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    James never really rolled. He didn’t crawl until ten months, then started walking at ten and half months. Obviously he can roll, just was never a milestone for him. Ollie is trying to roll already at 10 weeks. He is such a different baby to James never expected that.


    Just couldn’t do it, personally. I have hearing my children cry, they cry because they need us at this age. I feel like crying thinking of babies left to cry.


    No he isn’t really on solids, I’ve tired 3 times but he isn’t into it. I’ve been trying all those but he’ll just pass gas. I haven’t really been to worried because I dont’ think its bugging him much, but i don’t want it to get to that point either. Oh well hopefully he’ll poop in the next day or so!



    rossy2010 – Rosy, I had the same problem with my first. We would strip him naked in the middle of winter. HAHA! The nurses told him to do a little chicken wing movements. Move his arms in circles. You can tickle her feet. Anything that will keep her attention. Between sides you can change her diaper too. In the end if she falls asleep then let her. She’ll wake up when she’s hungry. You’ll just be feeding often until she learns to stay awake a little longer.



    jmuncy A link from a jack newman site, stating that around 5-6 weeks some Mom’s feel they’ve begun to dry up. See number 2, second bullet point



    ladies you know what ?? i was thinking to start solid food with my 3 month old son when he become 5monthsdue to his eczma which dr think it is from my milk OR my food which i eat , but after reading ur stories n experiences i decided to not be in hurry … he s doing fine with BM n i will try to keep up my researches about natural way to treat eczma ……. THANX ALOT 🙂 ** side note : i already have 9 yrs old n he bfed till 18 months n 7 yrs old she refused to bf more than 8 months …



    I love the blue eyes! My husband and I have dark brown eyes and both boys have dark brown eyes. My mom and his dad have blue eyes so there is a chance our next would be a blue-eyed child. Wouldn’t that be pretty, dark black Hawaiian hair and blue eyes. HAHA! Ok, I love my boys just the way they are…this would be for the next.


    Fed Ollie then expressed 5oz very impressed with Oatmeal!!


    Hi ladies! Hope everyone is well! I won’t be on much all week… doing some training at work or at night as we’re packing up for a trip this weekend and the few moments I have at night I’m taking advantage of to get everything ready before we go… anyway, just wanted to come on and say hello! I’m already having withdrawals! lol. I hope you all have a wonderful week! 🙂



    balsamfir my guy is 15 mo and we have just slowly introduced him to his crib. start with naps b/c you’ll be more rested (in theory anyhow). put him in his crib once he is asleep and i always got isaac out at first cry. once you get him taking his naps in his crib move to bedtime and do the same thing. this is a long, long process. at first isaac would wake as soon as you laid him down, then he started going ten, 15, 30, 60 minutes, longer for naps. the same with bedtime. at first we’d lay him down at 8:00 and he’d by up by 9:00. now most nights he makes it to at least 11:00 and more times than not 1:00am. He is almost always in out bed by 3:00 am though. Did I mention it is long process?



    1byFaith- I have also used egg nog to increase my supply. Yummy with a lovely perk 🙂



    ladies, i need some help. i am getting so frustrated with my family. all of which are avid supporters of breastfeeding. this is great since i thats what im doing but i need some help. my first son i wanted to breastfeed and he has some complications after being born and i wasnt able to do so for very long. so this time around i was very stern about sticking with it no matter what. well, he is now almost 8 weeks old and as far as im concerned breastfeeding has been dificult but successful. well my problem where my family comes in (hubby, mil, sil) is that anytime there is something wrong with my son everyone thinks its because of breastfeeding. like if he is gassy, EVERYTIME its cause i ate something bad. it cant be just that he has a bad spell or a bubble in his belly. or when he cry’s at night its assumed i havent gotten enough milk to keep up with him. its always suggested i go to formula. im getting sick of it. i have plenty of milk and my milk cant be that bad to him! today he woke up with a sour belly. he has thrown up everything he has eaten. i called the doc and they told me pedialite. so i have been giving him that and pumping and storing. the doc said if he has a stomach viras that milk (in general) will make it worse. and what was the first thing everyone else jumped to? oh its your milk. maybe he can digest it. im like oh really? you think this would have popped up just now if that was the problem and not 7 weeks ago? hello? how do i get it throught there heads to stop? why do they always assume that thats the problem? if they support it so much why do they keep trying to discurage me or take it away from me? what can i do ladies?



    hey ladies- I’m a bf mom of a 3.5 month old little girl, and besides the pregnancy, bfing has been the hardest thing for me. First it was latch/nipple confusion. Then it was the pain/cracked nipples. All the while she wasn’t gaining quick enough for the drs, so they insisted that I give her formula after each feeding. But I stuck to my guns, and we prevailed. Going on to 4 months, and I couldn’t be prouder. So quick question. My daughter sleeps through the night from about 10-8. Since she is sleeping and not feeding, I pump twice in the middle of the night to keep up my supply ( both in my freezer and in my bbs, lol). Is anyone else waking up in the middle of the night to do this? It is really getting harder and harded each week that passes.



    Yes you have the wrong size nipple shield. I started out with the wrong size too. Even after I did get the right size my nipples still hurt right at first then the pain would go away about 5 minutes into it. Also it is very normal to get more milk out of one breast than the other. I could pump 3 to 4 oz more out of my right breast.



    Ok, so it looks like my fertile days is suppose to be the 8th or 10th but we started BD Thursday and last night. If we do every other day for the next two weeks I think I should become pregnant. I guess it is wishful thinking. I always do that. I want something and set myself up for disappointment when it doesn’t happen. I guess I should know around May 1st ish. I should be my period the end of this month so if I don’t by May 5th then I think I would be. HAHA! We’ll see in a month! I hope so. We just moved and unpacking I found a bunch of shirts that my boobs are too big for now. Oh well. I can put them off until the next one is weaned. Oh wait then I would be wanting a third. Ok, ebay might be my best option. These shirts are so nice though. Ann Taylor, Black White, Nordstroms and such. Se la vie.

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