



    ahahahahahaha deeyore- that is too funny! Tim won’t buy them either. Flat out refusal. I would totally see him doing that with Ella, though. That’s so funny!



    That’s it! I am on the verge of giving up. My nipples are so sore and I can’t get the cracks to heal. I am trying to position the baby right but nothing is working.



    noah colts mommy ~ Maybe he just had a bad dream. Leyla has done that too.



    preglat-you may be one of the unlucky ones that get their period before 6 months and the intro to solids. also b/c of this you may notice a supply dip but it should rebound as soon as your period ends.



    HELP please! Input on taking 10 mg of prednisone/day for rheumatoid arthritus and breastfeeding. Is it recommended? Some say its ok, some say no way.



    ok i have a question. when people stop breastfeeding before 1 yr, at 6 months for example, what do they give the drink? formula or water? juice? i thought they werent supposed to have much juice or water or milk so young?? im kinda confused



    I used fenugreek with my first child, it works best if you use blessed thistle at the same time. You can also ask your Dr for a prescription of Domperidone as well to help increase breastmilk production. But the best is to just nurse nurse nurse! Good luck ladies, and hold thoses babies close, they grow all too fast! 🙂



    thanks so much.. im going to call them in the morning i think– its starting to be painful when i nurse aswell, so i need to take care of this..
    Thanks for the help!



    You can have a period and not ovulate. You can ovulate and not have a period. That’s what they taught in my women’s health class. The body is complex and amazing. Anyway, I was going to say that my daughter was 10.5 months old and feeding 4X/day without night feedings when I conceived again. I had 3 periods that were further apart than usual but fairly regular before conceiving. Everyone is different. I did learn in class that breastfeeding is NOT an effective form of birth control–especially if you are not feeding around the clock at least every 3-4 hours. It may make it more difficult for some women though. Like I said we are all different. Good luck to you all 🙂



    thanks all – it does feel like more than one duct?! So I guess I’ve got my work cut out but I’ll try all your great tips. And fingers crossed I’ll avoid mastitis (no fever yet!)


    masonnickey: Congrats on choosing to breastfeed!!! Nursing pads are definitely a must in the beginning. Also if you’re getting backaches you might want to try using a better pillow, or if you have a nursing pillow put another pillow underneath it to help prop your little one up closer to you so you’re not leaning over to nurse. It takes practice to get comfortable and actually for me things didn’t get better until I stopped using a boppy and instead just used a regular pillow to prop my son up higher and closer to me.



    so I bought two expensive avent bottles. I liked the short 9oz style but they leak!! WTF!! what an I doing wrong? I know how to screw a bottle cap on. I struggle to pump… I don’t want to loose one drop. any recomondations on what to buy after I return these?



    lilli- I always stayed on the slow flow with all 4 of my kids. At 6 months if needed you can also hold off on alittle bit of juice if you are going to be back soon and don’t want them to fill up on bm but its thinner and comes out faster anyways so I have always stuck to the slow.

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