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    expecting-2b-patient—hurt like a bitch….i like how you put that, haha…thanks for being honest…i figured it would still hurt like a bitch in a couple of weeks and now i kinda know what to expect 🙂 oh well…..a little pain now will prevent me having another baby too soon which i don’t want just yet so i guess it will be worth it 🙂



    I’d love some bedtime routine suggestions for Zoey. Her dad and I had a long talk tonight because Fri & Sat nights I’ve been working from about 7 – 2 or 3 AM and she’s doing a lot better with babysitters except for around 9 PM…which is about when we lay down at night. And if we’re out, she pitches a fit on me. So we’re thinking if I were to cut out the 9 pm breastfeeding session and replace it with a bottle of BM, and maybe establish a different routine than us snuggling and her bf’ing till she falls asleep, maybe she won’t scream her head off for an hour until she passes out. She’s only 15 weeks, so I still don’t bathe her every night (just wipe her down every morning). She likes the book Goodnight, Moon. But that’s about all I’ve got. LOL. How complex does a bedtime routine need to be? And would any of you suggest anything different? He reaaaaaaally came close to expressing desire for me to quit breastfeeding but acknowledged he knew it was important to me. He’s hated it all along. His ex didn’t BF and he doesn’t care about it. I tried to tell him how cool it was that she’d never need more than a set amount of ounces a day…. he didn’t care. He tries to feed her 5-6 ounces at a time. She will only ever take 4 for me. And never think about more. But we’re working on it. Anyway. I’m tired and rambling. I love you ladies for being there to talk to.



    my dd is 17 weeks this week and tomorrow i start babysitting a 21 mnth old. i have a cpl of questions…#1 how much should i charge hourly? its 11:30-4 four days a week nvr on weekends. #2 should i nurse n front of him? do u think he would b too curious and his mom get mad? i dont really know her and have nvr met her son



    Our 7 week old daugter now has reflux (our son who is now 2.5 did too). We went on prevacid two weeks ago for her and day 4 on the meds we started to see a little difference and now we are seeing a HUGE difference. She still does quite a bit of crying, especially at night or right before/during/right after spitting up. But it is not nearly as intense or as long in duration as before. I still EBF her and we have really worked on the cluster feeding thing. Babies with reflux just can’t hold as much at one time so they will eat more often. But they want to nurse also because the sucking makes them feel better for the moment…but then getting too much makes them spit up and starts the cycle…so we make her wait at least an hour and a half and aim for two hours (it helps when my husband is home to hold her for the last little bit she lasts a little longer). My son that had reflux never got past 2 hours/2 ounces at a time even at several months old (I was back at work and pumping so I knew how much he took at a time) even though my friends’ kids would be up to 6,7 ounce bottles. It does get better though. Many of the symptoms (other than more frequent nursing/bottles) went away by 5 months when he learned to sit independently, with month 4 being the peak.



    Oh man, we are not NIP well either. Ive given up the cover because its hot and just gets in the way. I dont know exactly why she never has a good feed when we are out but Im starting to think she is picking up on my anxieties about it.


    Here are my fav sites for carriers, & they are both good sites and have carrier comparison charts.


    Lawson~ Not advocating formula but when I had to switch my DD to formula I taste tested several brands. Some might find that gross but if I was goign to feed it to my daughter then I was going to know I was feeding her the least awful tasting. Enfamil has an extremely fishy after taste, really gross; Good Start left a nasty chalky coating in my mouth, also gross; Similac also had a chalky after taste but was the least offensive. Similac organic has only a slightly chalky aftertaste and is sweeter , closest tasting to breast milk I found, actually Similac soy was pretty good too but once I read more about the potential effects of soy I nixxed that one. If you HAVE to give formula for a period of time, maybe try the Similac organic.


    james was 11 lb 6 born and ollie 10lb 7. Can’t remember what james was at 10 weeks. But at 4 weeks he was 15lb something and ollie was 11lb 12 oz.



    yeah, i hope it’s okay ’cause i drink it too



    My baby is 3 months old and still has an unpredictable eating pattern its soooo annoying. But atleast shes been sleepin through the whole night!! My baby HATES the carseat and the car! I have to go in the backseat and lean over her carseat and feed her in the car. For that reason I never go out.



    super, what is he doing? You only have three mo left, you could still make it!!!



    doublemama – That has got to be awful – I am so sorry. You probably already know about this but just in case you don’t: is a very informative site about your dysphoric milk ejection reflex. May be helpful with the tips for management and just knowing that you are not alone with this issue…



    Leslie – That is ama-z-ing!!! I could almost cry for you, I’m so happy. I think all of us here are rooting for you. I don’t always post much but I’m on here several times a day. If you have to EP, the least your body could do is make it easier on you by producing enough. I’m glad that’s the case now.

    Maddux – MMT isn’t my favorite but it could definitely be worse. I just let it cool a bit and then try to down the glass in a few gulps. LOL. But don’t let me scare you off of it…I’m ridiculously picky when it comes to food and beverages. My point is that you can definitely suffer through it. It didn’t do much for me but I also didn’t drink it 3-5 times a day either. lol.

    Off to prepare some oatmeal. Not only does my supply need a boost….but there’s nothing to eat! lol. I’m thinking of tossing some almonds in there too. Crunchy texture plus good for supply. Sounds like a winner to me!



    seuban0 – That is so freakin’ funny!!



    Scarlet, because of how hard it is made me strong in my beliefs. My first didn’t latch for two months. I worked as well, got Thrush, mastitis and then we thought is was going well he started biting. He fed until 22 months. Alex was tongue-tied and needed clipping, got thrush and now is getting teeth. He’ll also self wean. Most of us had some issues. It only makes us stronger and know that by all means it can work out.

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