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    Both boys asleep in bed before 8pm, feel like I can relax now. Been wathing a programme on penguins, started to cry as some of the baby ones were starving to death.



    lmgibson – Good Luck! I have size 12’s that I’m working on. They can be pulled up but the button is too tight right now. Ugh!!! Working on it! I want to be a 10. For my height and build a 10 is actually fairly small. I was a 10 when I was a competive gymnast and swimmer.



    Uh oh, I think my DD is showing signs of teething already at 10 weeks old. The worst part of it is the fussy, crying spells where she gets really worked up and refuses to nurse. At first I thought she was hungry and got so worked up over that, that she couldn’t even eat (it usually happens shortly before I expect her to be ready to nurse). I usually try every trick to get her calmed down enough to start falling asleep, then I stick the boob in her mouth. But now I wonder if it’s teething. I can see the outline of her 2 bottom teeth under her gum (I could see them a few weeks after birth), and the gum feels very firm. She also drools a little bit and pushes her fists against her mouth. She doesn’t fuss at all during the night though, and nurses quite calmly. Is there anything I can do to help relieve the pain at such a young age? She’s not old enough to hold onto a teething ring or anything similar. I could try putting a pacifier in the fridge, but not sure what else to try.



    So I had to go into town for an optomotrist appt for my son and I today, and got stuck in construction. It was terrible, took me 45 minutes to move the same distance it usually takes 5 minutes to cover. There is only 1 road in and out of my town, so I was worried about getting stuck in the construction on the way back. Since we were starving by the time we got out of the optomotrist, I decided we had better eat before we went home, since I wasn’t sure how long it would take. So we went to McDonald’s (this is a fairly big deal, as I used to have a major McDonald’s addiction, and ended up having to ‘quit’ McDonald’s LOL) Anyhow, I’m sitting in the playplace with my kids, and noticed a woman nursing a baby. Thought, oh this is great, I’ve never seen another woman nursing in public here. Something about this lady kept me glancing back a few times, until I finally realized that she goes to Baby Talk with me, i just hadn’t seen her for a few weeks. Just thought it was a little funny that the first woman I’ve seen NIP (besides myself, I do it all the time) is one of the ladies at baby group…. seems like all the ladies at baby group at BF, and none are FF….I wonder why….sorry, that was kind of random 🙂



    Jessica-Popped on ur profile to have a peek…….you are georgous and sooo skinny. What are you worrying about??? Sounds like he loves you too 🙂



    clotted milk ducts can be relieved with a hot compress like a warm towel and if it is a clotted milk duct it will kinda look like spagetti but rub it and place the wash cloth on before nursing then keep letting baby feedoff of it


    Latch and unlatch.. My son did that a lot when he was a few wks old but after time it seemed to go away. Now he does it when the let down happens but he’s older now so he doesn’t fuss he’ll just pull away, stop and stare than go back.



    ady, baby only ever needs 1-1.5oz per hour because your milk is always changing. The increments are the only thing that changes. If baby is eating every three hours, do a three oz bottle. As baby gets older can can go four and five hours between bottles, do four or five oz bottles.



    i did use bottle in the beginning and stopped. now my baby is 3 1/2 mos and she doesn’t want to take the bottle anymore. i guess every baby is different….


    jmuncy – that is so awesome!!! so happy for you! 🙂



    When Alex was little I bvurped him but I also couldn’t lay down to nurse. HAHA! Around 3 months I stopped when I learned how to stay asleep while nursing.


    If anyone wants some mmt (I don’t need it oversupply issue) I’ll mail it to you. I think I have 6 to 8 samples with coupons. Pm me.



    I’m back to work now and I’ve noticed my milk supply has lowered alot, I hope it doesnt dimisnish totally. I am now having to supplement milk for daycare becuase sI can not keepup with Parkers needs.



    rachelz- It could be something you’ve eaten. Common irritants- chocolate, acidic foods(tomato, citrus etc), gassy foods(broccoli, brussel sprouts). My lo has a ‘fussy’ time…in the evening usually around dinner time. This is pretty typical I think…



    dee- i try the nursing with baby on top.. but he seems to have just as much trouble. and i too tend to spray across the room… and he is a realllly gassy baby.. so he burps about four times at each feeding. we use the mylicon (sp) for gas.. and i’ve been looking for a gripe water called colic calm cause the doc says its FDA approved and GREAT for gas.. but i dont know! it just seems so insane that i have such forcfull let downs, and it happens about every five mins when he is nursing. i could pump till im not getting anything AT ALL and ill still have a let down when i put LO to the breast! im going to talk to a lactation specialist cause i feel so bad for lo!

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