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    anyone have any recommendations for a hand pump?



    taniar82- Maybe your lo is fussy b/c of something you ate. Have you eaten anything that may have caused it or any new meds? I read too about babies going on a nursing strike. Maybe someone else can add more input???


    aidensmommy–I honestly do not know what to say, but I am sorry you have to go through that. I understand perfectly well how much work you have put in to nursing your baby and you should enjoy every minute of it without having to take crap from others. I am sorry you are having to go through it. Since you are bound to your MIL forever and you do not want things to go sour, perhaps you could be the bigger person and let her feed your baby a small bottle of juice or pedialight. Not that you should have to, mind you, but maybe it would help her to hush. I’m just sorry.



    andante – Can you add a pumping session before you go to bed or in the middle of the night. I usually get my best pumping session in the middle of the night. I have also added a supplement from called Goat’s Rue. It has allowed me to stop pumping 6 times a day to get my 12 ounces and only have to pump three times a day and get 15 ounces.



    I only get 3-5 oz each pumping session, but Pumping four times a day(3 at work, once at night) has covered his needs so far. I also pump weekend nights a little to freeze, in case I ever have a short day. It sucks to be always pumping, but I figure its only for a year or so, so I will manage. Five months so far…



    kebler98- i hate to hear that. Are you drinking enough water? I also found that if I drink coffee it tends to help me a little. I know that sounds odd, but its true. My Dad thinks its time to switch my LO to formula too. But this is not his baby so I don’t care what he thinks. I am determined to keep feeding my baby the best as long as i possibly can. I also take the Reglan and about 20 fenugreek and blessed thisle a day. I am also doing tha malted milk & brewers yeast. My sday revolves around producing enough to feed my baby. It is ALWAYS on my mind.



    Thanks Courteney. It was a one time deal unlike last summer. It was awful. I was pumping pink milk for a week. At least he learned not to bite for the most part. It was a oops on his part but it still hurts! HAHA! I’m not looking forward to this next one when s/he goes through that stage. Ugh!



    I’m not sure, but I think motillium (sp?) and Reglan are the same drug…brand name and off brand name. I could be wrong though!


    Have any of you mommies nursed while pregnant?



    Eww, I hate that spit everywhere! My Mom calls it cottage cheese, haha! I think breastfed babies spit less then formula though, thank God! Because it can get gross! Ewwww, that sour smell makes me squirm! For those people that told me DJ would never wear all the clothes he had are crazy! I change his outfit about 3 times a day, LOL! But it’s okay!



    Hi Ladies. Ok so my MIL told me to stop feeding the suplement with a syringe (like to hospital showed me) and i could use a bottle (NUK). Now Kate battles to latch and I now hear about nipple confusion. I go back to work in 1 1/2 months time so do I now express only or leave the exoressing and bottle feeds only to return to the bottle feeds in about 1 1/2 months? Wish the interfering MIL WOULD BUG OFFFFFFFFFF



    SydneeMay2009- My LO is 5 months 5 days and I too am getting the pressure to begin feeding her. My coworkers keep telling me she will sleep better of I give her cereal before bed. I just tell them that being tired is part of having a baby and I’m sticking to my guns about not feeding her solids. 6 months means 6 months!



    So true! **SOME**Low income women chose not to breastfeed because theyre handed everything for free! Formula, Food, Money for clothing and everything. EVEN housing! I know a women who sells her formula on craigsllist cause of how much extra they give her. Makes me so angry because half of these women wouldn’t be low income if they would get off their a** and get a job. not to mention STOP HAVING KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I qualify for all of these programs at this moment but I choose not to use them unless I really truely needed help. Im not saying everyone is like this so please dont be offended if your on these programs. I think these programs are great for women and children who tuely need them, I just think its badly abused… And on the young mother comment SO TRUE! Most of my friends with kids drop their kids off and go clubbin and let their kids run around with no shows on in walmart. My brothers ex girlfriend didnt even feed their son very much. The baby looked like godzilla with the spine showing in his back. It was sad. And Its sad but true! Breastfeeding is hard work and takes dedication. I wish there was more programs to help young women make the right choices in contraception. Again not all young mothers are like this. Im 20 with two kids and theyre my best friends lol


    Lawson’s – I don’t blame you. Alyssa is always with either me or DH. Once we move to California (end of this year), my mom will be her day care so DH and I can work days and have evening and weekend family time. I’ve left Alyssa with my MIL, but a lot of little things have happened (nothing comapred to what happened to Lawson) and I no longer trust her. They mostly just tend to ignore our rules and have no respect for the way we chose to raise Alyssa. So now they only get to see Alyssa while we’re around to make sure they don’t do anything we don’t approve of.



    i don’t know if this helps but i was told to drink a dark beer before bed to help with supply right after i feed my dd. another thing i found to help alot is carnation instant breakfast with malt hope this helps and good luck 🙂

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