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    hello all, so i recently started trying to works a couple of days when my husband doesn’t have work, well i worked saturday just 11-5 and Mara WOULD not eat at all for Brian, she of course did when i arrived home a little after 6. is that normal? i mean i guess is she was hungry enough she would’ve taken the bottle from him right? the first day she did great! 2nd day she was so/so then 3rd day she didn’t take a sip! she just turned 6m yesterday and we plan to start her on cereal soon as well.



    ldytrp77- I have stopped nursing for 2 months and then started back. How long has it been since you nursed last or pumped regularly?



    Though i completely understand you fear. I worked hard for that milk and i can’t stand to see it wasted!



    I had to take my daughter to the doc today for her 2 month check up and she weighed in at 12 pds and 11 ounces!! After the nurse left and before the doc came in i fed Julianna b/c it was about that time for her. After I fed her she weighed 13 pds! So she ate 5 ounces at a feeding. I was impressed as I really don’t know how much she takes in at her feedings.



    Hello everyone! My baby is currently one week and 3 days old. I’m strictly bf and this morning woke up with the worse pain in my right breast I’ve ever experienced. I’m pretty sure its a breast infection (according to bf handout) anyone ever experience this??


    karrieanne- i agree with you about the atkins diet, its the best diet i ever did. i lost 30lbs in 3 months and kept it off until i got pregnant this time around, it was awsome. im pretty sure it would not be healthy while breastfeeding though only because you deprive yourself of so many things they need to grow during the firt 2 weeks of the diet and after maybe you could just cut down o carbs but not eliminate them all together?.. but if you find anything diffrent out let me know because id love to do it again!!



    Gbaby3 when you let someone else try it were you in the house? Babies can sense if their mommy is really close by or not I think.



    I want to bf in public but I haven’t figured out the hold to do it. At home I prop lo on a pillow to feed any suggestions would be grateful so I can stop going to the car or bringing a bottle.



    about this age the do have a tendency to clusterfeed. it might not even be out of hunger, but more out of soothing. when she’s at the breast between the hrs of 6-10 is she crying cuz she’s not getting anything out? if so then there might be a problem, however if she’s content just sucking (and your nipples can handle it) all she’s doing is upping your supply by constantly suckling! which is great for you! the more she at the breast the more your body will make. try not to stress out about it! if you’re comfortable you might try to give a pacifier to alievaite some of the sucking from your breast. i started using a paci for my son when he was about 1-2 weeks old, now he uses the paci and his thumb! hope that helps!



    I have a hard time getting my letdown at times too.. I think it all depends on what kind of feeder you have. I notice with my son I have to let him latch on, suck a little bit and pull him off.. do this a few times and I’ll usually get my letdown during one of the pauses.. it’s really weird. He must be a lazy sucker. 6 months old btw. We’re having a very hard time nursing today. His top gums are VERY swollen and it must hurt him to nurse. He’s got his bottom two teeth already and I think he’s got several of his top ones coming in all at the same time.. do any of you have any suggestions on how to keep nursing with teething? I’ve had to give him a bottle of formula today because he wouldn’t stay latched on. And just FYI, I don’t bring my pump with me (I’m in TX visiting family for a couple weeks).. I’ve given him motrin and teething tablets but he still doesn’t want to nurse. =(



    kym22- You probably aren’t getting alot from the morning pump because your baby is sleeping through the night. Your body has adjusted and doesn’t make the extra you used to need when baby was eating at night. If you started pumping in the middle of night, you would start making extra again….not that you want to get up in the middle of the night.



    Yeah, Bri’s right, once baby is older and having some solids, you can skip even a day or two or three, and pick up again. I have never been successful at pumping, but my little boy stayed at my sister’s for three days (on formula) when he was about 5 months old, and although I got very engorged, we picked up right away, when he got home. I never had to supplement, to get back into routine.


    horseygal: how old is she? i still nurse my son to sleep for some naps, not all just when i know hes still tired, or when he wakes up at 4am!, and when he falls asleep, i just roll him over, but if he wakes he roots and finds it again. hes 10 months old, and so far, his teeth are fine. i know they say not to let a child go to sleep with a bottle because it will cause bottle rot. i thought that was more because they would keep milk in their mouths, not the bottle itself. i heard if a baby goes to sleep with a bottle, just make sure its water.



    campimamma, if you wean before 12 months, it should be onto formula. Cow’s milk is the perfect food for baby cows not baby people. But if you keep breastfeeding until Baby’s birthday, then wean, it can be onto solid food with a hefty component of dairy food. That’s what I plan to do – actually, I am not even in a hurry to wean at 12 months…



    Bri- Thank you… I will be trying that..I will try anything right now!

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