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    phatbaby- You have to make sure you continue to breath through your mouth while doing this. I find that this one gives me better control. Lets see if i can copy and paste the you tube demo.
    But I have also learned that I prefer distilled or filtered water. I think it lessens your chance to turn into a sinus infection. I googled the neti cup too and there is a demo on you tube if you want to look at that too. I hope you start feeling better.


    Anyone else planning on or have pumped and fed the baby breast milk with the bottle?



    Does breast milk always stain? I notice sometimes when DJ spits up it’ll stain on some clothes, and then other times it’ll come out in the wash…


    M.M.Masi- well at my job we are on a really set schedule. i work in the bakery at target and im in charge of baking everything. so i cant even waste one minute. we take two 15 min breaks and a 30 min lunch. from 4 am to 8 am i HAVE to be working constantly or i get behind. at 8 i take a break and then my lunch at 9:45 am. after my lunch i have to take my break at 11 and then i get off at 12:30 pm. im so stressed because i do NOT want to lose my supply. i hate my boss…but i read the law about breastfeeding and working, and in kansas it says that our jobs HAVE to allow us to pump at the same times we would normally feed our babies. my boss is just a really mean lady .



    lilli1317 – I know your feelings on this. I have been back at work since Kekoa was 3 months…he’s no 14. Pumping is a lot of work and a pain. If you are going to a center then they need to go by the health departments rules. Luv’s right, they will toss it if it’s been drank from but the rules say if it’s been heated. So, even if your baby doesn’t take a single sip but it’s been heated they will toss it after an hour. This sucks but it’s for safety. I would make bottles of what she normally eats from your husband. So this might mean making two separate bottles but at least it isn’t wasting milk. Also, for some time now we haven’t been heating the milk. If your baby will take her bottles cold then that could be another option. Rules allow them to put cold milk back in the fridge no matter if it’s touched baby’s lips. Since Kekoa drinks one large cup a day now I just pour it into his sippy. He will drink on that one cup all day, in and out of the fridge of course.



    mommy2brooklyn- def a clogged duct but if your fever is gone, you are good. The worst is over! You will still be a little sore for a few days but that will go away. Be prepared that that side may feel like it doesn’t have as much milk, that will go away too. You made it through…yay!



    Sunshine-that is too cute! Ethan just likes to do the whole ‘if i stare long enough it’ll just magically appear in my mouth’ kinda thing, lol he doesn’t like to look me in the eye anymore!!



    I will for sure!! I lost 40 pounds before I got pregnant and gained it all back during pregnancy. I lost half of it right away but the other 20 pounds is hanging around, literally!! I really want to do it but not sure. I will call a lactation consultant soon and ask them. I guess it would be ok if you only cut back on carbs and not cut them out altogether and still take the prenatal vitamins.



    gbaby3 my son was the same 2 weeks before i went back to work and i was panicing. i got everyone else to feed him, but it didnt happen straight away. my husband started to heat the teeth of the bottle, so it would feel like a warm nipple. eventually it did the job. but i did stress out a lot bout it. it turned out that he would only feed from the bottle when he was hungry. good luck



    I havent been on for a few days… I have been bfeeding for almost 9 months and no sign of a period yet for me. Not even a hint.. Thank goodness im one of the lucky ones. As for biting… My daughter has 6 teeth and has bitten me many many times then laughs or hides her head under my boob! She thinks its funny. The other week she clamped down HARD with top and bottom teeth and i actually screamed until she let go! She hasnt done it since thank god and im hoping she doesnt do it again. She will usually nip me lightly if i try to feed her when she doesnt want it. It works as i put it straight away. Im sure ill laugh about it when she is older…



    ok so my mom talked to the school nurse, lol she asks her many questions when i have issues (aka the time i had a kidney stone) anyways she says that my milk should be fine. that sometimes depending what i eat it could change the odor. but i’m still not 100% sure what i think. i called and left a message with 2 lactation consultants so we’ll see what they say. for now i’m just gonna pump and smell everything ,lol!



    I am a mother of a 16 month old, and just heard some very upsetting news today. I work in a hospital and one of the clinics shut down for a funeral today. The situation was one of the providers that works there, gave birth 6 days ago. While breast feeding her child at home, the mother fell asleep and smothered her baby to death. (I suppose she was laying in bed, which is typical, while breastfeeding). The mother thinking the baby was asleeep, put the baby in the cradle and procceeded to get into the shower. Only to have her husband come and ask if she had noticed the baby..the baby was already dead. I did not personally know this doctor (mother of the child) but when I heard, I have not been able to get the knots out of my stomach. Just thought I’de warn everyone about the dangers of laying and feeding your baby, especially if you are extremely exhausted. I know this is not new info though….thought I’de share.



    i too sometime pump at 10:30 after Tryn is off to bed and ate at 9:30. That pump yeilds 1/10 of an ounce from both sides 🙁



    thanks i am picking up reglan today and i have to take evert six hours. does anyone know do you take as long as your pumping or just a month?



    becaboo1117- hanh in there…i was in exactly the same spot as you about 3 weeks ago. My bubs is now almost 5 months. Long story but in the beginning i didnt BF him because the pain was too unbearable and i fed him formula and partly expressed. anyhoo i decided i would give it another go when bubs was 4 months and this site helped heaps encouraging me that the pain would get better….and you kno w what it did!! you must try to get a good latch- i mean that bottom lip of his must be down!!! second your boobs will tuffen up trust me….i went from unbearable pain to now being able to actually enjoy BFing. try to hang in there….

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