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    I pump right before bed and it helps with the morning engorgement, but not by much. I have over-supply issues anyway.



    Campimama – how do you feel about the weaning? Were you ready for it or is it tough? I love EBF, but I imagine I’ll have very mixed emotions when it comes time to stop.



    You must have to have a really light baby to do that. I would have dislocated my shoulder and lost a boob if I tried that with my chunker.



    felicia marie – Congrats and Happy Birthday little girl! It’s so much fun. As for weaning. I let Kekoa self wean which worked really well. But by his first birthday he was having a sippy cup with each meal. Within a few months I started just giving him a cup when we were out and about. He didn’t care to nurse when we were out anyways because of the excitement. Introducing cow’s milk can be easy or a challenge. Try starting out with just a tab bit, an ounce or two. You want to be sure your baby can hande it. My son couldn’t for a long time. He was more toward 18months when he could handle more then a couple ounces a day. So, we worked our way up. But we started giving him juice with breakfast around that time in his cup. He got milk at lunch and dinner. And then as my supply went down he was only nursing at nap and before bed. Sometimes for comfort others. Usually those were when we were inside all day. I just let him lead me. He began filling up with his cup and not wanting to nurse. He was down to just before bed around 19months or so and then completely weaned himself at 21months. I plan on letting this new little guy wean himself too. There were no tears and he was completely ready. I believe it was the healthiest way to go for both of us. I never felt engorged and didn’t fall into depression like some. He was happy because he got to choose rather then just getting something taken away from him. Good Luck!



    to the ladies purchasing udder covers please be advised that while you get your merchandise that website has been known to steal your credit card information. Google udder covers scam. Hope its not going to happen to anyone here.


    Yukstar – My LO is 8 weeks and sleeps 8 hours straight at night and is EBF. I do not co sleep either. Not that I have anything wrong with it, I just think that it would be much harder to get her used to her bed if she was so used to sleeping in ours. Plus, hubby and I need our own time. We stuck to a strict routine with our first from about 2-3 months on and that truly helped us a lot. Boob and book then bed before she fell asleep. She became great at putting herself to sleep and to this day have no problems at bedtime. She’s 2 1/2 now. I don’t know that co sleeping sleeping less sleep go together, but for us, as soon as we even moved our first out of our room from her bassinet to her crib she started sleeping sleeping through the night. The very first night she was out of our room! I think we kept waking her up without realizing it.



    leahs sounds great to me!!!!



    ty guys…it feels good to know im not alone



    Thanks girls! Well i’m going to have to try and explain to him that he is going to have to try and do other things to feel close to our son. I might try pumping though just to try and see how i get on, but i don’t really want our son using a bottle and then not wanting to BF anymore, as i’ve heard that can happen?.. hmm i may have to think about this a little more!



    Phatbaby57 – Why did they tell you to stop nursing at night?



    seuban0 – I feel for you! I know it’s hard. I pumped at work for over a year. It sucks big time. Plus, my son was sleeping through the night until I went back to work. Then he wanted to spend time with me and started waking. Blah! At one point he got up to 6 wakings in one night. I’m so happy that I don’t have to pump this time around. I used to envy those that could just breastfeed on demand and knew I wanted that with my second. I’m proud of my husband for being able to make that happen for me. One of the best gifts he’s ever given me is letting me stay home with our children.



    when my nipples get hard i also get bumps that raise up on my areola. well, i have three bumps that are raised all the time and red and very painful. noticed it last week. does n e one know what this could be?



    Hannahk- my baby swings have always been a lifesaver. I have also used towels to create a firm roll to position them into a way that they still feel held. Brest fed babies like to side sleep more.



    lawson-the babe will get used to it. i have two large dogs that bark at everything that walks in front of our house. it doesn’t even wake isaac anymore. it probably causes me and dh to jump more than it does isaac when it happens.


    ah i see..well i would LOVE to do what you fact have tried..but my let down is so slow that he gets really frustrated and i end up having to help bring him back to my breast to let him know its coming baby! usually takes a good 5 mins for him to latch and not come off my breast..maybe as he gets used to the way mommy works it will get easier…but thank you so much for your advice…i do have smaller breasts..and i did co sleep and feed with my was son is a whole different story tho lol

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