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    I must have the wrong size shield as well ’cause this happens to me too. It doesn’t really hurt me to pump though so I just ignored it. I wonder if I got a size, would it be down, if I would get more milk then? I started fenugreek and thought I saw an increase but than it went back down. Just pumped and got three ounces total. I’m getting really discouraged again! I think about quitting once a month, maybe I need some encouragement. I asked my husband for some encouragement and he was like ‘good job’, not quite what I meant!! 😀



    I’m sorry Kathy, but don’t give up hope. You’ll get pregnant soon. I’m debating whether to test Tuesday morning or not. I am suppose get my period on Saturday so Tuesday would be four days early. I really really hope I am. It will be depressing if I’m not.



    samlib – We also do tubby every night. Kekoa has dinner and plays. Then we get into the tub. After that he knows it’s time for pjs and get ready for bed. He gets excited because then he gets a nice long nurse. It’s quiet and just the two of us in a dim lit room. Best time of the night.

    We also did vit. D drops last winter. If you live in an overcast climate then your doctor probably will recommend it. We live in Seattle and Kekoa was born in November….no sun.


    I pumped exculsivly and fed the baby from a bottle. I was so wrecked after the c-section and the baby was in the NICU getting formula. He never really latched on that well so I decided to pump and let my husband help with the feedings. The only thing I will say about it is that you really do need a hospital grade pump. As my son grew and demanded more, the Medela couldn’t create enough suction to actually draw more milk out. The lactation consultent told me madelas are good for maintaining supply but not for building a larger supply. I stopped eventually and he’s now on organic formula which I’m fine with. Good luck!



    Is it true that if your breastfeeding and not having a period it’s more unlikely to get pregnant? My baby is 4 months and I haven’t started yet. However for a few weeks I have been having some cramping and lately been nauseous. We have been using protection except for maybe twice, but even then we were careful. Still, I’m a little worried and am scared to take a test for fear it would be positive. Please ease my fears and let me know why it’s harder for me to get pregnant if I’m breastfeeding and not having a period…THANKS!!!



    I am exclusively breastfeeding. My son is 9 weeks old and I have been taking the minipill for birth control for about 2 weeks now. I am curious if I will have my period at the end of this package of birth control pills or if I won’t have my period b/c I am breastfeeding. I haven’t had my period yet, and I am really hoping I won’t for a couple more months!!



    Ok Ladies! I swear I have the oldest breastfed baby that does NOT sleep! HAHA! Ok, he likes sleep but he would rather take 20 naps then sleep at night! This week is a short week for us (work) so I am playing hardball with Kekoa. It’s funny cause he slept through the night from day one to three months (when I went back to work). Grrr! We at one point got it down to waking once around 3am but now it’s every couple of hours. I know his teeth hurt and he’s been sick but come on! He does have one of his molars and the other is trying to come in. So, he has tylenol right before bed but it’s not allowing him to sleep. Last night I fed him every other waking. This meant midnight, 3am and 6:30 when we got up for daycare. I’m exhausted but we need to do this now. He can’t move to a toddler bed (eventually) if he’s getting up.



    felicia marie – It depends on what you mean by messing up your supply. You may make way more then your baby needs. This is great and probably why she is only drinking from that one side. Eventually your breasts will get the hint and level off to what your baby drinks. When she goes through grows spurts she’ll drink more often and in turn you will start producing more. But, if you want to pump and save the milk for work or a time away then you may want that extra milk to keep coming. If so, then yes it will lower you supply by not feeding and I would recommend pumping it out. But, if you don’t need to freeze the milk then I wouldn’t worry about it. The only thing I would worry about is going too long without feeding and getting a clog. A clog can lead to mastitis and that is soooo painful. Be sure to empty your breasts as often as you can.



    jasmine only takes bottles, but it mostly breastmilk,so far i have enough milk. since i started working nights she stop drinking from my breast. i wish she would do both bottle and breast but if she is gonna have a preference i rather the bottle. so others could feed her. this website is my only support. boyfriend will quickly give her a bottle of formula if am not around. but he hardly gets the chance. he is being more supportive now, i stress the health benefits to her care givers. so far she has not gotten sick and that motivates me. plus i don’t have to buy formula.



    Alright so I need some suggestions/advice. It looks like I will have to be away from baby for about 18 days at the end of April into May. I’m hopeing to have enough stash to feed him BM at home and maybe formula at daycare…but I have no idea how I should go about doing this…I have almost 2 mths but hubby would like me to start weaning now to get him out of the comfort stage where he only nursing for comfort. I only think he does that at night…should I start having my husband feed him at night and then I just feed him during the day when he’s not in daycare? Hubby has no problem with me pumping so I’ll continue to pump and dump while I’m gone so hopefully it won’t be so hard to get supply back up when I’m back as I want to go for a year with this…so any suggestions would be really helpful. If you could reply to my page as I don’t have the time for the forums as I did before…Thanks!!



    stephs, as babies learn how to breastfeed efficiently they won’t feed as long at each feeding. You LO can empty your breast in about 5 minutes. If they are growing I wouldn’t worry. Julianna is a fast eater and is finished both sides in about minutes and she is huge! good luck



    kym- I work a 8 hour shift and pump 3 times. I am lucky anymore to get 7 ounces. My lo is 7 months and I have not really ever pumped more than that in the 5 months I have been back to work. I have no freezer supply. When we are home he eats and is content at the breast so when I talked to a lactaction consultant it was explained to me that sometimes it is quality not quanity. I wish I pumped more so he didn’t have to have formula, but after many months I am finally ok with the formula. I have tried everything from fenugreek, soaked oats, and more milk plus. None seem to help. I am considering reglan, but not really wanting to risk the side effects. I don’t know. Good luck and keep up the good work all you breast feeding mommies!



    DulcianasMom plz don’t worry in the beginning my LO ate every 1.5 – 2 hrs and every 3 at night. All babies are different. I have 4 and can attest to that!! As someone else said the more your LO sucks the more you will make. Just make sure you are getting plenty of wet diapers, 5-6 atleast and a full diaper is 3 tablespoons of water if you want to test it out.Cluster feeds are very normal. When one of mine was going through one usually in the evening I was luck to get 30 min. before they were ready to go again. They are just stocking up for night time although my youngest seems to do it in the morning too. lol Congrats on your LO.



    athena that is awful and i am sorry to hear that



    FYI my LO won’t take both breasts at a nursing and only eats for 5 mins!

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