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    From my understanding they will hold onto it for an hour after the baby’s lip touch the bottle nipple. For fear of bacteria issues. I would ask them to either have them only put 2 oz in a bottle at a time that wya if they do discard the milk, it is just a tiny bit or none.



    Nikki, ure not the only one who’s lo wakes up thru the night…Katy is almost 15mths and slill wakes thru the night… But on that comment of teaching ure baby. My friend came over the other day and told me how her sisters 20mth old son knows his abc and is fully potty trained, then I was asked when my son was trained for the potty…. that would have been around 3, his 8 now and still has trouble with abc ( he has dyslexia though), then my friend went on to tell me that her sister has a major temper…so she believes she has terrified her child into learning these things ( his also learning his abc backwards), good on him for learning so quick, but what kind of baby hood is this little man gonna have? Not to mention now that this woman is bagging everyone elses child out saying how dumb and stupis they r…my gf was in tears as her son didn’t do these things till he was older.



    sunshinemaria – I have no idea. I know pregnancy and birth can do a bunch of weird and what might seem abnormal things to your body. I’ve only just been able to start enjoying sex again…Kekoa is 17months. I thought I was going have killer periods and they are light and uneventful. I guess I lucked out. Have you googled it at all. M aybe there is more on the Internet about it?



    melliebellie at least you know what to look for. I had no clue what was causing my mood swings and saddness… I am very sensitive to medicine so your right.. it may not effect you in the same way. Hope it works for you but be careful.



    My son is 10 months, he takes formula bottles during the day when my mother is watching him and I breastfeed him when I get home. The problem is, he uses me as a pacifier at night, if I remove myself from him, he will scream until I give it back. I want to start to wean him but don’t know what to do. Any suggestions.



    kym22 old fashion oats work the best and even better if you soak equal portions oats to water over night. Start with 1/2 cup oats to 1/2 cup water and see if you can eat it all. Some times I can and sometimes I can’t but I usually make 1 cup just in case and if not give the rest to one of my other kids.



    Hello Ladies:) My little one is 3 weeks old and i feel as if she isnt getting enouhg from me. She can mostly go 2-3 hours between feedings but at night (especially between the hours of 6-10pm) she is RAVENOUS! It is stressing me out! How were your babies in the beginning? My firstborn was so different! She could go 3-4 hours between feedings and at night she would do 5 hour stretches. Not this one! 4hrs MAX at night between feedings.



    how would i no if i don’t have anymore milk



    Kym- I put RJ to both breast each nursing. (If I don’t he gets mad!) If I can make myself I try to pump after he nurses, but I don’t even get a 1/2 combined from that. The IF he is asleep by 8 – 8:30 I try to pump about 10 – 10:30. If I do that then I can get the extra 2 – 2.5 oz for the next day. Lately the little man has been testing the limits with his early bed time so I can’t pump before I go to bed. Sometimes he wakes up for a mid-night snack, other nights he sleeps through and I nurse right when I wake up and pump 2 hours later when I get to work. I have given up on a schedule I just pump when I have time anymore. But hey I love when he looks up at me with those big eyes and smiles with my breast in his mouth. (Until he bites and that hurts but he is getting better about that, hoping to have him completely broken BEFORE the top two he is working on break through)



    Parkersmommy1 – I still think you would be able to continue to feed when you are at home. I worked and fed my son for over a year. I didn’t actually quit work until he was 15months. I did pump but you could also just give milk during the time you are at work and breastfeed at home. Then he would still be getting the nutrients and comfort from you. That’s too bad that your ‘sitters’ didn’t give him any milk while you were away. That would anger me. I brought my milk to school for Kekoa and the teachers knew to give him the milk first. They knew I was doing baby led weaning and I wanted him to choose to eat food. Even if you are breastfeeding once a day your body will adjust to it. It’s funny but it does. By the end you could go a couple days without pumping or feeding and still be able to go right back to it. You wouldn’t be able to support a newborn but a toddler that is taking milk elsewhere too, yes.



    Im on maternity leave currently, and won’t go back to work until 09-15 when my LO is 6.5 weeks old. Right now I have a cheap EvenFlo electric pump and pumping about 24+oz a day plus breastfeeding. Currenlty, I am breastpump shopping for a good pump when I return to work. Well, looking for a rental and am having some difficulty. I was looking at the Medela Symphony but it received bad reviews and didn’t have speed suction settings. Has anyone tried the Medela Lactina??? Any input would sure help. Sorry for the long post, please msg me on my profile 🙂



    Kym22 – There will definitely be an adjustment period because of the switch. I dont know from experience but I’m sure there is a big taste difference between the breastmilk and the formula. Just give her the comfort in other ways (sing, rock, read, etc…) and you’ll get through this.



    Hi everyone, I am still breastfeeding my daughter who will be 2 in December, and a few days ago, I found out I am pregnant! I’m concerned that if Ella continues to breastfeed, that it will take calcium away from the baby! Does anyone know if it’s ok to carry on? I would really like to wean her, but she shows no signs of wanting to stop!



    I nurse laying down the most and that doesn’t help either. I’m not sure what to do. One side will get sore then when that side gets better the other side gets sore. ?????? Who knows…



    so i have basically ignored my boyfriend comments and am still breastfeeding,his other two children had only formula so he thinks there is nothing wrong with the formula, after my research i was even more determine. i wanted to breastfeed her since the day i got preggo, actually before that. so next step get a nice bottle for when am at work. eigther mam or breastflow, which of them is the best ladies?

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