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    tummy massages is probably your best bet. Making sure you go right to left, also cycling legs helps.



    Well I can’t speak for what has happened in the past as I only saw what happened here today… bit I can relate to how petskies is feeling… well some of it anyway. I in no way am bothered by anyones lifestyle… But… with my 1st son I wanted to breast feed. I have to admit I had no idea how hard it would be, but I embraced it, I loved it. Unfortunatley I had issues which forced me to stop. I remember the turmoil of feelings that I went through, and I remember lashing out at people. I remember feelng like my DS no longer even needed me, and I remember just wanting a bit of encouragement from someone. I needed to hear that I was still a good Mom, and that he still needed my love and affection. That being said, I believe like everyone else that the comment was completely uncalled for and inappropriate. Thankfully petskies has recognised it and apologised. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do… to swallow your pride and say you are wrong. I appreciate that she had the courage to do it. Being a Mom is so hard to begin with, add the hormones and the expectations and the keeping up with the joneses (not to mention the MIL!) I wish that support was easier to come by for all of us.. Lawsons, I agree with everyone else also… I think I would have given up by now if I was in you position… much respect to you 🙂



    Ok since I have never breastfed a baby for longer than a couple weeks I have a question for you ladies. I have a friend that is about 6 weeks pp and she told me that she is switching to formula since she is drying up. Could it just be that she is regulating and that she isnt actually losing her supply. And would her pumping results decrease as well. I told her that what she pumps wasnt a good way to measure how much your making but she claims that she was getting 4 oz per pump before and now she is barely getting 1 oz. Any help it appreciated.


    Bri – haha. That is a funny visual, but sounds like something Travis and I would do in a pinch! hehe


    hello ladies, just have a question for you. what are you guys taking for vitamins while breastfeeding if any at all? and has anyone had problems with their gums and teeth hurting really bad from breastfeeding?.. I was taking flinstone vitamins during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Last week i changed to prenatal vitamins and for somereason today my gums and teeth have been killing all day non stop. kinda feels like that first symptom of pregnancy i had with both of my pregnancies. ( but i know i am not preggo again). just curious


    chellebob it does get better honestly. The begining is really hard. But soon you’ll see how much easier it is. There are quite a few of us who have fed more than one child it honestly does get better.



    Hey! They can dream while inside the belly. Maybe mommy’s boob being taken away?!?



    Af usually returns when you stop night feedings or begin going longer than 3 to 4 hours between feedings.
    If your lo has been sleeping 9 hours a night, then the hormones produced by nursing that surpress ovulation are not being produced enough and at some point you may have ovulated, or at least af has returned.

    I co sleep with Jacob so he takes a sip at least every 2 to 4 hours, so I’m now close to 7 mnth with no af.


    thanks ladies! now does anyone’s baby sleep through the night?



    Krystaldawn: not at all!! actually when you’re pumping or nursing, your body just gets the signal that it should produce more. The more you pump/nurse, the more you will produce! Someone once said that you are always producing milk, to think of it like when you are drinking through a straw, that someone is pouring a little back into your cup as you drink it out, make sense? it’s kind of like a slow drip, that you are never completely empty, your baby is always getting something. But if you feel like you are not as full b/c you just pumped, try pumping 1/2 hour after your baby eats. Ex: baby eats at noon, you pump 1/2 hour after your LO is done and then baby will eat again about 2 1/2 hours later.



    How can I tell if my son is weaning himself? He is 11.5 months old and just seems over it unless it’s before a nap or bed. I keep reading that a low milk supply might be the reason, well if that is the reason it’s because he hasn’t taken to it the last few day so how do I correct that? I feel like he looses patients because it take so long for a let down it’s just a feedback loop, he isn’t interested for 1 day so my milk supply goes down, the next day he doesn’t get it fast enough and he grow impatient and doesn’t nurse well…We began giving him water and juice out of a straw and that’s when this all began. Think it could be related?



    The older my son got the less powerfult my letdowns were. I have been back to work fulltime since he was 3 months old and once he started solids he never wanted to nurse the times I was available so after about 6 months he only nursed in the mornings. He is almost 11 1/2 months. Almost to a year and that was my goal!! Pumping I think takes soooo much more dedication than nursing. At least when you are only nursing you have your baby’s cues and CONSTANT reminders of why you are doing it and who you are doing it for. When you are at work and have to drag the damn pump into that room and then sit there and force yourself to relax when you are in the middle of a workday… then it takes a little more strength and endurance I think. Congrats to all you mommies who still have their eye on the big picture. My goal hasalways been a year and I am soooo determined to stick to it!! Soooo close! Keep it up new mommies its so worth it in the long run to not have to use formula. I wouldnt even know how to make a bottle since I only have ever dealt with milk.



    Kathy – try and ovulation kit or start getting your basal temp. It might help you to get pregnant by knowing when you do ovulate.



    there is something that will stop a woman who wants nothing more that to breast feed her child…. It is called life and death. That is not an excuse and I would not want any mother to go through what I had to. I wanted to breast feed more than anything in the whole world, but I wanted my baby to live more than I wanted to breast feed !


    MrsB: Just keep trying, that’s about all you can do. Chances are if he’s nursing and his mouth hurts that might be why he’s refusing to nurse. You could try giving him something cold to chew on first to numb his mouth a little (although it will of course be a little bit of a shock for you if he does nurse with a frozen mouth :-)). You could also try a tiny amount of baby orajel (mixed reviews on this). So sorry about his rough first day at daycare, it will definitely just take him some time to get adjusted to the activity and noise levels but in a week or two he should adjust and start napping better there. That has to be really hard for both of you though!

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